SFW tagbelts

SFW Tag Team Championships

The Supreme Federation Wrestling (SFW) Tag Team Championships are professional wrestling titles contested in by Tag Teams in SFW. The Titles are currently held by Impetuous Disaster (Jason Flame and "Blue Thunder" Lee Kenta)


SFW Tag Team Championship

The Dynasty (Millenian and The Greek) awarded Tag Team Championships due to forfeit, LFW House Of Pain.
3:69 (Gigolo and Vixi) Defeated The Dynasty (Millenian and The Greek), LFW Lethal Lasceratiom
The Angels (Arch Angel and Dark Angel) awarded titles by default due to Vixi being injured.
The Soldiers of Fortune (Millenian & The Game) Defeated The Angels (Arch Angel & Dark Angel), LFW City Of Kings
The Soldiers of Fortune (Millenian & The Game) Relinquished the titles
The Revelation (Franchise & The Truth) Defeated The Revolution (Zero & Christian) & The Dragon & Taker at LFTEW Anarchy Heaven
The Resolution(Night Wolf & Christian) Defeated The Revolution (Franchise & The Truth)
Night Wolf Holds Titles Alone After Christian's Departure
The Knockaround Boyz (Sonny & Don) defeated Night Wolf, and Franchise and Truth in a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Match
Rourkwind(Jim Rourke & Hawkwind) Defeated The Knockaround Boyz at SFW Cutting Edge II
NTX (Anarch & Christian) Defeated Rourkwind at SFW Anarchy Heaven II
True Franchise (Franchise & Truth) Defeated NTX at SFW For Your Life
True Franchise are stripped of the Tag-Team Titles a week later
Dragwind (Dragon & Hawkwind) Defeated The Street Kingz (Cobain & Ndong) at SFW City of Kings
Dragwind (Dragon & Hawkwind) are stripped of their titles
The Knockaround Boyz (The Don & Smooth Sonny) Defeated Impetuous Disaster (Christopher Powell & Rahab) at SFW City of Kings
Impetuous Disaster (Christopher Powell & Rahab) Defeated The Knockaround Boyz (The Don & Smooth Sonny) at "SFW Awakening"
  • Elemental Force ("Blue Thunder" Lee Kenta & Jason Flame) Defeated The Moonsault Masters (Racheal Jones and Joey Maurada) and Powell/Spears.

Current Champions

  • There are no current Champions as Elemental Force was stripped of the titles


Jim Rourke AKA Night Wolf is the only one to hold belts as a single.
  • Derek Wellings AKA Rahab was serving a suspension when he quit SFW as a Tag Team Champion.

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