The SOS World Championship is Society of Sim Wrestling's top title. It is SOS's oldest title, dating back to 7/31/2005.

Following SOS's closing, the SOS World Title was brought to WCSF. Daz won the title from Josh Outland at Annihilation 2008, and the title was retired thereafter.


The SOS World Championship can be contested under any match rules, with any number of participants. Most of the time, SOS World Title matches are simple one on one singles contests. Although ironically, the SOS World Title has never once changed hands in a normal singles match. The first champion, Derek Mayfield, won the title in a 3 Stages of Hell match. The second champion, Twist, won in the rare Four Corner Elimination match. And the third champion, Josh Outland, won the title in a ladder match.

There is no weight minimum or maximum for qualification for the SOS World Title. This is why SOS Management deliberately stays away from calling the SOS Title a "heavyweight" title, because that is a misleading name as cruiserweights often challenge for the title.


The first two months of this new company, Society of Sim, had gone by without crowning a champion. SOS decided to name a special 3-show, 16-man tournament in order to crown the first champion.

The first show in this series, Proving Grounds #4, had eight singles matches involving every SOS competitor. The following show, Proving Grounds #5, then featured two Four Corner matches with the remaining eight competitors. Finally, on 7/31/05, at Proving Grounds #6, the two winners of the Four Corner matches squared off in 3 Stages of Hell, with the first two stipulations being chosen by the wrestlers involved, and the final stipulation decided by a poll on the SOS website.

In what many people consider SOS's match of the year for 2005, Derek Mayfield defeated T.H.G. User to win the first SOS World Title.

Mayfield continued to defend the title successfully up until SOS closed in October 2005. He still held the title when SOS was re-opened in January 2006. He continued to defend the title until "Back in Business", when he shockingly announced his departure from SOS. Mayfield continues to be SOS's only undefeated champion.

On the show following "Back in Business", titled "No Help Needed", a Four Corner Elimination match involving four of SOS's top ranked wrestlers at the time, The Buck, Y72, Merrick Brycen and Twist was signed.

In another classic bout, fan favorite The Buck was surprisingly eliminated first. In another geniune shock, arguably SOS's Top heel following Mayfield's departure, Y72, was the next to go. These two men were predicted by most to be the final two in the match. This was instead left to arrogant star Merrick Brycen and hot up-and-coming star Twist. In a tremendous final bout, Twist won the title, becoming SOS's second World Champion.

Twist was congratulated by the entire SOS locker room for winning the top title. However, some believed Twist would not be a strong champion, and some thought he would be a transitional champ. Nobody foresaw what would happen during Twist's reign.

Unbelievably, Twist continued to defend the title against challenger after challenger. Nobody could beat Twist. He continued to hold onto the title. Early in his reign, successfully defending seemed like Twist had beaten the odds. But as time went by, Twist winning had become the norm, and his opponents were the ones who had the odds against them.

Wrestlers were brought in from all over the world to see if they could take that belt from Twist. Former SOS wrestler Mercenary and T.H.G. User were brought back to SOS with the sole purpose of seeing if they could beat Twist for the title. Twist was booked in matches of all types for the title, and he was even put in a three-way with two of SOS's best wrestlers, The Buck and Joe Riot. Nobody could do it. Nobody could win that title.

Twist eventually surpassed Mayfield's 8 months as champion. Then, in February 2007, he passed a year as champion. Twist seemed unstoppable. A star in the world of Sim wrestling had formed.

However, Twist had felt a lot like Mayfield did just prior to quitting. He felt burnt out of sim wrestling. Being champion in SOS had not only drained him physically, it had downright aged him. Suddenly, Twist announced his departure from SOS. However, unlike Mayfield, Twist promised to remain in SOS until he lost the title.

With this mindset, Twist was not as strong as he was during his first year as champion. He was also not as driven to hold onto the title. Meanwhile, a longtime SOS veteran, a man who wanted to be champion for his entire history in SOS, Josh Outland, stepped up to earn a title shot.

