Ryan Payne
Ryan Payne1
Real name Ryan Taylor Payne
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Height 6'6"
Weight 250Lbs.
Date of birth May 30, 1982 (Age 27)
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
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Resides Lynwood, Illinois
Billed from Chicago, Illinois
Trainer WWA4 Wrestling School
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Debut 2002
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Ryan Taylor Payne owes his entire success to Justin Klein.  Thats the truth  and the short version.

(born May 30, 1982) to Marilyn & Robert Payne. In the year of 2002, Ryan burst onto the wrestling scene and has since made and left his mark upon some of the greatest promotions. Some consider it an honor to have him be a part of their roster, whether you love him or hate him, one fact that can't be denied is his greatness. Then again, who can really hate the sexiest man alive? Seems so many chicks want his pants now and rightfully so.

Early Life

Ryan Payne was born May 30th, 1982 to Marilyn & Robert Payne. Ryan came to be the first of three children. Wrestling within the Payne family began early for Ryan, he used to watch WWF programming with his grandfather and father every monday night it would be on. As a child, he was taken to many WWF events and got to meet certain superstars such as...Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Superstar Billy Graham, and Jimmy Snuka. During the childhood era of Ryan Payne, he became obsessed with gay love, re-enacting it at home whenever he’d seen something happen on the television. Entering his teen years, Ryan started to become rebellious against his father and mother and the rules set within the household and he started making his own rules and going by his own way. His father shipped him off to the navy where he became even more angered with life. Being in the Navy however, didn’t change Ryan one bit, he acted out there and disobeyed his commanding officers orders. They found that he really didn’t want to be there and they let him go sent him home. When he returned, his father was disappointed in him to say the very least but it didn’t bother Ryan none, he got a job, saved up and the next year he was gone.

Professional Wrestling

Ryan had moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began training at the WWA4 Professional Wrestling School. He was trained by some of the very best the world had to offer and was reviewed by some of the best as well, such names as Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and Chris Benoit. He trained at the WWA4 school for a couple of years then finally decided to break into the wrestling business. He started out in the OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling) to develop both his gimmick and wrestling tactics. After a couple of months of being in matches in OVW, he became popular down there and he received the call from Vince McMahon and the WWE. He was offered a developmental contract with them meaning it could be terminated at any point and time when Vince saw fit. Ryan’s stint with the WWE didn’t last long, he had a couple televised matches including his biggest one in WWE when he was sent down to the ring to "job" to The Undertaker. After the WWE, Ryan left and went on to TNA(total nonstop action) and there within his first two months being there, he was placed in a tournament where he became the first ever X-Division in TNA when the General Manager Paul E. Heyman gave him the opportunity. His career in TNA didn’t last long however as he then headed over to another promotion known as RWA(Renegade Wrestling Association), there he became a Intercontinental, European, and Tag Team Champion. Ryan was very happy with the companies decisions for him and the creative team but the company ended up going under due to financial problems and Ryan was out of a job once again until he was contacted by the WWF(World Wrestling Federation) that was re-opened by Shane McMahon, there he had some success as he became the United States champion as well as Tag Team Champion on two accounts. From WWF he found himself working for Kurt Angle in EWF(Extreme Wrestling Federation), there he became the World Heavyweight Champion as well as the Co-Owner and on one gloomy night, he himself pulled the plug on the whole operation that was EWF, it vanished seemingly into the middle of the night. Ryan Payne had outsmarted Kurt Angle and sold the company taking the profits for himself and moving on to a new company that was simply known as TCW. Within TCW, he didn’t get to achieve the success he had hoped but he went down in the history books for being the LAST TCW World Champion when the company was closing down.

Online Championship Wrestling(OCW)

Ryan Payne then headed over to a company that was very big in the wrestling world, the OCW(Online Championship Wrestling), there...he would meet the likes of Justin Klein and Darren Stevens and form a group with them that would be known as the most powerful group in the history of professional wrestling...The Players Club. In OCW Ryan also won the Internet Championship and was the longest reigning Internet Champion for a well going undefeated with the championship, as well as the tag team championship, and later on went to become the World Champion. He was also good as business and that landed him his spot within OCW as the General Manager of Chaos but he proved that he could handle the big time and was soon promoted to being General Manager of the flagship show known as, Mayhem. His reputation for causing controversy certainly did not preceed him as he displayed that a lot of times within the company, but the unthinkable had occured. On one tragic day, Ryan Payne’s mentality regarding professional wrestling had slipped away...May 1st, 2006...he shocked the wrestling world when he found himself in early retirement. He relinquished the championships he held and seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Perhaps one of the greatest superstars to grace the ring with his presence was gone forever...or so it was thought.

