Story Mode Federation, or SMF, is an online YouTube efed, using the PlayStation 2 WWE Smackdown series(recently Smackdown vs. RAW 2007), created by account member thesuperdingos, real name disclosed for the time being, but the name, Super Dingos, is the main tag team of the SMF, which features two idiots, Greg and Joey. There is a fan made site that contains info on SMF superstars, CPVs, and theme music for the SMF stars. It can be located at

How SMF Got Its Start

SMF began way back in 2001 with him and a few others from his school who made wrestling comics mocking celebs and famous people and bringing them to wrestle in the wwf. They later brought this formula to video games, starting with SmackDown Just Bring It in 2002. They had an entire series from Just Bring It until Here Comes the Pain, often mocking people such as George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Bob Saget, Jay Leno, Christopher Lowell, John Basedow, Louie Anderson, and more. Basically, they still spoof pop-culture in the storylines and characters, so it's more of a comedy with wrestling brought into the mix.


  • The Rock - Rock Bottom, Jihad Elbow
  • John Cena - F-U In The Asshole, STF-U
  • Barbara Bush - Modified Presidential Slam
  • George W. Bush - Presidential Slam
  • Osama Bin Laden-Alleyahleyahayahelli Drop, Alleyayahleyahelli Kick
  • Jared Fogle(Right To Censor)- Subway Train
  • Mr. Wollenburg(Right To Censor)- Censoring Elbow
  • Teryo Law(The Lawyuz/Lawyu Boyz)- Ode To The Hardys, TeryoKrusher
  • Kerio Law(The Lawyuz/Lawyu Boyz)- Phoenix Down, Phoenix Spinner
  • Christopher Lowell -Pedigree
  • Chuck Norris - Chuck Norris Kick
  • Joey(Super Dingos)-Widow's Peak
  • Greg(Super Dingos)-Worm
  • Ronald McDonald - McSlam
  • Captain Planet
  • Fast Food Order
    • Colonel Sanders-KFC Buffalo Wing
    • BK Bitch(Hamburglar)-McSlam
    • The Burger King - The Whopper
  • Bob Ross(SMF's crazy announcer who is J.R.'s cousins uncles sisters roommate, and makes very frequent note of hot chicks)
  • Clark Kent
  • Stone Cold - Stone Cold Stunner
  • HHH - Pedigree
  • Bob Saget - Full House Cutter, Full House Drop
  • Carl Winslow - Winslow Bomb
  • Mr. Feeny - Feeny-T
  • The Geico Cavemen
    • Harry - The Last Ride Without Geico Car Insurance
    • Larry - The Last Ride Without Geico Car Insurance
  • Kramer(Michael Richards) - Nigg*r Beatdown
  • JJ-Speed commentator. Leader of the GJJAC Foundation. Also a graduate of the Eastern Bluegrass Community College of Wyoming.

SMF Weekly Shows

  • Smackadown
  • WAR
  • Speed(New Sunday night Show, combination of heat and velocity)

SMF Champions

  • SMF Champion - T-1000
  • SMF Action Star Champion - HHH
  • SMF T.V. Champion -
  • SMF Tag Team Champions - Original Stable 69
  • SMF Hardcore Champion - Boom
  • SMF Original Champion - Plague

SMF Now/Royal Fumble

Cracklash has just been added as one of SMF's greatest successes, as The Super Dingos retained their tag championships, beating The Lawyu Boyz, one of YouTube's greatest bumpmeister tag teams. Chuck Norris ended The Rock's reign as World Heavyweight Champion, prior to coming down to the ring and beating the high hell out of him. George Bush became SMF Champion, but on WAR, he was attacked by a guy in a grocery bag mask. According to Bob Ross's Myspace blog, he thinks it was somewhere involved within Al Qaida's territory. He also think Edge could have done it, or Daniel.

With Cracklash being a success, we now go to the Royal Fumble, where SMF holds a battle royal with 30 men entering, and the only way to win is to throw people over the top rope to win. John Cena has been the only man to have been added to the Royal Fumble, but according to a blog posted by SMF owner thesuperdingos on YouTube, the next Royal fumble match will be Dark Teryo Law vs. Osama Bin Laden for the number 30 spot at the 'Fumble. At The Fumble George Bush Returned To action and Won the Royal Fumble.

