Ryan "The Ironman" Rhodes is a wrestler from Chicago Illinois, and his great uncle, being the one and only Dusty Rhodes. He is currently the WIF Internet Champion, and seems to have good things going for him. He is a rising star in the WIF, and hopes to continue that. His self-confidence isn't that great, but as of recently, it seems to have gotten better.

Ryan is a big man, weighing 320 pounds, and is 6'9"; he doesn't like to be ordered around. His girlfriend, Harmony Tenacia, seems to be somewhat of his manager, and escorts him sometimes to the ring.

Ryan's Special moves are the Ironman Slam, and Wheel of Steel. He is also known for creating the Super-Spear, and pins with the Ironkee.

Ryan Rhodes is someone we could see big things out of. Not guaranteed, but it is possible.

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