Ryan "Phoenix" Harris
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Ryan Phoenix
Height 6'1"
Weight 225 lbs
Date of birth February 2nd, 1983 (25)
Place of birth Miami, Florida
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Resides Miami, Florida
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Trainer Ryan's Father, Paul Harris
Handled by Valerus
Win/Loss Record 25/17/0
Debut December 25th, 2001
Retired {{{retired}}}

Ryan David Harris (born February 2nd, 1983), better known by his ring name Ryan Phoenix, is an American professional wrestler, currently employed by Anarchy Championship Wrestling[1].


Ryan was born on February 2nd, 1983, to Paul and Rebecca Harris. He is the youngest of two sons, the other being Robert Harris, who was born 3 years before him. Ryan is a smart-ass, witty, funny, creative, musically talented and spontaneous man. He was the one in grade school who lit sparkler bombs in the girls’ bathroom and started food fights in the school cafeteria with rotten cat food. Aside from that, he always can make people laugh, a born ability of his. Additionally, he picked up the bass guitar when he was about 5, after seeing his dad playing a local show with his mess-around acoustic band. He plays the bass in his band, called Lose The Halo, and is the main vocalist and songwriter. His natural talent for excelling at whatever he puts his mind to scares people sometimes. He can just pick up something and be good at it. He loves playing the bass, playing video games, sleeping, surfing the net, collecting rare metal albums, and of course WRESTLING.

Athletic since birth, Ryan engaged in many school activities, such as football, soccer, and, of course, wrestling. Ryan’s father, had been an ex-college wrestler and coach, dropping out due to injuries sustained in a match, later coaching wrestling at his high school. Paul also played the acoustic guitar, sparking Ryan’s interest in the music field. His father trained him and realized Ryan’s wrestling potential, and also his musical abilities and creativity. He sent Ryan to a professional wrestling training facility in the Miami Beach area to really hone his skills and teach him some wrestling discipline. After a year or so in the training facility, he was released from his training because of “disorderly conduct” and “mental damages beyond repair”. Ryan felt as though he didn't need the extra training and that he was ready to go to the Indy scene.

Early Career

Ryan debuted as an Indy wrestler in the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) on Christmas Day 2001, when he was only 18. He defeated the undefeated Paul “Roadkill” Roberts for the FCW Heavyweight Championship in his first match, after landing a massive Phoenix Rising from the top turnbuckle, a definite “Holy Shit” moment at their annual Christmas Day Massacre sold-out show. He was nominated Rookie of the Year in the FCW and MIW (Miami Independent Wrestling) in under a year in the federations. His unique style and natural talent has earned him elite status in these feds.

Ryan took a 3-month hiatus from wrestling in these promotions, stemming from a Halloween accident in ’06. Upon reviewing his status in these feds, Phoenix has decided to leave them and try to find one that is on a different level than these. Ryan has heard through his wrestling buddies about an up-and-coming wrestling fed called Anarchy Championship Wrestling. After giving a demo tape to and having a nice, long phone with then-ACW owner Eric Storm, Phoenix finally achieved a dream of being in a more predominant and renown wrestling promotion.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling


Ryan debuted in the ACW at their first PPV of the year, Uprising, on January 28th, 2007. He gave a cutting-edge promo in the center of the ring, claiming that he is the new breed of wrestling. He got off to a bad start with the Canadian crowd by dissing them over four separate times in his speech. Phoenix described himself as "sheer awesomeness", full of "awesomeness" and "awesomicity". He even so boldly claimed that he is the future of ACW. These claims proved worthy as Phoenix captured some "awesomeness" wins over the next few months, some over the likes of Jay "The Prodigy" Erickson, Knuckles Montego, and even Davey Mac.

Phoenix broke into the spotlight early on in his ACW career. He made a series of promos over the next month about how shocking his wrestling debut will be, even getting into a backstage brawl with Jay Erickson on an edition of Breaking Point. It is believed that Phoenix called Erickson a "noob" and a "slut", which angered Erickson. This small feud culminated in an intense match at the February PPV, Chaos Theory, in which Phoenix beat Erickson with his signature finisher, The Phoenix Rising. This marks Ryan's first win in the ACW, one of many.

In under a month and with just one win under his belt, Ryan Phoenix rose to the top of the Primetime Championship title bracket. By beating Jay Erickson, the current #1 Contender, Ryan became the new #1 Contender for the title belt.

Primetime Challenge

On March 3rd, 2007, Ryan Phoenix gained his second win, defeating Knuckles Montego in a singles match on Breaking Point. After this match, Montego prompted quit the ACW and walked out of the arena. Phoenix believed that he was the cause of this, and promptly boasted in his own glory. This put Phoenix on a 2-0 win record.

The next week, Ryan Phoenix was pitted up against the Primetime Champion himself, Davey Mac. On the March 10th edition of ACW's Underground, Ryan Phoenix defeated Davey Mac with a roll-up pin, escaping his deadly powerbomb maneuver. This puts Phoenix on a 3-0 win record, seemingly unstoppable for a debuting wrestler.

