The SOS Hardcore Title is SOS's lowest singles title. It is SOS's newest title, dating back to 2/24/07. It is currently held by Goliath.

It is rumored that the title is being changed to an SWA Title.


SOS Hardcore Title matches are contested under a 20 minute time limit. If the challenger survives the match for 20 minutes, he is awarded the title. This forces the roles of champion and challenger to be effectively reversed. Usually, it's the challenger who is charged with the responsibility of defeating the champion. This rule switches the roles, forcing the champion to have to defeat the challenger in order to keep the title.


Won By: Omega

Defeated: The Hawk & Daz in a three-way.

Show/Date: SOS Invades Canada, 2/24/07.


-- Omega defeated Dante at SOS: Save Our Souls on 4/14/07.

Won By: Goliath (Current)

Defeated: Omega

Show/Date: SOS: Two Year Anniversary, 6/11/07.


-- Goliath defeated Tony Sanchez at SOS: A New Era, Finale on 7/7/07.

-- Goliath defeated Alex Phenomenon at SOS: Scaffold of Sim on 8/1/07.

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