Ryan Plant
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Ryan Plant]]
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Height 6'3"
Weight 212 Lbs
Date of birth 30th September 1982
Place of birth Manchester, England
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Resides New York City, New York, USA.
Billed from Manchester, England
Trainer Self-tought
High Impact Wrestling
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Debut March 2nd 1997
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NOTE: Handler also handles Ace Matthews (link to come) and now features on that character.

Wrestling career


Before his striking success in the wrestling industry, Ryan Plant was pretty much nothing. In fact, he almost was nothing completely... he could have died!

After injuring his brother (Leo Plant) seriously in a wrestling match, it was the final straw for his aggrivated parents (Steve and Amy Plant). Seen as a failure, he was banished from his own household at the age of 21. That's when he met a delightful young lady who took him into her household for the time being by the name of Charlotte O'Connor. Time passed, Ryan got a job as a fridge salesman trainee and learnt his first steps of business. As time passed so did their relationship- from friends to more than friends.

So much so that when Plant got fired for taking a fridge as a present for O'Connor, he decided there was only one option to manage all their money.

With a court order against wrestling for an English company filed by his parents, Plant saw the only way to get enough money for himself and his lover was to trial for High Impact Wrestling and succeed.

Plant made a huge sacrifice spending a year on the street, and his beloved stuck by his decision. She felt saddened that he couldn't stay at her own household no more but if he carried on it would be law enfringement.

Plant spent a year exchanging fists with other street-dwellers and the food takings (Despite the odd helping by Charlotte) weren't too good. The money was the hardest part, but 2 years on from when he was first banished, and 1 year on since he lived in Charlotte's household... Plant had doubled the money he earned from his job and had enough for a successful short living in America.

With a flight booked it was time to sail the skies...

Championship Wrestling Federation

Plant arrived on the scene in March 2006, a rookie, newbie, whatever you want to call him. Because at that time he was admittedly nothing. He lost his debut match to Matt Magee and Sweeney in a triple threat. Next week wasn't the best either. Despite having the honor to fight before Wrestlewars III he was paired with resident CWF assholes (or so the fans though) - Doggie X and Matt Magee against their favourites Sweeney and Team Mask. In this 6 man tag match whoever scored the pinfall became #1 contender. And it was Doggie who did so after Plant was hit by a steel chair by Sweeney. Sweeney had turned round and was hit with the 2D.

Plant's then girlfriend Charlotte O' Connor was living in Manchester, or so she was. Plant had left for CWF to make a lot of money as he struggled on the streets. Charlotte came into play when Johnny Suicide kidnapped her. In this brutal twist the two faced off on opposite teams in tag action with Suicide paired with Lucifer Sarolis and Plant with Mourning Star. Lucifer Sarolis scored the pinfall for his team on his debut. Suicide... was gone. Along with Mourning Star. With no chance of seeing his then girlfriend he feared for her, until it turned out that it wasn't Suicide who kidnapped her... that was a hoax. Sarolis did! The two fought and fought after each other's matches until they had their chance to fight before Aftermath at the pre-show with her on the line. Plant however lost... he lost what seemed like everything before Lucifer gave her back with a present from his lover Rosemary... an injury after her finishing move. A lucky escape but a sickly act. THIS WAS NOT OVER.

Tom Fury, CWF Television Champion, psycho. Feared. Enter Plant. In a main event match up he defied the odds in a non title match all thanks to a misplaced skateboard shot by Lucifer Sarolis. He accidentally hit Fury instead leading to Plant pinning him. Fury was furious and so when Sarolis had a match with him the week after Plant interfered hitting both with his skateboard. The referee only saw him hit Sarolis however and Lucifer won by DQ. Once again Fury was, no pun intended once more, furious. And so to sort a situation out, CWF President David Martin decided to set things straight with a triple threat title match between the three being announced for the Cruel Intentions pre-show. However that was not all as he also announced qualifiers for HIW's I-Crown tournament for the next week. Featuring 10 CWF wrestlers, 5 one on one matches. Plant, in the main event was paired against Fury. This was the turning point of his career...

