Ryan Trent is a Wrestler with Phoenix Wrestling Enterprise, following a brief stand in RISE. Believed by many to be finished at the top of Wrestling, he's looking to prove this wrong.

Ryan Trent
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Height 6'2"
Weight 234 lbs
Date of birth November 14th 1982
Place of birth Syracuse, New York
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Resides New York, New York
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Debut February 2001, HWF House Show.
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Ryan Trent was born late in 1981, to his family in Syracuse, New York. His parents, both doctors, raised him and his sister comfortably, and it was apparent early that both children could follow in their parents footsteps as doctors, excelling in maths and sciences.

In high school, Ryan Trent played football, a Safety for his team, and likely to move to the starting position in his junior year. However, in the summer between, Trent discovered pro-wrestling with a friend of his, Taylor Reade, and they took to a small promotion overseen by some older member of the Reade household. Here, Trent did his first grappling, and learned the basics of professional wrestling.

His actions were unapproved of by his parents, however, Ryan continued them, and his parents gave him the rope to hang himself with, so to speak, as they often did with their children. Ryan's interest, however, was not a fad, and in fact, it became his passion to wrestle, and onlookers knew he was born to do it.


Syracuse Wrestling Federation

The Reade Family's ring became home to the first matches of Ryan Trent's professional career. Following a loss in his first match, to since very limitedly successful Butch Cassidy (not to be mistaken with the cowboy) he went to a record of 10-1, and earned himself a title shot against Cassidy at a show that was being scouted by members of Hardcore Wrestling Federation, who showed interest in the youngest Reade, Tracy Reade, who showed promise as a young hardcore wrestler. Tracy was carded to face Trent and Cassidy for the title at this show, and won, but HWF showed interest in Trent more than Reade, after the show, and offered him a contract, that he took without a second thought.

Hardcore Wrestling Federation

Trent left Syracuse with HWF, and it was here that he won his first televised match, before the company, which apparently, no one knew, was going under, and left him behind at a truck stop in Arizona, as they dispersed, not telling him, the rookie, exactly what was going on. He cursed this, and bit the bullet of going home on his last bit of money, to bare the blows from his parents for his failures while going against their wishes.

Omega Championship Wrestling

Trent went home to Syracuse, promising to go to medical school and make his parents proud as the third doctor in the family. He was back a week before he started getting mail from feds looking for him to make an appearance on their shows, but no one offered him a real contract, just tryout deals. Trent, not willing to sell himself again to a dream, waited for the school year to start. Then he got an interesting letter that would change his life; from Paul Middle and Omega Championship Wrestling.

Trent signed with OCW in the summer of 2001, and it would be his first shot at "The Bigs". He was getting paid peanuts compared to what he would have made in independent shows, but a contract with a stable federation was what he truly wanted. And he won his first match, a sign that the company had plans for him.

Trent's record following part of that year was 1-6, before he finally joined "The Powers of Destruction". The stable, formed by a bunch of lower card wrestlers, helped Trent to pick up a few wins and move into a more easily seen spot on the OCW totem pole. Once the group broke up, courtesy of Chris Shea, the group's basic leader, Trent was forced to tag up with another member of the group, until it was brought to his attention by writing staff that perhaps Ryan Trent would benefit from going solo.

At this point weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty pounds, Trent entered the Cruiserweight Division under the gimmick of "The Original Prankster" infamously causing problems behind the scenes of OCW shows, something that would become the structure of later gimmicks performed by Ryan Trent.

After some time, Trent dropped the goofing off, and become OCW's Knight in shining armor. It was under this gimmick that Trent finally would become the OCW's Cruiserweight Champion. It was in this time that he developed the long lasting feud with El Nutso that would catapult both men into the spotlight.

Trent would not lose the title before OCW had to close for financial reasons in the latter part of 2001, and closed. Most of its talent stayed together though, moving to El Nutso's own Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Championships.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Championships

It was here that Ryan Trent did most of his damage as a solo wrestler. He dealt with problems with an ankle in the first few shows, and then had to take some time off. He returned though, and won only one match before having the Ultimate Championship thrust upon him. He defended it once, before losing it two months after being handed it.

He then formed a tag team with Achilleos, another wrestler of arguably high status, to form "The Tao". Ryan "One Sin" Trent represented Yin, while Achilleos, the self-righteous monk type, represented Yang. They battled most notably with "The Sickness" whom they hated from back in OCW days. Following their tag team title ascention, "The Tao" was shocked to learn that EHWC would no longer be able to exist.

Omega Championship Wrestling Version 2.0

OCW was back, several months later, and invited all old competitors. Ryan Trent refused stubbornly, but two months into the federations second run, Ryan Trent appeared, now two hundred and thirty pounds, and wrecked Taylor Reade, so that El Nutso, his once rival, could win the Alpha Title. (Cruiserweight). Trent then proceeded to team with El Nutso, forming the "Ruthless Revolt", who pushed back against OCW leadership, in a mutual distaste. Trent teamed with El Nutso, but demanded a respectful match for the Alpha Title he helped him win.