On the next week's Breaking Point, Ryan Phoenix decided to go out and address to the people of Cincinnati, Ohio, about his win over Mac. He exclaimed that he "pwned" Davey Mac, followed by announcing, yet again, his awesomeness. Davey Mac cut his promo and the two men exchanged harsh and powerful words with one another. Phoenix said that Mac was so lucky because the match was a non-title match. Mac accused Phoenix of using dirty tactics to gain a small win over him. Mac even said that Phoenix was a cheater. With another interruption, the current ACW owner Eric Storm came out and stopped the two. He then said that Davey Mac's Primetime Championship would be on the line at the next PPV, Dawn of Existence.

On the night of March 25th, 2007, Ryan Phoenix delivered a powerful promo video, ending with him saying that tonight would be the Dawn of Ryan Phoenix. But at Dawn of Existence, Ryan Phoenix would not get what he came for. At the end of the Primetime title match, Mac hit Phoenix with The Final Cut and pinned him, retaining the championship. This marked Ryan's first devastating loss in the ACW. Although Phoenix lost the match, this was not the end of the war.

In the main event of Breaking Point the next week, Phoenix, teaming up with the current Television Champion Alex Sage, wrestled against Davey Mac and James Cash. Sage and Phoenix clicked in the ring and held their own against the team of Mac and Cash. In the end, Phoenix pinned Cash after hitting him with his finisher, The Phoenix Rising. This puts Phoenix at a 4-1 record.

April 14th marked the next week's Underground, showing Davey Mac in a non-title match against the young Jack Steucher. In the middle of the match, Ryan Phoenix came down to the ring with a steel chair. Instead of interfering with the match, Ryan simply unfolded the chair and watched the match at ringside. Later on in the match, Mac failed at getting a pin against Steucher, and he decided to end the match. Mac climbed the turnbuckle closest to Phoenix and then said some nasty words to Phoenix. This allowed just enough time for Steucher to get to his feet and hit a back body drop on Davey, scoring a pinfall. Feeling cheated, Mac chases after Phoenix to the backstage and they have a harsh conversation. Phoenix ended up challenging Mac for his Primetime gold a second time, and Mac accepts the challenge.

At Breaking Point on April 21st, Ryan Phoenix had a...strange interview with the lovely Maria Summers. When asked about his feelings towards his opponent that night, Blade Icewood, Phoenix replied with a blank look and obliviousness towards there ever being a Blade Icewood. After calling Maria a "slutbag", Phoenix evades her slaps and ends the interview. In the opening match of the night, Phoenix easily squashed the no-name Blade Icewood, or how Phoenix liked to put it "Icenoob". This win sets Ryan at a 5-1 record.

Primetime Championship Gold

ACW's April PPV, UnFNsanctioned brought in many new changes to the ACW. Jay Erickson, whom Ryan Phoenix feuded with before, achieved his gold of Television Championship gold, by defeating Alex Sage and James Cash in a triple-threat match. But the main (and most important) was because of the Primetime title match. In the second match of the night, Ryan Phoenix battled Davey Mac for his Primetime title belt. This fight was monumental and ended with Phoenix using brass knuckles against Mac, then beating him with an applied STF. This puts Phoenix at a 6-1 record and showcases Ryan's first ACW Championship Gold!

The next week on Breaking Point, Ryan Phoenix was pitted against Davey Mac for a Primetime rematch. This was a Ladder Match in the main event of the night! After a hard-fought battle, Phoenix kicked Mac off the ladder and claimed his Primetime title belt once again. This was proof that Ryan Phoenix had it in him to be a great champion, setting his record at 7-1.

Underground, May 12th. Ryan Phoenix had a small encounter with The Great #1 before their tag team match against "Lightning" Kid Rodriguez & Jack Steucher. Later on in the night, Steucher got the upset win by pinning Phoenix with a backslide pin. This set Ryan's record at 7-2.

The next week on May 19th's Breaking Point, Ryan Phoenix scored a win over Kid Rodriguez with the Phoenix Rising, a match for the Primetime Championship. This was Ryan's second title defense, and set his record at 8-2.

At ACW's May PPV, Bloodline, Ryan was pitted against Jack Steucher for the Primetime Championship. This would be Ryan's second title match at a PPV, a pretty huge ordeal. After a pretty back-and-forth match between the two competitors, Ryan hit a Sit-Out Powerbomb (T1) on Steucher through a table. He then hit his Out From The Ashes finisher, sealing the deal. He won another title rematch, setting his record at 9-2.

The next week on Breaking Point, Steucher would have another chance at the Primetime title, but fell short once more. Ryan's record would then become 10-2, pretty unheard of. On the June 9th edition of Underground, Phoenix did not have a match, rather, had an interesting interview with Maria Summers. Since he didn't have a match, the two went out for a drink and a little more. ;-) (He had a little more Maria than anyone before...if you catch my drift).

Returning to the ring on June 16th, Phoenix was put up against James Matthews for his Primetime title. This match was a strange one for Phoenix though. At the end, Matthews hit a Double Moonsault on Phoenix, incidentally causing Phoenix to lose via countout! His record was then 10-3.

