name: Ryan Davis Height: 6'7 Weight: 295lbs Hometown: Boston, Mass Entrance Music: Pearl Jam "Even Flow" Entrance Description:Even flow plays, Ryan waltz down the ramp with a 1/2 drunk beer, he stops by the steps downs the beer and hands it to a fan. Heel, .


Finisher(s): Scrapped (Inverted DDT) The Noose (Rear Dragon sleeper,with his legs around opponents torso) Signature moves: Powerslam Powerbomb Double arm choke lift Suplex Texas cloverleaf Fallaway Slam Spinebuster Torture Rack

Ryan Davis is probably one of the most famous mid carders in efedding. He has outlandish RPs that are both humorous and original. Ryan Davis is true to his character and appreciates the reality of efedding. Davis is the longest running HK champion is RoughKut history. He appreciates competition and is punctual.

Ryan has been successful in:


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