The SOS Tag Team Championship is Society of Sim Wrestling's version of traditional wrestling tag titles. It is SOS's second oldest title, dating back to 3/14/2006.

The current champions are Team Catwalk, who won the titles on June 27th, 2009.


The SOS Tag Team Titles can be contested under any match rules, with any number of teams.


The SOS Tag Team Championships were set to debut at SOS: Save Our Souls, SOS's first Pay Per View. But SOS merged with NGSW before the PPV could happen.

SOS re-opened in January 2006, but the Tag Titles were still not debuted until March. At SOS's "One Last Match" show on 3/14/06, SOS finally crowned it's first Tag Team Champions, Greatness Personified of Mike Kirkland and Josh Outland. They defeated the team of The Hawk & Tony Myers, as well as Supreme Thunder of Omega & Flash, in a three-way match to win the titles.

Greatness Personified successfully defended the titles against Demise & Phoenix, then against the team of The Buck & Zach Zero in the month of April. But due to various complications, they were unable to defend the titles in May. On June 10th, 2006, Greatness Personified made their third defense against Supreme Thunder, the team that was not involved in the decision in the original three-way for the titles.

Supreme Thunder won the titles. It was a day of celebration for the Canadian tag team. But unfortunately, they had already signed on to spend 3 months in Japan. SOS needed the titles defended on its shows, so Supreme Thunder decided to vacate the titles only weeks after they won them, with no title defenses.

At September Sho'down on 9/24, Demise & Phoenix defeated Greatness Personified to win the tag titles.

Demise & Phoenix held the titles until April 2007, defending the titles in Japan and Mexico, while going through a long and grueling feud against Apocalypse (Doom and The Insane Mauler). On 4/14/07, Apocalypse won the feud, and the titles, in a steel cage match.

Like Demise & Phoenix, Apocalypse never got to defend the Tag Titles on an SOS show. In the five SOS shows after Apocalypse won the titles, they were unable to defend the belts due to scheduling conflicts and injuries. They also were not defended at SOS's Swan Song event as Insane Mauler was not a part of that show (Doom faced The Hawk in a Texas Death Match). Following Swan Song, the tag titles were inactive, although they hadn't been officially vacated.

When SOS re-opened in May 2009, Apocalypse did not re-join SOS as both members are currently retired from wrestling. Therefore, the titles were officially vacated. The announcement was made that SOS's first two comeback events would feature a 4-team mini-tournament to crown the new Tag Team Champions. To avoid the problems of the previous title holders (each of which went months on end without defending the titles), SOS included a new rule in its contracts that says all champions must defend the titles at least every other show, although they can choose to defend the titles more often than that if they are willing.

At SOS: From The Ashes, CmTp defeated Brian Knight & Chris Kryptik, and Team Catwalk defeated Joey Demise & Phoenix to advance to the finals. At the next show, SOS: Green Legacy, in the main event, Team Catwalk defeated CmTp to become the new SOS Tag Team Champions.

Title History and Defenses

Won By: Greatness Personified (Mike Kirkland & Josh Outland)

Defeated: Supreme Thunder and The Hawk/Tony Myers in a Three-Way.

Show/Date: SOS: One Last Match, 3/14/06.

Held Titles for: 88 Days.


-- Greatness Personified defeated Demise & Phoenix at SOS: International Invitational on 4/1/06.

-- Greatness Personified defeated The Buck & Zach Zero at SOS: Pure Hatred on 4/25/06

Won By: Supreme Thunder (Omega & Flash)

Defeated: Greatness Personified & Reckless Rebels in a three-way.

Show/Date: SOS: One Year Anniversary, 6/10/06.

Held Titles for: 3 days.



  • Vacated when Supreme Thunder requested to be stripped of the titles*

Won By: Demise & Phoenix

Defeated: Greatness Personified

Show/Date: SOS: September Sho'down, 9/24/06.

Held Titles for: 203 days.


None on record (defended titles internationally)

Won By: Apocalypse

Defeated: Demise & Phoenix

Show/Date: SOS: Save Our Souls, 4/14/07 Defenses:

None on record (defended titles internationally)

The Titles were inactive from SOS's closure in January 2008, until SOS re-opened in May 2009, when the titles were declared officially vacant.

Won By: Team Catwalk

Defeated: CmTp

Show/Date: SOS: Green Legacy, 6/27/09


None Yet

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