This is a list of commentators who have appeared on SOS.

Eric Richardson:

SOS's longest appearing commentator, Eric Richardson was the only commentator to appear in all "eras" of SOS. He is set to reprise his role in SOS's 2008 Season.

Ron Ellis

Ron Ellis has appeared in SOS since 2006. He is SOS's second longest appearing commentator. He is set to return at SOS's 2008 Season.

Tony Capone

Tony Capone appeared in SOS's first era. He was known as SOS's only proper "heel commentator", when he worked alongside Eric Richardson. He is not set to return to SOS.

The Buck

SOS Wrestler The Buck has appeared as a guest commentator in Eric Richardson's or Ron Ellis' absence in 2006. He has not appeared as a commentator since 2006, though he may return to the booth if Richardson or Ellis must be replaced for one show in 2008.

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