This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been SCW SLAM! Champion by ring name. The SCW SLAM Championship is now defunct but at the point of its last defense it was a third tier championships in the SCW below the SCW World and National Championships. There have been a total of 3 recognized champions who have had a combined 4 official reigns.

Title History

Wrestler Times Date Event
Idolo 1 October 29th 2006 Hallowe'en Havoc
Shane Sexton 1 December 17th 2006 Wrestlefest V
Dr. Holiday 1 February 25th 2007 The Main Event
VACANT 1 June 3rd 2007 Sunday Night Slam
Dr. Holiday 2 March 30th 2008 Betrayal
DFUNCT N/A May 26th 2008 Sunday Night Slam

All SCW Championships


SCW World Championship

SCW National Championship

Defunct Championships

SCW Slam Championship

SCW Hardcore Championship

SCW Tag Team Championships

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