The Rebirth Era of SOS was the second era of the Pre-Booked Sim promotion SOS. It began on January 14, 2006, and ended on February 24th, 2007.


Many changes came with SOS's re-opening. Gone were the bi-monthly Proving Grounds episodes. Now, each show would have its own title, and be treated as a Pay-Per-View rather than a TV episode. In the first part of the era, shows happened twice a month. But, around halfway through the year, it changed to a monthly format. Near the end of the era, the entire month of January 2007 did not have a show.

The Rebirth Era is considered by most to have been the best SOS era in terms of in-ring performance, whereas the First Era is usually referred to as having the best storylines and atmosphere.

While opinion between which of the first two eras was better is highly subjective, one thing is for certain; SOS was much more successful as a company during the Rebirth Era. More members and wrestlers signed up, live attendance was higher, they branched off into more venues, and SOS became far more well known in the world of Sim Wrestling. Also, the Rebirth Era is the only SOS era that did not end with SOS going out of business.


After NGSW closed, several former SOS stars began clamoring for a re-opening of SOS. At first, Buck said no. He didn’t want to go through the no-shows again. However, a few SOS stars continued to press Buck, and at one point, T.H.G. User asked Buck to give him SOS to re-open. One day, Buck just said “Why not?”, and re-opened SOS. He would remain the sole booker, with T.H.G and others being advisors.

SOS would now name every show individually, in traditional Indy format, but a format that wasn’t familiar with most of the Sim Wrestling world. Buck also introduced more things that made this new SOS different. This created excitement for SOS’s old and new members.

On January 14, 2006, SOS hosted it’s first show in the second era, aptly titled “Rebirth”. The main event of this show would be the original SOS Three, of Derek Mayfield, The Buck and Zach Zero, wrestling in a three-way contest for the SOS World Title, which was still under the possession of Mayfield. Mayfield won the match, and it was instantly considered a Match of the Year candidate. Other matches included several matches that were originally supposed to take place at the Save Our Souls Pay Pre View, such as T.H.G. User vs. G-Unit and Twist vs. Y72. Greatness Personified also made their triumphant return. Omega Silver of the Silver Bloods returned, now named simply Omega, and had a new partner, Flash, in the tag team Supreme Thunder.

Not all former SOS wrestlers had returned. Mercenary decided not to return when SOS was reborn. CmTp was noticeably absent from SOS when the rebirth happened, and Quick Silver was also gone, among others. But replacing these former SOS stars were a talented new breed of hungry wrestlers including The Hawk of PSW, Joey Demise, Joe Riot and Lil Joker. Rebirth is, to this day, still considered SOS’s greatest show of all time. The new SOS had arrived.

The Rebirth Era’s second show happened only 12 days later. The title was once again apt, “Back in Business.” It was a night of celebration for SOS. Great matches included Twist vs. Meiko Marufuji, Y72 vs. Joe Riot, Merrick Brycen vs. Joey Demise, Zach Zero vs. Josh Outland, and Supreme Thunder vs. The Hawk & Tony Myers. Exciting high flyer Tony Sanchez made his debut. The classic feud between Derek Mayfield and The Buck would also be settled tonight, as Buck’s final World Title shot during Mayfield’s reign was the main event. What people didn’t know at the time, though, was this would end up being Mayfield’s final match in not only SOS, but in the world of Sim Wrestling.

Mayfield successfully defended the title against Buck. But out of nowhere, it was announced that Mayfield had decided to leave SOS and retire from the Sim Wrestling business. It was a surprise to SOS, and a stiff blow to the still young reborn company. SOS had no choice but to strip Mayfield of the title and crown a new champion. On February 10, 2006, at “No Help Needed” in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Buck vs. Y72 vs. Merrick Brycen vs. Twist in a Four Corner elimination match took place for the World Title. Surprising everyone, Buck was eliminated first, followed by top heel Y72. The two men who were expected to be the final two had been eliminated, and the two remaining wrestlers, considered underdogs, were left to duke it out for the company’s top prize. In the end, Twist defeated Brycen and won the title. Just like when Mayfield won, the crowning of SOS’s second champion was a huge moment for the company. Also at No Help Needed, SOS hosted its first Mountevans rules match, the style that would come to define a large part of the company in the future.

Twist’s first title defense was at the following show, titled “Twisted”. His mystery opponent was revealed to be former SOS main eventer Mercenary. Another of the original SOS crew had returned, to the delight of the company. Twist held on to the title. On the following show, Mercenary had “One Last Match” in SOS, facing old rival Zach Zero. Also at this event, Greatness Personified defeated Supreme Thunder and the team of The Hawk and Tony Myers to win the first SOS Tag Team Titles. Another top star from the Sim Wrestling scene, Brendan Caine, made his debut.

SOS was on a roll. Everyone was happy not only with the quality of matches, but the new feuds that had developed. Asian star from Okinawa, Meiko Marufuji, had a brutal, heated feud with British rising star Joe Riot. Zach Zero had built a feud with Greatness Personified, and Twist still had a rivalry with Y72. There were almost zero no-shows, and everyone treated SOS like their home away from home, just like the old days.

In April 2006, SOS had two of its best shows. “International Invitational“, where Zach Zero became the first SOS International Champion. This new title would have all of its defenses contested under Mountevans rules, which made the title unique and almost as prestigious to win as the World Title, unlike the International Titles of other companies. Also at this show, master of backbreakers Joey Demise, and human highlight reel Phoenix teamed up for the very first time. The team showed chemistry right away, and instantly became one of SOS’s most popular tag teams.