Wide World Of Wrestling: Reborn

Ryan Payne joined the WWoW [Wide World Of Wrestling] with one goal in mind and that was to go straight to the top, that was soon to be derailed as he ran into his off screen girlfriend at the time, Tara Wilson. On screen, the two hated each other and their feud would spark off but not last long as on one night, Ryan Payne had drugged Tara Wilson and married her, this was storylined for the show but the two had actually gotten married and the storyline worked to keep them together and it would also set up for some of Ryan's biggest feuds within WWoW. He battled against NBK and his most notable feud being with King Flip, Tara's ex-"flame"(kayfabe). The two would trash talk one another for weeks and Ryan would go on to win a match to make him the contender for the World Championship at their Wrestlemania I where he would challenge King Flip for that very championship. Ryan went on to win the World Championship on that night and held onto it until his departure from the company in late May of 2006.

Return to Online Championship Wrestling

On November 1st, 2006...Ryan Payne made his return to OCW for one final match, the one that fans everywhere had been awaiting. Ryan Payne Vs. Darren Stevens in a Snowglobe Match at Snowbrawl II for the Undisputed Championship. The rivalry that began with the two right before Payne's departure had carried on throughout the months of his absence, the war of words had been brought into play until the actual match had come about, the one that would prove who the better man was and on that night, it seemed to have been Darren. That would mark Payne's final match and appearance within Online Championship Wrestling as he closed the chapter in the book and moved on with his life. Although it seemed to have become a bad place to be apart of, no one can take away from the fact that when Ryan began there, the place actually helped him to become a better superstar and made him into the man he is today.

New Extreme Wrestling

After being gone from the scene since December of 2006 following his last match with Online Championship Wrestling, Ryan Payne was seemingly finally done with wrestling or so one would think, he was contacted by an independant federation known as N.E.W [New Extreme Wrestling] in late July 2007. Ryan had an itch to climb back into the ring so he accepted the invitation and he had gone into the place and much like anywhere he had been, he dominated the scene going undefeated for weeks, defeating superstar after superstar and even winning a match that was meant to be a tag match turned into a 3 on 1. Ryan then went into a match known as Suicide Six for the vacant N.E.W championship, well, he was meant to anyways...right before the match, he walked out and quit the company. No word was given as to why but he did just that.

Combat Pro Wrestling

October 2007 witnessed the return of Ryan Payne to the world of professional wrestling, Ryan had joined the ranks of elite superstars in a federation known as Combat Pro Wrestling. He had gone in with a new moniker, something that people weren't used to really seeing from him, he first appeared on the scene as a stalker of Ambika Renton, the story behind it was that Ryan popped up as did Ambika's ex love whom she thought was dead and while Ryan was the real stalker leaving her notes and what not at her hotel, he made it seem as though it was Mateo McKinley and Ambika would align herself with Ryan Payne believing him and thinking that he had her best interests at heart. Ryan would have his first match back as it was a random challenge from some punk, Chris Walker at their November pay-per-view event known as Blood Oath, it was a Bloody Roar Street Fight and Ryan just absolutely wiped the mat with Chris and owned him. That month turned out to not be so good for Ryan either as it was a place that his ex-girlfriend, Tara Wilson was also employed and the two would get into an incident at the halloween party known as Phangoria and she hauled off and stabbed him in the penis. The two had to get evaluated before they could return to the ring and they stayed their distance from one another, Ryan continued his storyline with Ambika and Mateo and it led up to a match at the December pay-per-view event, Ground Zero. It was a brutal match between the two and in the end, Ryan Payne had come out victorious and also Ambika had officially turned on her former love to fully align herself with the evil Ryan Payne. Following the match, however, Tara Wilson would make her way down to the ring and she stopped Ryan in his tracks and kissed him, this shocked the fans and certainly shocked the hell out of Ryan. From there, that was pretty much all she wrote, the Ryan and Tara era was now back into swing...only thing was...Ryan was married off screen to actress, Naomi James. The two would have their secret meetings and sessions and the very first time they were actually spotted together was the Patriots game, the final one of the season vs the Giants. Combat Pro Wrestling ended up closing mid-January and Ryan went undefeated having 5 wins to his record.

