Ryan Bowdridge

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hometown: Wilmington, Massachusetts

Entrance Theme: "The Champ Is Here" by Jadakiss (CPW) "Innervision" by System of a Down (VCW)

Finishing Move(s): "Bowdridge Bomb" (Helicopter Pin), Sleeper Drop

Titles Held: VCW Heavyweight Championship (1/13/07 - 3/10/07)

VCW Las Vegas Championship (11/4/06 - 11/15/06)

VCW Hardcore Championship (10/18/06 - 11/8/06)

CPW Pure Championship (10/26/06 - 2/22/07)

Other Titles: 2007 Las Vegas Cup Winner (2/10/07)


Formerly a teacher, Ryan was fired on numerous merits of misconduct as a teacher including improper use of a fire extinguisher and letting to students fight without breaking it up. He believes that if a two people have a problem and want to fight it out, then he shouldn't interfere. After being fired from his teaching job, Ryan was stuck as a teller at BankNorth in Tewksbury MA. One day, as he walked home, he saw a travel agency and he saw a poster for Las Vegas. It read: "Tired of your normal life? Travel to Las Vegas and live like the king you deserve to be!"

Ryan arrived and made a name for himself in the VCW establishing the Hardcore Devision. Reading wrestling magazine, he came across an article about the CPW. Since it was close (enough) to Nevada, Ryan decided to sign up.

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