Ring name(s) Ryot
Height 6 ft 3
Weight 270 lbs.
Born January 19, 1985
Seattle, Washington Flag of the United States
Resides Seattle, Washington Flag of the United States
Billed from Seattle, Washington Flag of the United States
Trained by Jason Hart
Debut N/A

Christian Jacobs (born January 19, 1985) better known by ringname Ryot is an American professional e-wrestler best known for working for Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) and European Wrestling Federation (EWF). Highlights of Ryot's career are being a multi-time world champion and the only one to have almost held every championship in EWF. He has also worked for the Elite Wrestling Champions, Viking Wrestling Federation, and Prominent Wrestling Organization.


Pro-Wrestling Federation (2006)

Ryot entered the PWF in 2006 with determination to reach the top. His most notable feud was with Spectre that culminated on July 30 at Point Break in a Japanese Death match. In late 2006, he became the PWF World Heavyweight Championship after defeating J.P Money in a Three Stages of Hell match on September 24 at Under Siege, and became PWF Intercontinental Champion after losing to Mr. Showtime at Capital Combat the next month resulting per the stipulation that if he lost, Mr. Showtime's PWF Intercontinental Championship would be exchanged for the PWF World Title. However in Ryot's tenure in the company, he was consistently targeted on the roster for his dominance which would result in constant interferences in his matches. PWF also saw Ryot in his reign of dominance alongside his partner Lucifer in Anarchy Inc before the promotion halted.

European Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Ryot made his re-debut in the reviving European Wrestling Federation, where he had already established himself in its earlier years when it was around. His first match was on the May 14, 2007 edition of Revolution taking on Ray Damian in a Triple Threat Gauntlet Elimination match where he eliminated Damian and later the second opponent, Darryl "The Reality" Noke. He would soon reunite down the line with Lucifer in what was Anarchy Inc before EWF had closed in June.

On August 20 edition of Revolution when EWF returned as did Ryot to the very same brand, Ryot conducted a blank-screen voice-over vignette stating his return and intentions to rid his obstacles and become EWF World Heavyweight Champion. In his first match back a week later, due to the outside distraction of a posing threat in John Reeper, he was upsetted by a roll up by Mr. Showtime that gained pinfall. His aim for the EWF World Heavyweight Championship would be slightly delayed before he turned to the EWF International Champion Mr. Showtime in an attempt to take his title but fell short. Moreover, he would go on to October 8 edition of Revolution in a Fatal Four Way Ladder match and win the vacant EWF World Heavyweight Championship after competing with Abe Stryker, Deacon and the EWF X-Division Champion Nick Shaw. Two weeks later, a severely pulled muscle would be enough to sideline Ryot for two weeks while still in possession of the title after competing successfully with 2 Dope in a vicious non-title Scaffold Inferno match on Mayhem the prior week. Ryot would relinquish the championship on November 6 and resigned from EWF.

On May 12, 2008 in the return of the company, Ryot faced Mike Howard in his first match back to the reopened promotion. He quickly captured a week later the then-vacant EWF X-Division Championship and in three subsequent weeks, the vacant EWF Tag Team Championship with Brian Adams. On July 27, Ryot asked for a release of his EWF contract and was granted release after his final Revolution appearance on July 28 which he was defeated by Andrew Watts to be dispossessed of the EWF X-Division Title as simultaneously, Ryot and Brian Adams were stripped of the EWF Tag Titles.

Viking Wrestling Federation (2008)

On July 26, Ryot signed a contract with Viking Wrestling Federation, and made his debut on August 5 on the promotion's Full House brand against Aiden Cross and Cash Flo in a Triple Threat match, whhere he shared a win with Flo due to a double pinfall. The next week, Ryot formed an alliance with Flo in a team called Tag-Team. They competed against Sex and Candy (Alexia and Victoria), but during the match, Ryot turned on his partner, by pulling his hand back and retreating from action, denying him the chance to tag him in. This angle did not get to progress and towards the end of 2008, Ryot was forced to leave the VWF due to some personal outside issues.

Prominent Wrestling Organization (2009)

In 2009, Ryot signed a contract to join Prominent Wrestling Organization. At the Deadly Justice PPV in April, he earned his first victory in the promotion defeating Tyler Graves. In the weeks that followed, further victories were collected over Hardcore Bergin and Graves once again. Ryot competed in his last match losing to Ryan Steele on the May 17 edition of Takedown, which became the final event of PWO, going into inactivity for the next few months.

Old School Wrestling (2009)

A week after his signing to PWO, Ryot was approached by his former employer Jason Hart to come to OSW for a one time "Legends of EWF" match at Cruel Intentions against Spectre, John Reeper, and Lucifer, which he fulfilled and lost to Spectre, who became Legends Champion. As a surprise entrant into the OSW Intercontinental Championship match, Ryot won the title becoming the first ever OSW Intercontinental Champion. Not long later, Ryot ended up losing the belt and left OSW.

Pulse Wrestling Federation (2011-Present)

On Sept. 18th, 2011, Ryot returned to join up with the Pulse Wrestling Federation. After leaving the business for two years, his historic live return is eagerly waiting to be announced.

In wrestling

  • Current finishing moves
    • Ryot Driver - (Crucifix powerbomb)
    • 6 Feet Under - (Spinning side slam)
    • The Noose - (Modified Gogoplata submission)
  • Signature moves
    • Clothesline
    • Flying clothesline (off turnbuckle)
    • Sharpshooter
    • Chokeslam
    • Triple suplex
    • Evenflow DDT
    • Big boot
    • Spear
    • Powerbomb
  • Current alignment
  • Theme music
    • Back With a Vengeance by DevilDriver
    • Death Dies Hard by Deathstars
    • Death in Vogue by Deathstars
    • Synthetic Generation by Deathstars

Championships and accomplishments

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