Name: Ryan Blietz

Height: 6 ft. 3 in. (190 1/2 cm.)

Weight: 181 lb. (82 kg.)

Birth Date: June 9, 1984 (age 23)

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

Trainer: The Dog Pound

Current Employers: None

Debut: August 26, 2007

Growing Up

Blietz was born on June 9, 1984 in Arlington, Virginia. He graduated from high school with scholarship offers for football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. He attended the Virginia Military Institution (VMI) for three years, and played Division I-AA football and basketball. He had begun weight lifting prior to his freshman year at high school, but didn't start training seriously until only before his senior year.

Revolution Championship Pro

After spending what could've been his graduating year at college training at the Dog Pound in North Carolina, Blietz signed an open contract with new upstart promotion, Revolution Championship Pro (RCP). He debuted at their inaugural event, This Is Revolution, against Spyke Johannson and El Tigre Blanco in a match under hardcore regulations. It was ruled a no contest after several other performers interfered. Blietz's next match was set to take place against Kevin Hardaway. The winner would have advanced to RCP's first post-per-view (PPV), Absolution, to compete for the RCP World title, but RCP ceased operation abruptly sometime in October.

Wrestling Facts


Blietzkrieg (Spinning Lifting DDT)

Ze End (Side Slam)

Springboard Maneuvers

Senton Bomb


Shooting Star Press

Stiff Kicks



European Uppercut

Flying European Uppercut

Flying Reverse Elbow

Variations of a Backbreaker

Tiger Driver


Full Nelson Slam


Elevated Boston Crab



Theme Musics

"Thunderhorse" by Dethklok

Championships and Accomplishments

Revolution Championship Pro (RCP)

Competed in the first ever triple-threat match (as well as the first one with a stipulation) under the RCP banner.


Advanced High School Diploma

Dog Pound Graduate

Master Of The Blietzkrieg

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