The Corporation
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The Corporation is the SFW Governing Body. It consists of three top profile members of the e-fed, though in storylines, The Corp is a faceless organization who controls things from afar, using Gregory Chapman as their mouthpeice. They are impartial, making decisions, no matter the popularity, for the greater good.

Original Incarnation

The Original Incarnation was back when the E-Fed was known as LFW, but was run pretty much exactly the same way. The original Corporation was phased out when TEW was formed. The governing body switched to General Managers, who followed the same rules, but were alone. This created problems, such as when Franchise was GM (of the entirety of SFW) and he made a match known as F.U.C.K.E.M. match, which was horribly convoluted. (elimination match: two men start off, one enters each five minutes. Lose by pin or submission. When it gets to one-on-one, the match is best of three) Then Hawkwind replaced Franchise, and was biased towards him, not allowing him to get ahead thus the current incarnation of The Corporation replaced the GM structure. No one person can make a decision without it being approved by the other two.


The Corporation books the weekly matches for SFW Carnage and SFW Underground. Members are free to request a match, but if someone does not, then they put into a match by default. the people who are allowed to have a title shot are decided by the corp as well as the outcome of th match (though the champion and challenger are included in the decision) also, if a wrestler requests it, the Corp gives a character overhaul to a new wrestler if he/she can not think of one, or is currently being done by another member of SFW. they also can institute a SFW wide tournament or other events


Due to SFW using the Free-Thinking System, Wrestlers decide their own gimmicks. a bit of an oddity is that Wrestlers are allowed to decide their own storylines. this includes the reasons behind it as well as who wins the storyline. another Controversial point is that the members decide the outcome to their weekly (and Pay Per View) matched, barring Title Shots. This causes confusion with some wrestlers who need to adapt to this new style, but most agree it is "awesome"

Members of the Corporation

The Dragon (Founder)
J.D. Bause
Wes "Sparky" Cooper

Former (second generation) Members

Tommy Polo
The Don
Christopher Powell

Original Members

Bigman JC (Taker_2004)
The Game (The Dragon)
Exorcist (night stalker)


  • Gregory Chapman can be used by any SFW Member with Corp Permission
  • Dragon, Rourke and Steel are not revealed as Corp Members in SFW Cannon
  • Dragon is the single remaining member of the original Corporation still active in SFW
  • J.D. Bause is a member of The Corp but due to taking a sabatical, Dragon is filling in.

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