At Maximum Overdrive, June's PPV, Phoenix was quite randomly pitted against Kid Rodriguez for the Primetime Championship again. Ryan finished the match by hitting Rodriguez with his own finisher (Lights, Camera, Action!). This set Ryan's record at 11-3.

The next week, a different match came along. At the Patriot Bash, Ryan Phoenix went toe-to-toe with one Ishmael Al Hassani, a stupid noob terrorist, in a flag match. Ryan easily won. Pssh. 12-3.

Ryan was not in a match the following week. He actually had yet another interesting interview with Maria Summers. Seems to be a trend. They had sex later.

BUT. The NEXT week, Ryan faced Jay Erickson on Breaking Point, in Osaka, Japan. After having an encounter with The Great #1 (another trend?), he later had a Falls Count Anywhere match with Mr. Erickson. And after this ridiculously hard-fought battle, Erickson hit Phoenix with an Impact Driver off a car, sealing his win. Ryan's record was now 12-4. Still in Japan for the next week's Breaking Point, Ryan rested up for his match at Redemption. At Breaking Point, Ryan had a heated conversation with Great #1's valet lady person, Ms. Lindsey Hammond.

Redemption Time, Indeed

Here, Ryan's true strength and endurance would be shown at ACW's Redemption, on July 29th, 2007. Going up against The Great #1 for the Primetime Championship, Ryan Phoenix had a lot on the line. His dignity, glory, fame, and most importantly, his title. In the Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match that soon followed, Ryan Phoenix reigned supreme over The Great #1, by hitting a Phoenix Rising through a table. He then entered the ring and claimed his title belt back. 13-4.

But...his glory did not last long, for he was easily deceived. For another ring was the fires of Mount Doom. Wait. Wrong Epic tale. Sorry.

The following Breaking Point showed something totally different. On August 4th, 2007, Ryan Phoenix had a title match against The Great #1. A quite great match soon followed. Great #1 ended the match with a surprise finisher, sealing Ryan's fate. After getting the 1-2-3, The Great #1 scored his first title belt in the ACW, beating Ryan Phoenix. Heart-breaking. 13-5.


Alas! The night had just begun! After Michael Tron beat Kid Rodriguez, Ryan made his presence known by challenging Tron for the TV title. At Forsaken II, Ryan Phoenix would face Michael Tron for the Television Championship!

The next week on Breaking Point, Ryan had a strange incident with Damien Paige. Ryan got under his skin and it showed in their later match. After a very heated battle, Ryan beat Damien with a surprise spinning 180 Hurrancanrana! 14-5. But after getting a beatdown by Michael Tron afterwards, he wasn't the last one laughing.

It seems as though every week that Phoenix does not have a match, he has an interview with Maria Summers. I guess that off-chance sex time, eh? After dogging Tron, Phoenix stated that "Ultimately at Forsaken II, I plan on doing two things...drink some Kool-Aid and kick some ass!!"

At Forsaken II, after having a nice McDonald's meal/promo, Ryan faced Michael Tron for the TV title! This match was ridiculously ridiculous. Tron ended the match by hitting Phoenix with the "Death Drop Driver", securing the vacant title. This was 14-6 for Ryan.


Regular Moves:

  • Various DDT's (usually quick ones)
  • Various Suplexes
  • Piledriver
  • Enzuiguri (evasion/surprise)
  • Running STO
  • Running Impaler DDT
  • Running Heel Kick
  • Flying Dropkick
  • Flying Spear
  • Front Facelock
  • Rear Chinlock
  • STF
  • Dragon Sleeper

Trademark Moves:

  • T1 (Sit-Out Powerbomb)
  • T2 (Running Razor’s Edge)
  • This Won’t Hurt a Bit (Unprettier)
  • Mind The Gap (Reverse Moonsault)
  • Holy Shit (720 DDT)
  • Well, Here Goes Nothing (Asai Moonsault)
  • Phoenix Assault (Black Tiger Bomb)
  • Eat This! (Hesitation Dropkick)
  • The Big Easy (Samoan Driver)
  • I’m The Flash (Springboard Tornado DDT)
  • This One’s For Owen (Sit-Out Reverse Piledriver)

Finishing Moves:

  • Phoenix Rising (Butterfly Piledriver)
  • Out From The Ashes (Shooting Star Press into a Legdrop)

Rare Top Rope Finisher:

  • Ending Credits (Avalanche Samoan Driver)

Title History

  • ACW Primetime Champion (April 28th, 2007 - August 4th, 2007)

Phoenix defeated Davey Mac on April 28th, 2007 to win the belt. Phoenix lost the belt to The Great #1 on the August 4th edition of Breaking Point.

  • ACW World Heavyweight Champion (September 2nd, 2008 - May 3rd, 2009)

Phoenix defeated Jason Young and Magnes Drachen on September 2nd, 2008 in an Xtreme Ascent Match at Forsaken III.

Phoenix lost the World Championship to Kris Irvine at UnFNsanctioned.

ACW Accomplishments

ACW's Most Improved Wrestler in 2007

ACW's Rising Star of 2007

ACW's Fedder of the Year 2008

ACW's Biggest Shocker Of The Year 2008 - Tenure as GM/World Champ

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