SOS Anniversary is a yearly event held by Society of Sim. It is one of SOS's biggest events of the year in build-up and crowd attendance.

Event Details

SOS made its debut in May 2005. However, the Anniversary show is traditional held in mid-June.

The SOS Anniversary event itself is structured like an ordinary SOS show. Although traditionally it has several feud climaxes and big title matches.


The first SOS Anniversary show was held in Manchester, New Hampshire on June 10, 2006.

"One Year Anniversary" featured the first round of a six-man SOS International mini tournament. New tag team Apocalypse made their debut at this event against Demise & Phoenix, Dante faced Tony Sanchez. Supreme Thunder won the SOS Tag Team titles in a three-way tag with Greatness Personified and Reckless Rebels, becoming the second champions.

The show was capped off with what was described an epic double main event, with the first match being Meiko Marufuji vs. Joe Riot in a Dog Collar Last Man Standing match, ending their six-month feud. The final match of the show was SOS World Champion Twist defending the title against equally popular star Zach Zero in what some people consider a dream match.

One Year Anniversary was received well both critically and financially, and it instantly became one of SOS's biggest shows of the year.

One year later, on 6/11/07 in Montreal, Quebec, SOS put on its Two Year Anniversary. Once again, the card was stacked with many quality matches.

Reportedly due to the harsh weather conditions, the matches scheduled to be the first matches of the show had to be filmed after the main show due to certain wrestlers arriving late. These two matches were Omega vs. Goliath for the Hardcore Title, in which relative newcomer Goliath won the title from the established veteran Omega. The other match was Joe Riot vs. Alex Phenomenon vs. Brian Knight in an elimination Three Way Dance, in which Joe Riot won, becoming 2-0 in Anniversary shows.

The main show started with Zach Zero vs. Dante. Dante won after a very heated encounter. The next match was former friends and former tag team partners facing off, with SOS International Champion Daz defending the title against Dean Brody. Daz won the match, but the strict rules of Mountevans did nothing to put an end to this feud.

The second half of the show saw Apocalypse, exactly one year after their debut, defending the SOS Tag Team Titles against Ross Riot & Tony Sanchez of Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai. Riot was pinned, and in a shocking turn of events, manager Shinsuke kicked Riot out of his group, and claimed he had the rights to Riot's contract, so he would make sure Riot never stepped into an SOS ring again.

Two Year Anniversary was once again capped off with a double main event. The first was The Buck vs. Chris Cutter, in a 40+ minute classic that many fans are calling a possible match of the year. The final match was much less about pure wrestling, as it was The Hawk vs. Brendan Caine, ending their long running feud in a Fans Bring the Weapons deathmatch. Hawk won the match and the feud, and injured Caine so badly that he had to depart from the company and retire from the wrestling business.

The Future

SOS will continue to put on the Anniversary show around the 10th of June every year. It has grown to become one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year, although ironically, both Anniversary shows, due to schedule back-ups, have fallen only a few shows after another big show, which may have lessened their impact. They are still, however, some of the most popular shows of the year, and undeniably a centerpiece of the SOS product.

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