An NWW Legend and nothing less.

SWIFT was the ultimate example of 'giving back' to the wrestling industry, despite his relatively young age.

Superstars trained in his famous Dojo would go on to take the wrestling industry by storm.

Daemon, Matt Gray & Evan Hylander but a handful of examples.

SWIFT was rightly honoured with a place in New Way Wrestling's Hall of Fame for both his contributions in and out of the ring.

A fast, athletic and exciting technical wrestler inspired by Japanese hero's of past and present, SWIFT was always a hit. SWIFT was also known for arguably the most hilarious promos in professional wrestling, once leaving his gorgeous bride at the alter to sexually penetrate the wedding cake instead. SWIFT was also the man who discovered one of NWW's most feared competitors who ever set.. Rung through the company's doors in the indominatable 'Ladder'.

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