Rusty Nails
[[Image:|px|Image of Rusty Nails]]
Real name John Ames
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Height 6'8"
Weight 305 Pounds
Date of birth 1975
Place of birth Unknown
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Resides Unknown
Billed from Unknown
Trainer Unknown
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Debut 2001
Retired 2007

Rusty Nails was an American Wrestler born in 1975. He has wrestled in many promotions, but namely OCW, PWW, IWO, and DZW. Rusty Nails retired in 2007.

Professional Wrestling

Rusty Nails started wrestling in Late 2001. He started out late, As he was 26 Years old. He has faced the best in the business. Nails won the Internet Championship, Had several positions in the Power 25, and was even a member of management, OCW Spokesman, During the short lived Evan Pierce Management Regime. Nails has also competed in PWW as well, Catching the Television Championship. Nails may not have done much during his career achievement wise, but the matches he was in will always be memorable.


  • OCW
  • Internet Champion
  • Numerous Spots on the Power 25
  • Former OCW Spokesman
  • PWW
  • Television Champion
  • Wrestler of The Week
  • 2nd Winner of the "Caged Hell" Match

Wrestler Info

  • Regular moves
  • Chokeslam
  • Big Boot
  • Clothesline
  • Back Breaker
  • German Suplex
  • Drop Toe Hold
  • Pile Driver
  • Choke Toss
  • Running DDT
  • Balistic Punches
  • Press Slam
  • Elbow Drop
  • Chops
  • Spear

Finishing Moves

  • Sharp As Nails (F-5)
  • Nails In The Coffin (Jackhammer)

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