Federation Name Russell Championship Wrestling
Abbreviations RCW
Theme Song "Fight Song" - Marylin Manson
Time Open January 1, 2000 – Present
Owner & General Manager Paul Russell
Commentators Billy Williams & Richard Champion
Based In Birmingham, England
Federation Type Roleplay based
Live Events Every Wednesday
Pay-per-views Monthly
Website Click here

Russell Championship Wrestling (RCW) is an British based professional wrestling promotion, based around the 'Hardcore' style of professional wrestling.


In 2000, Paul Russell and four of his friends, Craig Whitehouse, James Holt, Dwayne Foster and Conor Chadwick began to run wrestling shows in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, showcasing a brand of hardcore wrestling. Ladders, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, fluorescent light tubes and fire are common elements of wrestling matches in RCW. The company filled a niche market for hardcore wrestling fans that had been left open by the fall of Extreme Championship Wrestling. RCW found fame in the NEC Arena with their RCW Main Event 3 show in 2002.

The biggest misconception is that the promotion only focuses on hardcore wrestling. Although they are most commonly known for their "hardcore" style, rarely do their shows feature more than one or two "Hardcore" matches. In late 2002, they where forced to further tone down their style after the British Government issued a ban on the use of fluorescent light tubes (among other things). Their annual SummerShowdown show emphasizes the "hardcore" style of RCW.

All of their shows are taped and distributed by Russelised video, who releases the shows on DVD via their website, Russelised Video. RCW is broadcast to viewers in Great Britain and USA as part of the "Bloodbath" program.

RCW continues to run on a weekly base. Aside from their monthly shows, they also run house shows, where the promotion. RCW is considered the most hardcore wrestling foundation over the last 10 years.

Current Roster

RCW Championships


  • RCW World Champion...Vacant
  • RCW TV Champion...Vacant
  • RCW Tag Team Champions...Vacant
  • RCW Women's Title...Vacant


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