The SOS International Title is Society of Sim Wrestling's alternate singles title. Unlike the International Titles of other companies, the SOS International Title has all of its defenses contested under Mountevans rules, which most of the time results in the match of the night being for the International Title. Some say the International Title is more prestigious than the World Title. The SOS International Title is SOS's Second newest title, dating back to 4/1/06.

Match Rules

SOS created its own variation of the traditional European-style Mountevans rules specifically for the SOS International Title. The main points of SOS's version of the rules are as follows:

- Regulation time in the match is 30 minutes, split between 6, five-minute rounds. There is a 30 second rest period between rounds.

- The winner is the first wrestler to gain two falls. A fall can be a pinfall, submission, knock out, count out or disqualification. If a fall takes place, the round instantly ends.

- If the score is tied at the end of the regulatory 6 rounds, a final, Sudden Death round takes place, in which the first fall wins the match. If there is no winner after Sudden Death, the match is ruled a draw and the champion retains the title.

- If the score is one fall to zero at the end of six rounds, the wrestler holding the single fall is awarded the match.

- No striking to the head of any kind is allowed. This includes punches, forearms, uppercuts, slaps, kicks and any other striking move.

- There is a 10 count on the floor. Normally, SOS matches never have count-outs on the floor. A double count-out results in one fall added for both wrestlers.

- All submissions in the ropes and chokes must be broken before the referee counts to three. Normally wrestlers have until a five count to break holds in the ropes and choking moves.

- A minor stretch of the rules results in a Yellow Flag or a warning. Yellow Flag offenses include a single strike to the head, failing to break a hold in the ropes or a choke before a three count, a poke to the eyes, intimidating the referee or similar minor offenses. Once you earn a Yellow Flag, it stays with you for the remainder of the contest unless you are disqualified, at which point your current Yellow Flags will be nullified and your opponent earns one fall.

- A more major breakage of the rules results in a Red Flag, or immediate disqualification, resulting in your opponent gaining one fall. Red Flag offenses include low blows, weapon usage, physically attacking the referee, two Yellow Flags in one round, or three Yellow Flags in the match total.


Coming Soon

Title History and Defenses

Won By: Zach Zero

Defeated: Meiko Marufuji, Twist and Omega in a Four Corner Elimination (Normal Rules).

Show/Date: International Invitational, 4/1/06.

Held Title for: 111 days.



Won By: The Hawk

Defeated: Zach Zero

Show/Date: Night of Triumph, 7/21/06.

Held Title for: 242 days.


-- The Hawk defeated Tony Sanchez at SOS: September Sho'down on 9/24/06.

-- The Hawk vs. Y72 went to a draw after 6 rounds and Sudden Death at SOS: Birth of a Dynasty on 10/20/06.

Won By: Daz

Defeated: The Hawk

Show/Date: A New Era, Pt. 1, 3/20/07


-- Daz defeated Brian Knight at SOS: Save Our Souls on 4/14/07.

-- Daz defeated Zach Zero, Dante and The Hawk in a Scaffold of Sim match at SOS: Scaffold of Sim on 8/1/07.

The Future

For the first time (other than the original Four Corner which crowned the first champion), the International Title was defended in a non-Mountevans match, one time only in Scaffold of Sim, SOS's newest gimmick match, on 8/1/07.

The role of the SOS International Title in the new 2009 SOS has yet to be officially announced. Although it is strongly believed the title will be brought back with the same Mountevans Rules.

As of October 2009, there hasn't been an announcement made whether or not the SOS International Title will return. With SOS's smaller roster, and heavier focus on the World Title, Tag Titles, and a possible Women's Title, there doesn't appear to be any announcement of the International Title in the foreseeable future.


SOS International Title

SOS International Title Belt

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