SMF CAW Search 2007

thesuperdingos have posted all over YouTube and the CAW site [1] - where everybody posts images of their wrestling CAWs - about their newly CAW search. SMF's administration will pick 4 Created Wrestlers, and the finalists will duke it out at the Royal Fumble. The winners so far were Boom, Jaxx, Shawn Ax and Ultimate X Daniel. Ultimate X Daniel and Shawn Ax have both been voted off the contest. This now means Boom and Jaxx will battle it out at the Fumble for a SMF contract. According to the Official Fansite and the Official Website [2] the favourite to win is Boom. Boom defeated Jaxx at the Royal Fumble and Was Crowned New Hardcore Champion and a contract to SMF. Boom has sence gone on to be a 4 Time SMF Hardcore champion.


Controversy has struck SMF, as their videos keep getting flagged for no apparent reason. The source is known to have been VGWrestling, as stated by YouTube member, thesuperdingos. He has confirmed that SMF will be on YouTube still, and that backups will be on There has also been a guy by the screen name of ffff234 who has been bugging thesuperdingos about bringing in his CAW. He then tried to claim to take out SMF, in which noone believed him and hours later he regretted saying that and apologized.

Bitchamania/Baning Hot Summer (after the Fumble)

WAR kicked off with The Rock stating how and why he took out Bush. This was an ingenious plan by Bin Laden to take out Bush and to help elevate his "apprentice" in The Rock. (Kinda like a bad Star Wars storyline...except Arab)

Kramer won his SMF TV Title match against Steve Urkel after Carl Winslow interfered and screwed Steve out of the title. Then George Jefferson came to the ring and made Carl choose between helping Steve, or abandoning him. Who will Carl Winslow choose?

Daniel took out Joey and captured his dingo outfit. Daniel is posing as an imposter Joey, and Greg doesn't realize it yet. When will Greg realize that Joey is not...Joey? And what did Daniel do with Joey? At least they retained their tag team titles again. They need to lose them, they have a 7 month winning streak. It appears the dingos have taken some of Cena's overcoming the odds power? Hmmm...

Chuck Norris was going to sign autographs but someone bombed his limo. It was MacGyver! Why did MacGyver do this? And we need to find out WHO paid MacGyver to take out Commissioner Norris. Will we find out who paid MacGyver on SmackaDown?

Randy Orton briefly won the Hardcore Champion, making him a 2 time SMF Hardcore Champion. Boom retained his hardcore championship with help from Teryo Law, making Boom a 3 time Hardcore Champion. Will we find out why Teryo Law helped out Boom? And why Cena can't do the Orton pose?

And finally, in the main event, The Rock faced Ronald McDonald for the SMF Championship. After the Rock acted cocky as ever, The Rock underestimated Ronald and Ronald won the SMF Championship! But Bin Laden pointed out that Rock's foot were under the ropes and the Rock retained. After the match, Bush presidential slammed The Rock! What will happen in the biggest feud in CAW history?!

And who the hell is Goldberg? Whoopi? Austin's long lost twin brother? What is this...WCW he spoke of? The Next Week.............. The Rock, Osama Bin Laden and Bush were talking and we find out that Barbara Bush has been captured. The only way Bush can get his mommy back is if he gives up the government.

Steve Urkel saw DJ Tanner and started talking to her, the Bob Saget got racist and said go pick some cotton. Later in the night, Urkel confronted DJ again and Saget and Kramer made Urkel go away, is Kramer trying to get Saget to go racist with him?

Urkel, Saget, Kramer, and Jefferson had a fatal four way for the SMF TV Title. Nick Patrick the referree got racist at the beginning, Kramer did a bronco buster and was being racist to Steve Urkel and George Jefferson.

But George Jefferson got the title with the Weezy.

Gold.... Stone Hot meets Ken Kennedy backstage, the Kennedy thinks its Stone Cold... SO Stone Hot attacks him!

During Lashwell vs. Austin and...Austin, Nick Patrick keeps thinking Stone Cold is Goldberg and wants him to get outta the ring.

