The Russian Roulette is a type of match in Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Federation that involves six wedges of a wheel, each giving a type of match that wrestlers could fight in. It has only been used once in UHWF's Christmas Nightmares 2 in December 27, 2006. However, more are guaranteed to follow in 2007.

Rules of the Match

The rules of the match are as follows:

  • There are six wedges on the wheel, usual matches on the wheel are TLC, No Disqualifications, and a 15-minute Ironman Match.
  • Wrestlers do not know their match until the wheel is spinned, immediately before the opening bell.
  • Rules of that match apply afterwards.

History of the Match

This match was used a total of five times in UHWF, but all of them in one show, Christmas Nightmares 2.

Christmas Nightmares 2

December 27, 2006

Match Type Match Winner Comments
Falls Count Anywhere Macca v. Charles Velmont Charles Velmont UHWF PrimeStar Championship Preliminaries
2-out-of-3 Over the Top Rope "Diamond" Jay Guerreri v. Stefan Warnaar "Diamond" Jay Guerreri UHWF PrimeStar Championship Preliminaries
TLC The Harrison Sisters v. Nevi'im The Harrison Sisters UHWF Tag Team Championships
15-Minute Ironman "Diamond" Jay Guerreri v. Charles Velmont Charles Velmont UHWF PrimeStar Championship Finals
No Disqualification Eric Herrera v. Scott Stonewall Scott Stonewall UHWF Platinum Championship
First Blood Not used N/A N/A

UHWF CEO Clyde Wilson has announced that he will make a Russian Roulette match sometime in 2007. More details to come available.

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