Then on April 25, SOS held the show “Pure Hatred”. Chris Cutter, one of SOS’s hottest prospects at the time, debuted. Twist vs. Meiko Marufuji for the SOS World Title took place on this show, and was a classic. In the main event, best friends The Buck and Zach Zero teamed up to challenge Greatness Personified for the Tag Titles in another great match.

SOS’s One Year Anniversary was coming up. SOS was highly anticipating its first birthday. SOS hosted “8-Man Madness”, SOS’s first afternoon card featuring two great matches, Meiko Marufuji vs. Joe Riot in a brutal Street Fight, and Twist, Zach Zero and Supreme Thunder vs. Greatness Personified, Y72 and Lil Joker in SOS’s first 8-man tag. Masked superstar Daz made his debut in a great Four Corner match as well.

This was all leading up to SOS’s biggest show up until now, “One Year Anniversary”. Everyone brought their A-game. New heel tag team Apocalypse debuted against Demise & Phoenix in a great match, Y72 faced Chris Cutter in a classic opening contest, Supreme Thunder defeated Greatness Personified and the Reckless Rebels of Brendan Caine and Matt Maxwell in a three-way tag to become the second SOS Tag Team Champions, the feud between Joe Riot and Meiko Marufuji climaxed in a deadly Dog Collar Last Man Standing match that injured Marufuji so badly that he and his manager Shinsuke had to leave the company. And in the main event, Twist successfully defended the SOS World Title once again in a memorable match against Zach Zero.

In a strange turn of events, Supreme Thunder, the new tag team champions, decided to temporarily leave SOS to tour Japan for 3 months. After much soul searching, they thought it better to vacate the titles instead of making SOS go on without tag team champions.

While all seemed well in SOS, Zach was beginning to think it was time to move on. The SOS Three had become two when Mayfield left the company, and Zach was still International Champion. But the love and passion he had for SOS had begun to burn out. He still had a tremendous match against Daz at the following show, “Blood Boils”. Also on this show, The Hawk defeated Y72 and The Buck to earn a shot at the SOS International Title. Twist vs. Joe Riot for the World Title ended in a time limit draw.

Zach made his first International Title defense against Hawk at “ Night of Triumph”. In a great match, and a genuine surprise, Hawk defeated Zach to win the title. Now there was nothing holding Zach in SOS, so he announced his departure from the company. Meanwhile, a classic feud between Demise & Phoenix and Apocalypse was brewing. And in a real shock, it was revealed that the Josh Outland of Greatness Personified everyone knew since around October 2005 was actually a look-a-like. The man posing as Outland was actually Jason Holloway, a reject from WWE Tough Enough. The real Outland, who had been with SOS from Proving Grounds 3 until 10, returned at Night of Triumph and knocked Holloway out of SOS. Dean Brody, tag team partner of Daz in several other Sim federations, was given a shot in SOS on this show and quickly earned a full-time spot.

Zach Zero agreed to stay in SOS for one more show. One match SOS never saw in its year of existence was the two best friends, Zach Zero and The Buck, one on one. Zero’s last match gave the fans what they wanted. On August 16, 2006, “Zero vs. Buck” hosted the dream match all of SOS wanted to see, and it was a classic. After the match, Zero gave an emotional farewell speech and indicated that he wanted to return some day.

The SOS Three was now one. SOS was also now starting to have trouble putting out its shows again. SOS had moved from twice a month shows to once a month. Several writers were beginning to feel burnt out. Still, SOS survived through its next four shows, "High Society", with a great three-way Gauntlet match, “September Sho’down“, where Demise & Phoenix defeated former champs Greatness Personified to win the vacant tag titles, “Birth of a Dynasty“, where Meiko Marufuji’s manager, Shinsuke returned to SOS and formed a new faction, Shinsuke’s Okinawa Samurai, and “Way of the Samurai”, where Dean Brody turned on Daz and became a ruthless, violent, loose cannon, and Shinsuke’s Okinawa Samurai hijacked the show and named it after their group.

Also around this time, SOS started a new mini-show, SOS eXperiance. This show features results and highlights from the previous SOS show, as well as news, rumors, interviews and occasionally a short match. The show was successful immediately.

While the shows were of SOS’s usual high quality, several writers were thinking about quitting SOS due to feeling burnt out at SOS’s demanding schedule and work rate. Also, several writers were beginning to think SOS’s shows were getting stale. SOS’s next show, “SOS Invades Canada”, was once again very difficult to post, and took quite a while. It was still a quality show, with Omega winning the first SOS Hardcore Title, which used the GHC Hardcore Openweight title rules of having a time limit and if the match goes to the time limit, the challenger is awarded the title. However, Buck, feeling as though history was beginning to repeat itself, decided to make some changes in SOS. Several alterations were made to the shows, making them more fun to write for and giving writers shows off from matches. Making most shows smaller, still with great matches, but with more segments and building up to one “big show”.

For these changes, SOS decided to declare a new era in SOS. Some talent still decided to leave, but several new stars stepped up and claimed spots on the cards. The “Rebirth era” had now come to a close, and SOS was in the midst of beginning a new era, one that may even surpass the first two.

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