Gay Lovers def. Austin Bros. by DQ b/c Nick Patrick thought Goldberg was Austin and Austin wouldn't get out the ring.

Then Kerio Law vs Greg

Boom comes in the ring before the match

Teryo is mentoring Boom now.....

Then the ugly MySpace girl with that nasty voice, next week she is making her debut! Kerio and Greg had an impressive match, what will happen with the Lawyuz and the Super Dingos?

We found out that Bruce Lee has been paying MacGyver to blow up Chuck Norris' vehicles. But since Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris, fire doesn't hurt our beloved Commissioner. Why did Bruce attack Chuck Norris, and why is MacGyver helping him?

And finally, Bush tried to make a trap. He let AlQaeda control the government, but he made Clark Kent beat up Osama and Rock so he could get his mother and have control of the country back. ....Yeah.....that didn't go to well, as Bin Laden was randomly wearing a kryptonite turbin to stun Clark Kent as The Rock got the Rock Bottom on Bush. Bush now lost his country and his mother to AlQaeda. What will happen on WAR?

And on WAR, we may learn of the matches that will take place at Bitchamania! And also, a rumor going around is that Mr. Kennedy will make his SMF debut against Ronald McDonald.

SMF's Bangin' Hot Summer continues as SEME kicked off from Lowell, MA. Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday was used as the theme song. We don't know why. JJ commentated the event while Bob Ross is on vacation.

The Rock and Osama attacked the city of Lowell by trying to use the HBO satellite. But Bush stopped it. Rock made an offer to Bush, get a partner to fight against AlQaeda. If Bush's team won, Bush would get his mommy back. Bush picked Ronald McDonald, but Ronald was later jumped backstage again by the FFO.

George Jefferson defended his TV title by DQ as Kramer screwed up the match. Kramer tried to get Mr. Feeny to join his White Power group, but Feeny rejected. Racism is bad.

Cena tried to join Right To Censor and failed yet again as he always does.

Lashwell defeated RTC, but Austin and Austin beat up Lashwell after the match.

Britney Spears made an appearance tonight, but Candace Cameron had a few words with Britney. Britney banned the Lawyu Boyz from being in the arena after Teryo Law raped Britney on SD Episode 6.

And finally, Randy Orton won the Hardcore title from Boom with a \_0__/. It seems that Boom held out for a few seconds before passing out.

SmackaDown! Episode 16 kicked off from Dallas, Texas. In the event we saw new tag team champions in Right To Censor, a new Hardcore Champion in Boom with a huge Boomerang off the SD Fist to Randy Orton, and a surprise Money In the Bank match with a winner in Ronald McDonald. We also found Daniel arrested on "To Catch a Predator", Austinberg causing chaos, what Bob Ross sounds like when he's sleep in a Boretista match, and Cena losing as usual on "The Price is Right". Ronald McDonald also received help in the Hell in a Cell match at Bitchamania in Papa John and Dave Thomas. The Rock wrapped up the show with a Rock Concert, dissing Dallas and Bush before his big match at Bitchamania.

Bitchamania is coming soon, bear with me as the creators have school to deal with, so we have no idea when it will be coming. All we know is, it will be soon. A new SMF Speed episode is coming this Sunday with Britney Spears vs. Candace Cameron. We did not see Britney on SmackaDown because Britney was failing onstage at the 2007 VMA's. What will she be like when she wrestles a match on Speed?

Bitchamania Card

SMF Championship The Rock © vs. Bush Iron Man Match

SMF Tag Team Championship RTC vs. Dingos vs. Lawyuz Triple Threat Ladder Match

SMF Texas Ranger Title Chuck Norris © vs. Bruce Lee vs. MacGyver

SMF Hardcore Title Boom vs. Randy Orton

SMF TV Championship George Jefferson © vs. Winslow vs. Urquelle vs. Feeny vs. Saget vs. Kramer Extreme Elimination Chamber

SMF Li'l Bitch Championship Cena vs. Boretista

Ronald, Dave Thomas, and Papa John vs. FFO Hell in a Cell

Osama Bin Laden vs. Clark Kent Buried Alive

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