Trent became Alpha Champion, and the tag team would eventually go on to win the Tag Team Titles, favored by the Revolt's new leader, Dave Martin, who opposed Paul Middle. The federations second wind, however, faded with time, leaving everyone out of a job.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Ryan Trent tried out for UCW when it was just Warfare, and did alright, beating Trent James before no-showing, for reasons still kept mostly to himself. Most likely, the new federation was lonely for a man who had spent years with another company.

He returned a year later, in 2006, for a second run, though, in UCW's Octane region, out of Canada. Here, he went 10-0, winning the UCW Octane Cross Canada Championship. Octane had to fold, due to its terrible luck with hiring, and Trent was shipped off to Warfare, winning a match with other contenders to merge the Cross Canada Title with the Warfare Television Title. He defended the belt several times and main evented a few episodes of Warfare, before UCW split into its separate entities, Redemption (World Rage Wrestling) and Warfare.

Trent didn't like Warfare's politics, and claimed that Redemption was where he belonged, as he "Bled red" and "Urinated Yellow". Trent did not stay on with Warfare, opting to take time off.

World Rage Wreslting

Ryan Trent joined WRW in the spring of 2007, claiming he was missing the feeling of Redemption, and desired to be there. He would fight hard, as "The Crisis" to the top of the card, fighting dwindling participation and much desertion from the upper echelons of WRW, to become considered a contender for the title. At WRW's Grand Stage; Hell's Garden, (Trent's first UCW match also took place here, which he also won) Trent claimed the WRW Heavyweight Championship in a Pyramid of Pain Match with Kris Kage, the number one contender, while the title was vacant due to desertion among the ranks of WRW.

WRW has merged with Powerslam Pro, and it has yet to be seen what Trent can do here, after suffering a torn MCL at Hell's Garden.

WRW has been announced to be returning some time in the next few months. Ryan Trent has been said to have signed a 7.5 Million dollar contract with a 1.5 Million dollar signing bonus. All figures are USD. His knee has since been repaired, and no word has been released on whether or not he's still going to be World Heavyweight Champion.


WRW became RISE and after naming Trent to the Hall of Fame, he returned to the ring. He was largely a disappointment, but frustrating situations including a revoked title shot, spurned Trent into a rage before the last RISE show. It closed and Ryan Trent moved on.

Pheonix Wrestling Enterprise

As "The Process of Elimination" Ryan Trent seeks redemption for his recent frustrations. He seems so far to be finding his niche and will be a threat throughout the card down the road.


OCW Cruiserweight Championship This was won as "The Knight in Shining Armor", when Trent finally established himself as a competent singles wrestler.

EHWC Ultimate Championship This was handed to him as a gift, with the condition that he hold it, given his victory soon after recovering from ankle problems.

EHWC Tag Team Championships Trent won this with Achilleos while forming "The Tao", shocking the world with his performance in the match.

OCWv2 Alpha Champion Trent won this off of El Nutso, in a respectful match between tag team partners.

OCWv2 Tag Team Champion Trent won these belts with El Nutso in a one-sided cage match, that had dirty fingers on it from David Martin, Ruthless Revolt leader.

UCW Cross Canada Champion Trent won this belt after a perfect 6-0 record with UCW.

UCW Television Champion Trent merged the titles together, beating longest ever reigning Television Champion, Steve Bishop.

WRW Heavyweight Champion Trent beat Kris Kage in a Pyramid of Pain Match at WRW Hell's Garden, claiming the title for his own, in what was WRW's match of the year.

PSP Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion (Twice) Trent beat Asylum, Hustle Pro's champion, to unify the two top belts of their respective federations. Trent won after some interference from Rage Sadler, and he managed to hit a Trent Driver on Asylum, landing him the first ever holder of this title. He won it the second time by beating M.D.K.

RISE/WRW Hall of Fame, Class of 2009 Ryan Trent was nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame, for his achievements in WRW.

Trent Corp

This is the company Ryan Trent started after the success of the Camp Crisis Program. It's made up of two elements, and much more is in progress.

Right now there's "Camp Crisis" where sexual deviants are allowed to be themselves in a summer camp where they are free to enjoy activities without the scrutiny of the 'normal' population. Ultimate Frisbee is a favorite for these people, who range from 13 to 50. There are 18 camps worldwide, including 9 in North America and 2 in Australia.

There's also the New England Ultimate Frisbee Pro-Circuit, primarily drafted out of the Camp Crisis Program. It features eight teams in the New England area and some games are televised in MA, VT, and NY.

In the works is MadaNASCAR, the African Stock Car circuit. The Corporation is hitting snags with the lack of a market for Stock Racing in Africa at this time, but Ryan Trent is persistent if nothing else, and will see what he can do as time goes on.

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