"The Addiction" Ryan Ford
Real name Riana Vitelli Rizzo
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Height 5'9"
Weight 135 lbs.
Date of birth June 1, 1984
Place of birth Sicily, Italy
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Resides Manhattan, New York
Billed from Manhattan, New York
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All-Star Wrestling Entertainment
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Debut 2005
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Riana Vitelli Rizzo is an Italian-American wrestler known best to the sports entertainment world as "The Addiction" Ryan Ford. She is a luminary whose natural abilities in the ring have completely imprisoned people's interest since the very moment she emerged. Riana currently resides in the esteemed corporation known as All-Star Wrestling Entertainment. Earlier in her career, Ryan Ford rose to stardom as a rookie in the National Wrestling Association, later earning iconic distinction through her performance in the Continental Wrestling Association. Before it all, she worked under the ropes with the Mafia, a career built solely on 'unlawful conduct.' This later led to her divorce and ultimately her emergence in the professional world of sports entertainment.

Vision of Vanity

On June 1, 1984, Riana Vitelli Rizzo was born to both Italian mother Ellen Myra Rizzo and father Antonio Vitelli Rizzo on the small island of Sicily, Italy. Blessed with a life many children would have killed for, she was spoiled with riches that her father earned by ‘unlawful conduct.’ During the first eight years of her life, she gained an eminence amongst her peers that caused a distraction for Riana when it came to making friends. Even at an early age, Riana proved to be a skeptical child. Her love of attention and hunger for reputation made her a fierce competitor amongst the older members of her well-respected family. Her edgy façade and immaculate obsession for supremacy made her a danger to all who came in contact with her. She was the gal to fear before her father’s growing suspicion in several murders connected to the Sicilian Mafia came to surface in the early 1990’s. Her open life in Europe was soon cut to an end with the Rizzo’s abrupt disappearance and arrival to America.
Life in America started out well for Riana. Her father bought a beautiful apartment and became a successful lawyer, of all things, in a distinguished firm. Because of all the happiness brought to Riana during those years, she grew expressively established and in time made her first friend by the name of Beth Johnson. The two girls were inseparable and together they explored new horizons and opportunities that gave light to Riana’s search for a proficient future. At the mere age of twelve, Riana showed a deep interest in the sport of wrestling. She made it a must to attend every wrestling event that took place in her area, and with her curiosity, grew a lust to partake in the conflict. Her early role models of the sport were that of Mick Foley and The Fabulous Moolah. Soon enough, she took a great chance and entered the ring to fulfill her appetite for adrenalin. That night she fought with a brilliance that underground agents valued. Although her father prohibited her participation in any activities considered a ‘man’s hobby,’ she established it in her deepest interest to disregard her father’s wishes and attempt what infatuated her.
Not long after her emergence in a few underground-wrestling associations as Vitelli Kyle, Riana’s father left for a vital business trip and never returned. The loss of her father brought a great depression that Riana could not fight. Her father was the wage earner and after a week she and her mother found themselves in the downtown slums of Queens, New York. It was there where she felt all hope was lost and spent most of her hours indoors, writing novels of pain and regret. After a month of her reclusive behavior, she came across a friend that would forever change her life for the better. Sarah Bryans became the friend she lacked at the time. Life was slowly getting back to normal when one day she found herself caught in a situation where her only chance of survival was to fight. The brutality shown by Riana Rizzo was so atrocious that it caught the eye of a legendary trainer, The Exquisitely Fabulous Bette D’Vyne. Under Bette’s careful watch and guidance, Riana soon began to blossom into a real talent under the alias Ryan Ford, a name given to her by Bette in a time when Italian natives were being targeted by rising FBI investigations.
CWAryan ford

Ryan 'The Rise'

Her happiness was short lived after breast cancer claimed the life of her most prized ally, Bette D’Vyne. Sarah Bryans came back into the picture and kept Riana from falling through the cracks. With her help, she had her long-time friend sign a contract with a rising organization known solely as the National Wrestling Association. She was quick, angry, and above all, intellectual when it came to strategizing her attacks against her fierce opponents. It took her above and beyond, welcoming her graciously to a nation of fans through the power of television. After a month of gruesome battles and an undefeated winning streak, she took home gold in only her fourth match when she captured both the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and Hardcore Championship in the same night, giving her the proclaimed title “The Addiction!” However, due to a dilemma in contract negotiations, Riana left the NWA for a better career and hopefully a higher recognition than that she received in the NWA.
With little conversation needed, the Continental Wrestling Association signed Ryan Ford to a three-month contract to see what ratings she would bring along with her. Her debut match showed to be her greatest accomplishment at that time when she captured a stunning victory over wrestling legend Jeffrey Drake. It was a victory that would cause diversity amongst the veterans of the sport and later have them signing their resignations from the CWA. Ryan Ford was a hit! During her short stay in the CWA she battled and defeated many iconic faces such as Wild Chylde and Duff Côte d'Ivoire. In only her fourth match she gained immortal distinction as the Intercontinental Champion and held the title until the organization later fell and she resigned her contract and left for a better future. Unfortunately the death of her mother took a heavy toll on Riana, and she had to take some personal leave from the world of sports entertainment.
Since Ryan Ford’s return, stated in a written and signed document for her third industry, All-Star Wrestling Entertainment, she has declared to the public that she will once again mature to the peak of this multi-billion dollar industry. Critics and fans alike can only speculate what this new direction will bring to the already so infamous vixen. After all, Ryan Ford has already been so remarkably distinguished as the heart, the soul, and “The Addiction” of the World of Entertainment!

Consequence of Aggression

In the ring Ryan Ford is considered an aggressor who people take note of. She acquires a taste of adrenaline, leaving her opponents fearful and testy when it comes to approaching her. Generally outspoken with an attitude of a vixen, her knack to hold an audience at bay is something to be admired. At times Ryan can come off as a sinister and livid aggressor whose abilities to desecrate an opponent confer every intention with backing that up. In size she is small, but her magnitude and performance shows no flaw when it comes to the thrashing finale of her eternal aggression.
Exquisite Maneuvers
Basic Moves
Tombstone Piledriver
Figure 4-Leg Lock
Samoan Drop
Ace Cutter
Cobra Clutch
Cheap Moves
Trademark Moves
Nodowa Otoshi:
Dire Destination:
Canadian Destroyer
Last Prayer:
Diving reverse DDT
Fallen Vixen:
Swanton bomb
Taste of Salt:
Terribly painful biting of the neck.
The Tragic Loss:
Ryan will find a way to get her opponent knocked out on the mat. She'll wait for the cheers to rise before lifting her hand and pointing to the turnbuckle. She'll climb to the top and give the sign of the cross before flying backwards and landing hard with her iconic moonsault.
Spinning helicopter ankle lock. Ryan will place her opponent in a normal style ankle lock before using everything she has to literally lift that person off the mat's surface and keep them in mid-air by a continuous spinning motion.

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