Professional Wrestling Incorporated/WideWorldWrestling2K8

Jack Daniels & Alex Mahone, founders of Combat Pro Wrestling now along with Naomi James had opened Professional Wrestling Incorporated where Ryan is now although he has an open contract to work in any other federation at the time of being employed by pWi and having said that, he also works in WideWorldWrestling2K8. As of now, Payne is a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at pWi's first event known as Encore as he challenges Matthew Crosslin on February 24th, 2008 in Rome, Italy. On the night of February 24th, 2008...Ryan Payne once again captured the World Heavyweight Championship as he successfully defeated Matthew Crosslin. The Payne Era of pWi was just getting started. On February 26th, Ryan was accused of using Steroid enhancements to defeat Matthew Crosslin at Encore by his ex-wife, Naomi James. Ryan refused to take a piss test and as a result, he was fired from pWi, only be to be re-hired hours later then suspended. Ryan went on to successfully retain his World Championship against Kevin Sane at pWi St. Patrick's Massacre albeit disqualification. He and Tara Wilson would go on to make history on April 23rd 2008 at Explosive Elements as for the first time ever, they captured the Destructive Duo Championships. All together, they now possess five championships. Ryan(Two World Championships, One half of Destructive Duo) Tara(World Championship, One half of Destructive Duo). The year 2008 seems to be the year of Wilson & Payne. Ryan would go on to defend the championship against all those who challenged him, one in particular being Sean Hunter and he successfully defeated him time and time again. Ryan's long six month reign as Champion was put on hold as injury struck.

Sports Entertainment Alliance

On April 13th, 2008, Ryan Payne made his debut with S.E.A debuting at their huge pay-per-view event as he defeated his long time rival, Kevin Sane to capture the vacant S.E.A World Heavyweight Championship. The Payne era lived on with S.E.A until it went under, Payne was the last World Champion.

World's Greatest E-Federation

Early 2009, Ryan officially signed a contract with WGEF after returning from a severe injury he sustained while employed with pWi at their June pay-per-view event. His first appearance saw him attack Jason Locke, Svd, Phoenix Winterborn, and the self proclaimed WGEF Savior. Ryan successfully defeated Kevin Sane in a Steel Cage match to move on to WGEF's pay-per-view event "Whatever It Takes" where he challenged for and captured the vacant Undisputed Championship. With the move to a new network, a new Championship was created and Ryan Payne is the first to hold it, he's vowed to continue his role in being the leader of the WGEF locker room and be an excellent Champion for the company. In March, Payne revealed that it was he who ran down Blake Lovo with a car, and in turn he went back to his roots becoming darker and more demented than ever. The heel that everyone hated except those aligned with him. Payne would then form a stable, the likes of which had never been seen before in the world of wrestling. The name was The Golden Age those involved in it were people who hated him and that he hated at some point in his life and career; Martin Matthews, Kristilin Flint, and Katya Rose. Payne has also extended his hand to Shawn Clarke to join The Golden Age but an answer has yet to be reached by Clarke. Heading into "Far From Over" in April, Payne feuds with Spear as they head toward a match known as Satan's Playground with both the Undisputed Championship and Spear's career on the line. At "Far From Over", not only did Payne end the career of Spear but Clarke finally reached a decision and joined the Golden Age. As the fierce group was growing bigger and stronger, people constantly stepped up to challenge and all of their efforts were thwarted. The Golden Age currently holds three Championships(Undisputed and Tag Team) and are currently striving to add more to their group. Recently, Payne and his girlfriend both on and off screen, Katya Rose defeated Alexis Dumas sending a message loud and clear to anybody on the roster that they were not to be tested. It was also the unveiling of Ryan's weapon, one he calls The Destroyer. The following Fight Night, May 15th, 2009...Ryan Payne brutally assaulted Max Gibson[Co-General Manager] and found himself suspended for two weeks without pay. Ryan Payne returned two weeks later from the suspension and was immediately booked for a tag match on Fight Night as it would be Ryan and Martin Matthews taking on Lucas Prodigy and Chris Kinning. As expected, Payne and Matthews won and following the match they both punted Kinning in the head ceremoniously after he was fired. As of Rampage on June 23rd, 2009...Ryan Payne finds himself in the history books yet again. He is part of the only faction in the history of professional wrestling to hold all the Championships and each member of it having their own. A week later, Payne found himself to be on the receiving end of the infamous screwjob that the company had been known for. After successfully defending his title against Kevin Nash inside a steel cage, Trish made another match pitting him against Shawn Clarke right then and there and with a sneak attack, Shawn became the new Undisputed Champion. Ryan hasn't made a statement not shown since then. Many wonder if he was done with the company, no one can figure out what's going on with him.

More to come later...

