This is the list of wrestlers on the roster of Society of Sim Wrestling.

SOS Wrestlers Currently Signed to appear in SOS's new season in 2008 (In alphabetical order)

Alex Phenomenon

Brian Knight

The Buck

SOS International Champion: Daz

Dean Brody

SOS Tag Team Champion: Doom

SOS Hardcore Champion: Goliath

The Hawk

SOS Tag Team Champion: Insane Mauler

Joe Riot

Joey Demise

SOS World Champion: Josh Outland


Tony Sanchez

Zach Zero

Non-wrestling characters

These are non-wrestling characters that are confirmed to be signed to appear in SOS's 2008 Season:

Joey Garner (Ring Announcer and Backstage Interviewer)

Eric Richardson (Commentator)

Ron Ellis (Commentator)

Johnny The Intern

Minor Characters

These are minor characters that are confirmed to be signed to appear in SOS's 2008 Season:

Joe Dragon


Tatusjin Dragon

Other Casting

The following wrestlers are rumored to possibly be signing for SOS's next season:

Ali Guy

Chris Cutter

Dirk "The Jerk" Grey

Tha Doctor

The Dreammaster

Eddie Ryan

The Hood Rat

Iron Man

Jack Storm

Jason MacFarlane

Lee Mitchell


Mo Chang The Heeb



SOS Tag Teams

SOS Tag Team Champions: Apocalypse (Doom and Insane Mauler)

CmTp (Tha Doctor and MailMan)

Demise & Phoenix (Joey Demise & Phoenix)

The Bar Room Brawlers (Jack Storm and Eddie Ryan)

SOS Factions

Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai: Shinsuke; Josh Outland; Tony Sanchez.

The Commonwealth:

Daz; Omega; Alexis.

SOS Alumni (notable past SOS wrestlers, in alphabetical order)


Derek "The Wolf" Mayfield


Kai Sears

Matt Maxwell


"The Wrestling Machine" Merrick Brycen


Quick Silver

T.H.G User



Other SOS personalities

Joey Garner

Johnny The Intern

"SOS Chairman"

See Also

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