This was the night of his life. As if the match didn't have enough on the line, a backstage confrontation between the two saw the title added in to the match. The match went back and forth from the bell and just when it seemed like Fury had won... DEFACER! The debut of the move left Fury down and out for the pin... and the TITLE! Plant had won the gold. The triple threat was still on but he was walking in champion, and even a distraction by Sarolis after the match allowing Fury to Rage Release him couldn't spoil his night. He was champion, the golden man. Once again, Plant showed his talent in the triple threat successfully defending his title against Fury and Sarolis. However there came a price. A steaming Fury left him injured in the ring after White Heat. Good night.

I-Crown. The tournament is just immense. If the champion loses at all the title is decided in the final. Plant himself had qualified and won the CWF Television Title on the same night. His first match came on CWF TV after a week recovering from Fury's attack. (Fury later on in the night of Cruel Intentions joined HIW making it uncertain if the two will clash again) was pitted against Chazz Mazzaratti. After another Defacer Plant picked up the win. The only man to make it to the second round was the new CWF TV Championship #1 Contender Blake Judge. Plant in the second round was against Kael Stanton and Judge had the champion Axis. Both put up brilliant efforts but the pair found they had lost, out of the tournament. Stanton became the overall winner at the end in HIW but before the final night there was an interesting CWF Television Title match at the I-Crown pre-show with Plant defending against Judge.

To say the Judge-Plant showdown was slightly controversial would be an understatement. The match started light hearted but the finish saw the match become heated. After Plant guillotined Blake Judge. Judge acted injured, perhaps he was before, running into the ropes knocking a concerned Plant off and through the commentator's table. Should the referee had disqualified him? We might never know. The referee began counting Plant out and Judge realised he can't win the title by count-out. Judge exited the ring and tried to whip Plant back in but he slumped and fell, before they knew it the count was over and a double countout took place. However, David Martin knew how to sort this as he made a rematch on CWF TV. This was an aggressive match which saw a heartbreaking end to Plant's reign as he fell victim to the Reverse Shooting Star Elbow and pinfall. The dream was over. Yet his business wasn't.

In tag team action on CWF TV, the new champion Blake Judge and his good friend Robert Mayne had their hands full with the former champion Ryan Plant and his arch enemy Lucifer Sarolis. Despite the odd pairing they prevailed, and so Plant received a rematch in the near future. That came when Judge and Plant were scheduled to have a "confrontation" which turned into a match when NEW CWF President Mike Manson questioned Judge's talent and made the match right there. Due to a questionable illegal choke however, Plant still couldn't beat Judge as he had no choice to submit. Judge was later laid out by a mystery attacker and so Plant paid the price next week being laid out himself by Judge, who suspected it was him. After a Verdict to the floor backstage Plant found himself injured for a week once more before returning not fully fit to face David Blade with Blade's new foe Arsenal as Special Enforcer. The enforcer made sure Blade wouldn't win and as Plant rested and let Arsenal attack his foe, he slid back in, hit a Defacer and picked up the win with a pinfall. That's when everything changed... he turned on his manager Barry Doyle who had stuck by him since late March and hit him with a Defacer too to the shock of the crowd as he walked out with a new man who he called his new manager... Ivor Kovak. One thing for sure, he was never the same again...

After confrontations between Plant, Judge and Johnny Hollywood. The three were scheduled for a CWF Television Title match at the Blood & Glory pre-show. However the mystery attacker made sure to change the plans by attacking Hollywood backstage therefore needing a replacement in the form of Lucifer Sarolis. Bad blood still brewed and as Plant with his new attitude and new nickname "Starstruck" to a mixed reaction worked on his opponents cockily he found himself losing yet again when Sarolis was hit with a top rope Verdict near the end. Due to Lucifer's inability to kick out, Plant felt he had been stole of a chance thanks to Lucifer Sarolis. He was a broken man with no idea where to go. Broken is an understatement. He was lost in a world of failure.

