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SFW World Championship

The Supreme Federation Wrestling (SFW) World Championship is a professional wrestling title contested for by wrestlers. Unlike Other belts, the SFW Championship currently has no specific weight class exclusive to it. The current holder is Steel


  • LFW World Heavyweight Championship:
  • ---The Deadman Defeated NightStalker in a tournament to become first Champion
  • ---Millenian Defeated The Deadman by Deadman lying down for Millenian
  • ---The Exorcist Defeated Millenian, NightStalker, The Game, The Greek, The Deadman at LFW Resurrection
  • ---Sean "The Electric Lightning" Hawkwind Defeated Gigilo (AKA Exorcist) at LFW Lethal Lasceration
  • ---Barrett Defeated Sean "The Electric Lightning" Hawkwind W/ the help from Special Referee The Greek at LFW Never Surrender
  • ---The Game Awarded title due to injury of Barrett

TEW World Heavyweight Championship:

  • ---The Franchise Awarded title.
  • ---Sean "The Electric Lightning" Hawkwind Defeated The Franchise
  • ---Sean "The Electric Lightning" Hawkwind Defeated The Game at Unholy Clash to unify the belts as one

SFW World Heavyweight Championship:

  • ---Sean "The Electric Lightning" Hawkwind Stripped of the title on Barrett's Happy Hour
  • ---Franchise Defeated The Dragon, Sean Hawkwind, The Truth, Hell's Guardian, The Anarch, Barrett, & Zero W/ Special Ref Christian at For Your Life
  • ---Sean Hawkwind Defeated Franchise
  • ---Night Wolf Defeated Sean Hawkwind
  • ---The Dragon Defeated Jim Rourke (Night Wolf), The Truth, and Tommy Polo in a FUCK EM match at SFW Deadly Inquisition
  • --- The Dragon awarded his title to The Truth
  • --- Sean Hawkwind Defeated The Truth at SFW For Your Life
  • --- The Anarch Defeated Sean Hawkwind at SFW For Your Life
  • --- The Anarch awarded his title to The Truth
  • --- The Don Defeated The Truth at SFW Unholy Clash
  • --- The Dragon Defeated The Don at SFW Vendetta
  • --- Steel Defeated The Don, Tommy Polo, and Jim Rourke at SFW: Exodus
  • --- Ghost Defeated Steel at SFW: Lethal Laceration


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Sean Hawkwind 4 Number consistent of holding the LFW &TEW Belts as well as the SFW title, as the unification brought them over
Shortest reign Steel Two Minutes Steel won the title in the Ultimate Death Cage at Lethal Laceration, but lost the title only two minutes later after a brutal assault from his supposed ally, Ghost.
Heaviest champion Jim Rourke 330 lbs. Jim Rourke (then Night Wolf) won the title, but in the process, sent Sean Hawkwind to the Hospital, where he later lapsed into a coma
Lightest champion The Don 185 lbs. Lost the Title to The Dragon at SFW Vendetta


Current champion

There is currently no SFW Champion. Ghost vacated the title due to unknown reasons after being champion for only a month. Currently, there is a triple threat match for the vacant title to take place at City of Kings between Val Alcan, Steel, and Charles Quincy Forde III.

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