The SEAWO(Southeast Asia Wrestling Organization) is a wrestling federation based primarily in Jakarta, Indonesia, yet it periodically travels overseas. The focus was to attract wrestling talent in the previously unexplored reaches of Southeast Asia. It was founded in 2002, yet really got off the ground in 2006. Its creator, Stupa Riashi, invested over $2 billion in the organization, and went bankrupt in late 2004, forcing him to sell it to the WWE. With real professionals in charge, the Organization got going, bringing in many new talents from around the world. The WWE sponsored seven championships for the SEAWO.


SEAWO Champion

SEAWO Tag Team Championship(x3)

SEAWO Sumo Championship

SEAWO Indonesian Championship



Trian Vascilica

Nahum the Vengeful


Jarl Alf Ing Volund

Nero Cicero

Ichiro Otanashi

Janko Bogomir


The Iron Rhino


Shinchiro Kyo

Bronze Vendetta

Jaroslav Stanislav

Hassan Wassim

Anath Brahma

Benedict Vincent

Macario el Matador

Archimedes Artemidoros

Emperor Xerxogoth

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