On 4/14/07, the incredibly driven Outland faced the physically and emotionally worn down Twist in a ladder match. Josh just plain wanted it more. Outland won the title. Just over a month before SOS's second year anniversary, SOS had crowned its third World Champion. Twist departed from the company, and a new era in SOS had begun.

Title history and defenses

Won By: Derek "The Wolf" Mayfield

Defeated: T.H.G User

Show/Date: School of Sim Proving Grounds #6, 7/31/05

Held Title for: 180 days.


--Derek Mayfield defeated Merrick Brycen at SOS Proving Grounds #7 on 8/11/05.

--Derek Mayfield defeated Josh Outland at SOS Proving Grounds #8 on 8/30/05.

--Derek Mayfield defeated Mike Kirkland at SOS Proving Grounds #10 on 10/4/05.

-- Derek Mayfield defeated The Buck & Zach Zero in a "SOS 3 Dream three-way" at SOS: Rebirth on 1/14/06.

-- Derek Mayfield defeated The Buck at SOS: Back in Business on 1/26/06.

Derek Mayfield was stripped of the title after he and SOS mutually agreed to part ways.

Won By: Twist

Defeated: Merrick Brycen, Y72 & The Buck in a Four Corner Elimination match.

Show/Date: SOS: No Help Needed, 2/10/06

Held Title for: 428 days.


-- Twist defeated The Mercenary at SOS: Twisted! on 2/26/06.

-- Twist defeated Y72 at SOS: International Invitational on 4/1/06.

-- Twist defeated Meiko Marufuji at SOS: Pure Hatred on 4/25/06.

-- Twist defeated Zach Zero at SOS: One Year Anniversary on 6/10/06.

-- Twist vs. Joe Riot went to a 35 minute draw at SOS: Blood Boils on 6/29/06.

-- Twist defeated T.H.G User at SOS: Zero vs. Buck on 8/16/06.

-- Twist defeated The Buck & Joe Riot in a three-way at SOS: September Sho'down on 9/24/06.

-- Twist vs. Joe Riot ended in a no contest at SOS: Birth of a Dynasty on 10/20/06.

Won By: "Greatness Personified" Joshua Leo Outland

Defeated: Twist

Show/Date: SOS: Save Our Souls, 4/14/07.

Held Title for: 473 days *.


-- Josh Outland defeated Joe Riot and Dante in a three-way at SOS: Contested Legacy on 4/26/07.

-- Josh Outland defeated Johnny the Intern at SOS: A New Era, Finale on 7/7/07.

-- Josh Outland defeated The Buck at SOS: Scaffold of Sim on 8/1/07.

-- Josh Outland defeated Mike Kirkland at SOS: Swan Song on 1/13/08.

Won By: Daz

Defeated: Josh Outland

Show/Date: WCSF: Annihilation, 7/30/08.



The Title was retired following Daz's win.

* = Outland's reign lasted 274 days in SOS. The rest took place in WCSF. While Outland was technically the longest-reigning champion, his reign was interrupted several times. First, between September 2007 to January 2008, when SOS was temporarily closed down. Then, after SOS held its "Swan Song" event, Outland moved to WCSF, and the title was not brought in for several months later. On the contrary, Twist's reign was uninterrupted.


SOS World Title

SOS World Championship Belt


  • The SOS World Title is one of the only titles in SIM history to cross into another promotion as a full-time title.
  • After a discussion on the WCSF Message Board regarding a possible name change of the SOS World Title, the title was unofficially renamed the "SOS Intergalactic Euro-Continental Young Lions Championship". The name was suggested by the user AlphaMale.
  • Despite the title being primarily defended in singles matches, as of Josh Outland's reign, the SOS World Title has never changed hands in a normal rules singles match.

  • The Buck has had the most unsuccessful SOS World Title shots of any wrestler with five, losing two shots to each Mayfield and Twist, and one to Josh Outland.

  • Of the three SOS World Champions to be crowned in SOS's run, there is only a 15 pound weight difference between the heaviest and lightest champions. Josh Outland being the heaviest, weighing 259 pounds, and Twist being the lightest at 244 pounds. Mayfield weighed in at 245 pounds.

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