Plant later went on to team with Whitey Ford in CWF. This alliance was formed when Ford offered tips on business and Plant offered tips on wrestling. This was the early stages of a dominant HIW tag team as a few weeks later (As Plant was questioning his belonging here) - CWF shut down. Jobless? Not quite. He had made more than his mark and had earned his place on the HIW roster along with many familiar faces.

Enter Plant. The former Television Champion made his anticipated debut in HIW tagging with Whitey Ford against David Medina and Criss Nomak. The Pink Slip to Medina and a three count saw Ford and Plant's first victory in HIW.

Or as they began to call themselves:

The Executives

Trash talking, money flinging, post-match attacks and unconcluded interviews followed as Plant went on to defeat Criss Nomak (Singles match, Ford at ringside). Lars saved Nomak from a post-match attack. From there on it was announced that at the PPV in two weeks The Executives would face Lars and Nomak. And the fans could vote what was on the line: A tag title shot, an international title shot or a spot in HIW's traditional main event of the next PPV Ultimate Destruction- THE BLOODBATH MATCH. The week before saw a six man tag match with Lars and Nomak teaming with #1 TV Title Contender Drew Debs against The Executives and Television Champion Johnny Hollywood. Frustrated, the trio of Plant, Ford and Hollywood walked out to a countout loss but after the match it seemed not one of them cared about the countout victory.

At Hell On Earth Plant and Ford fought and cheated their way to a win over Nomak and Lars, although the pin was clean after a Pink Slip. There was cheating though, no doubt about that as The Executives almost found themselves disqualified. The Pink Slip was only set up as Plant's manager Ivor Kovak, hidden under a hood, hit Nomak with a steel chair as the referee was down and used the flat referee's limp arm to count the pin. The prize you ask? The Executives were now the #1 contenders to the tag team championship.

You could say Plant was a lucky man. When waiting to talk to Cain who wasn't in his office he saw Randy Wylde. Wylde cockily trash talked Plant, and Plant exchanged his words too. Wylde made a mistake of mentioning a Bloodbath contract he was about to sign. A brawl later saw Plant walk out grinning VERY widely. He was notified by Cain via a mobile later that night, he announced they would challenge Tag Champions James Cruz & (a very familiar) Tom Fury at Redemption. He also asked Plant why the Bloodbath contract had signature on it... Plant replied that Wylde is taking time off and he wouldn't have it any other way. Ford was oblivious to this Bloodbath III talk. Now you could say Ryan Plant was a == VERY LUCKY == man.

The Executives went on to defeat David Blade & Robert Mayne along with three-time World Tag Team Champions (Twice with each other) Drew Debs and Jared Crowe via Crowe hitting Plant with a kendo stick. While personal issues seemed to be on the line between them two, the titles were to be on the line at the PPV a week after. After Robert Mayne turned on his partner and joined the Executives the week before, a six man tag match was set up for the Warzone before the PPV. Fury, Cruz and Blade defeated all three Executives when Blade pinned Mayne. The momentum was even as Fury and Cruz went on to defeat The Executives after Fury pinned Ford after his signature Anger Tangle move. Ford let Plant down in Plant's opinion as Ryan was not happy! The future became unclear for The Executives.

More to come.