Finishing and Trademark Moves

Painkiller™(Jumping one handed cutter)


Death Kick (Punt To Opponents Face)

Condomnation (His version of mandible claw instead of sock, he uses a condom)

Championships and Accomplishments

First ever TNA X-Division Champion

RWA Tag Team Champion

RWA Intercontinental Champion

RWA European Champion

WWF United States Champion

WWF Tag Team Champion(2x)

EWF World Heavyweight Champion

LAST TCW World Champion

OCW Internet Champion --Undefeated as Internet Champion as well as longest reigning--

WWoW World Heavyweight Champion

Only man in OCW history to have been General Manager of both Chaos & Mayhem

OCW Tag Team Champion (W/Darren Stevens)

OCW World Heavyweight Champion

pWi World Heavyweight Champion

S.E.A World Heavyweight Champion [Last one]

WWW2K8 Destructive Duo Champion (w/Tara Wilson)

WGEF Undisputed Champion (1x)

Online Championship Slammy Awards

Stable Of The Year

Duo Of The Year

Best Couple

Most Controversial Moment

Tag Team Of The Year

Feud Of The Year

Combat Pro Wrestling Fan Choice Awards

Choice Male Hottie

Most Shocking Moment (W/Tara Wilson)

Fued Of The Year (W/Mateo McKinley & Ambika Renton)

GQ's Sexiest Man Alive (2008)

Golden Stable* [Only stable in history to hold all the Championships with each member holding one of their own]


Despite having so many people in the world of professional wrestling running around with the Payne name, there's only two that are actually related to Ryan. A brother and sister that shall not be named.

Most Notable Feuds

Kevin Sane

Darren Stevens


King Flip

Blake Lovo


"I am the absolute best and the moment you stop striving to be the best, you might as well be dead."

"I'm Ryan Payne...bitch!"

"Don't hate me because I'm better than you...hate me, because I'll always be better than you."

"He can't beat me, he'll be too busy getting meals on wheels" --In regards to Sean Hunter

"He should be arrested for felonious cocksucking with attempt to swallow the evidence."

"I don't have an ego, I just know that I'm awesome."


The Ladies Man

The Golden God

The Messiah Of Pain

The Sexiest Man Alive

The Pope

The Villain

Theme Music

Pain Redefined By Disturbed

The Ripper By Chinchilla

Fake By Allele

The Devil's Own By Five Finger Death Punch[Currently Used]

Personal Life

While Payne was known as the "Ladies Man" he was known for having an excessive amounts of on-screen girlfriends, off-screen, he's only dated Tara Wilson, that is until he cheated on her and that caused the two to break up as Tara left him in the middle of the night with no word or anything. He found out about it after hearing it mentioned on the television. Payne would move on with his life and he met, young and virginal (literally) Naomi James and apparently after bedding her, he married her and seemingly loved her but he always said off the record there's only one woman he'd always love and that would be Tara. Ironically enough, working in CPW together, the two were able to hash things out it would seem as they agreed to work together, something that no one though they'd ever see. When the two broke up, Tara went on a hate frenzy bashing Ryan while he kept quiet. Late December, Ryan and Tara started sleeping together again and Naomi found out about it and this caused a divorce between the two, Ryan didn't seem to care too much as he began dating Tara Wilson on and off-screen. Ryan currently now resides in Henderson, Nevada living with Tara Wilson after having his house burned to the ground. The two are about as happy as they'll possibly get, you know how that goes with them. On April 1st, Ryan bought ownership of a restaurant in Italy, and named it Bella Donna. Both he and Tara are the owners of it although he would say she's the sole owner of it since he got it for her birthday. As the year progressed on, things went as good as they could possibly go for the daring couple. Late 2008 however, Ryan and Tara split for unknown reasons and on December 16th, 2008...Ryan became the father of two beautiful twins, Devon and Delilah. Rumors had been running rampant as to who Ryan's new girlfriend was and it was revealed not long ago that it was Katya Guilenkov(Rose). The two now live together as they share a house in Chicago. On June 20th, 2009...rumors ran rampant that the two had broken up and when questioned about it, Ryan said they simply had a fight, and what couple doesn't fight, right? Later in that night, they would go to Las Vegas and get married. Two weeks later, the fights became worse and Ryan had gotten fed up with the whole thing and decided it was time they severed ties. People have been thinking that Ryan died over the course of his disappearance but within that time, he had been visiting people, one of which was an old friend of his from Warzone, Victoria Williams (Phoenix). The two spent time together and it was reported not too long ago that they were officially dating. No official comment yet has been given by the couple but sources say that they both appear to be happy and they do indeed live together in Chicago/Lynwood.

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