The SCW Tag Team Championships

This is a chronological list of wrestlers and teams that have been SCW Tag Team Champions by ring name. The SCW Tag Team Championship is now defunct but at the point of its last defense it was the highest honor that any Tag Team could achieve in the SCW. There were a total of 7 recognized teams as champions who had a combined 11 official reigns.

Title History

Team Times Date Event

Night Flyer & Wolfen

1 March 24th 2002 Aggression

Jack Lightning & Supernova

1 April 28th 2002 Ramage
VACANT 1 June 14th 2002 N/A

Jack Lightening & Supernova

2 August 25th 2002 Wrestlefest I
(The Heretics)

Eden & Midnight Son

1 October 31st 2002 Torment

Jack Lightning & Supernova

3 January 26th 2003 Sunday Night Slam
(The Heretics)

Eden & Midnight Storm

2 February 2nd 2003 Frostbite

Justing Wimbley & Jasmine Star

1 March 2nd 2003 Betrayal
Club Hopper Kid &


1 March 30th 2003 Aggression
Mandrel &

Mad Cloon

1 May 4th 2003 Rampage
(Karnage Inc)

Shan Toril & Mad Cloon

1 July 6th 2003 Sunday Night Slam
(The Heretics)

Eden & Midnight Son

3 July 6th 2003 Payback
DEFUNCT 1 October 5th 2003 Wrestlefest II

Additional Information

During there run as a Tag Team called Miami Ice, Iceman and Frankie Hollywood bought the SCW Tag Team Championships out to the ring with them, without every actually winning or being awarded them.

All SCW Championships


SCW World Championship

SCW National Championship

Defunct Championships

SCW Slam Championship

SCW Hardcore Championship

SCW Tag Team Championships

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