Finishing Moves

  • FACE PLANT (Standing, behind) - TERTIARY FINISHER Sleeper Suplex
  • ULTIMA EGO (Standing, front)- SECONDARY FINISHER FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE BAIL Ryan delivers a kick to the midsection and as the opponent bends down holding their midsection, puts a fist underneath their head and with the other arm elbows their head into the fist.
  • DEFACER (Standing, front) - PRIMARY FINISHER (JOINT) After beating Tom Fury with this move in two straight weeks after it's debut, expect to see Plant use this the most, it is a modified F5, a neckbreaker-body slam combo. Whatever you want to call it... it comes clear when you watch this video of the move in action performed by Teddy Hart-
  • SUPERSTAR (Standing, front. Near ropes) - PRIMARY FINISHER (JOINT) This move is currently undebuted but fans know about when he showed footage of it in a webcast.. Picture the RKO. Plant's Superstar is a modified version. The head is grabbed and with the assistance of the ropes, Plant holds onto their head/neck area while jumping onto the ropes keeping balance thanks to the hold on his opponent. He quickly jumps back off the ropes and executes an RKO with extra height with the jump off the ropes. Pinfall is almost inevitable.
  • MANUMISSION (Down, opponent on back, applied to head area) PRIMARY SUBMISSION. Ryan has had this move planned for a few weeks and is still yet to use it. Manumission means freeing of slaves and Ryan believes when an opponent taps out to this they are being freed of in-ring torture. It is basically a grounded-front-facelock but you know when he is going to use the move as he stands on the rope and cuts his throat to the approval of the fans.

Rare Finishers

  • INVETIABLE IMPACT (Opponent running- usually after a whip)- Once the ref is down, or in a hardcore match, Ryan brings in steel steps and delivers a flap jack onto them. (He quickly throws them out the ring if non-hardcore)
  • TREE OF THROW (Opponent set up in a Tree Of Woe against the ropes, modified.). Ryan gets to the outside, stands on the apron, grabs their legs and tosses the opponent to the outside. Though as it isn't the easiest move to pull of, with the force needed, Ryan would fall off onto the floor which could cause a bit of damage to him. If executed perfectly, his opponent could land on a table.

Fatal Rare Finishers

  • DAWN'S DESTRUCTION (Top rope with opponent) - This move may not be considered fatal but just the complete match ender. However Plant likes to execute the move onto weapons thus, making the move career threatening indeed. The move itself, is a top rope Dominator. He lifts his opponent over his shoulder before leaping off drilling the opponent to the mat. The three count is inevitable. And if Plant uses a weapon to drill his opponent on to, injury is inevitable too.
  • UNPARALLEL INNOVATION (Opponent down, face up. Plant on turnbuckle)- Once the referee is down, or in a hardcore match, Ryan brings in his skateboard if the opponent is down. He places it on their neck and jumps on it off the turnbuckle. Serious injuries have been caused by this dangerous move.

Signature Moves

  • BAD SEED (Opponent in turnbuckle, facing inside) . Ryan sets them up in the Tree Of Woe, walks to the outside and grabs both arms and pulls to add strain.
  • FLOWERBOMB (Opponent standing, facing Ryan.) Similar to a double powerbomb. Ryan executes a powerbomb yet holds on and lifts them up back in position (like a Double Powerbomb, ready to set them up for another) yet instead of executing another powerbomb, Ryan will hit an Alleyoop.
  • PUNK-HANDLE SLAM (Opponent standing, behind) Ryan delivers a pump-handle slam onto a turnbuckle.
  • ACCELERATION / DETONATION Ryan shouts KAMIKAZE! and runs towards the ropes to deliver a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside.
  • SKATE TO FATE (STF- Submission) Ryan believes the STF should stand for Skate To Fate and thus he uses it as part of his moveset.
  • AVENGE FROM THE AIRWAVES (Off turnbuckle) If in a match involving more than one opponent, don't be surprised to see Ryan pull off this move from the turnbuckle. If both opponents are lying with their stomach up next to each other Ryan pulls off a moonsault onto both of them for a pinfall attempt on both.


  • Planty
  • Mr. Plant
  • Starstruck
  • The Definitive
  • The Face (retired nickname)
  • The Idol Of Our Generation (Once said by Plant, HIW fans think it will be used more in the future)

Theme Music

  • Slither- Metallica

Championship Succession

HIW Television Title
Preceded by:
Tom Fury
21ST MAY 2006 --> 2ND JULY 2006 Succeeded by:
Blake Judge

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