Sabrina Lockhart
Real name Sabrina Carrie Lockhart
Ring Names Sabrina Lockhart
Height 5'6
Weight 135 lbs
Date of birth June 12, 1978 (32 Years Old)
Place of birth Pickering, Ontario
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Manhattan, New York
Billed from Manhattan, New York
Trainer Camdyn MacKay
Handled by Alison Moore
Win/Loss Record 6-0-0
Debut January 8th, 2008

Sabrina Carrie Lockhart (born June 12, 1978), simply known as Sabrina Lockhart is a Canadian born professional wrestler currently under contract with Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling (ECFW).


Growing Up

Sabrina Lockhart was born on June 12, 1978 in Pickering, Ontario. At birth, Sabrina was given up for adoption by her parents. She was adopted by Megan Lockhart, an elementary school teacher, and William Lockhart, a plumber with failed dreams of playing in the NHL.

Sabrina grew up well with her adoptive parents and got along well with her younger sister Delilah, despite them being complete opposites. Throughout elementary and high school, Sabrina would try her hand at different activities including recreational basketball and hockey. Never feeling content with those sports, Sabrina dropped both and focussed solely on her grades.

On Sabrina's fifteenth birthday, her parents finally told her that she was adopted. Sabrina took the news terribly, she never looked at her parents the same way again. If that wasn't bad enough, her school life became even worse. After finding out about her adoption, her grades began to slip and she grew into an angry person, her mouth often getting her into fights that she was more than willing to participate in. Her behaviour landed her multiple suspensions throughout her high school life.

After high school, Sabrina had become a pessimistic mess, she didn't bother going to College or University because she saw no point in it. Feeling that the only thing she could do well was cook, Sabrina took up a job as a cook at a local banquet hall, working for close to minimum wage. For six years working at the banquet hall, Sabrina put up with low pay, cut hours, and ridicule from her fellow employees, as well as her employers.

Breaking Into the Business

Sabrina finally quit her job at the banquet hall, realizing that she had moved away from home and needed money for rent, Sabrina took the most important step she has ever taken in her life, she decided to pursue her only love in life, professional wrestling. Sabrina had been watching wrestling for years on television, but when she decided to get into the business, it wasn't because she was a fan, and it wasn't because she loved it, it was because she had six long years of unreleased rage, rage from working a job she hated for so long, rage for not doing anything with her life, and rage still lingering from finding out about her adoption.


Sabrina after winning a local wrestling tournament in New York City.

Sabrina used what money she had left from her job to buy her first pair of wrestling boots, she did some research and found out about a small underground promotion in Toronto, Ontario. Sabrina quickly contacted this small promotion and was booked for a show, she was told that she had to earn her paycheque with a victory, anything else and she gets nothing.

Not much is known about Sabrina's experiences in the underground independants, but what is known is that in her very first match, she made the one mistake that nobody should ever make, especially in a place where her competition was so passionate about what they do, Sabrina stepped into a wrestling ring with absolutely no experience. She thought that if she could win fights in the schoolyard, than she could win a wrestling match, this mindset of hers turned out to be a big mistake for not only was she defeated, but she was also humiliated, ridiculed and seriously injured and bloodied by her opponent. In her very first wrestling match, Sabrina suffered a mild concussion.

It has been told by Sabrina herself that she had nightmares about the incident, as well as a fear of wrestling rings. She was taken under the wing of a man named Camdyn MacKay, she has said that Camdyn is the reason she overcame her fears and stepped back into the ring, she claims that he taught her everything she knows.

After wrestling for two years in Toronto, Sabrina packed her bags and moved to a small apartment complex in Manhattan, New York, the reason behind this is because Sabrina heard of bigger and better wrestling opportunities in New York. Having established herself in Toronto, Sabrina had little to no trouble finding work as a wrestler in New York. What Sabrina quickly realized was that, although she could get better exposure from wrestling in New York, it was much more demanding, the payoffs were significantly less than the low pay she received in Toronto so she took up a second job as a waitress at a local Applebee's.

Sabrina juggled her two jobs for close to four years before she was finally scouted and signed to a development deal with ECFW.


Sabrina's career in ECFW started as any wrestler's should, in the shadows, wrestling in un-televised dark matches that the fans at home never see and the fans in attendance never care about. She wrestled dark matches for ECFW for a little bit over a month before finally getting her long awaited call up to the main roster.

Many expected Sabrina to be ecstatic upon becoming the newest addition to the ECFW Divas, but she wasn't, instead she was bitter, angry and cruel. From the moment she had been brought up to the main roster, she began a one-woman crusade against the ECFW divas, stating that she had to work so hard for what they all got so easily, Sabrina pledged that she would remind the world that women can wrestle by making examples of ECFW's finest women's wrestlers. Her crusade officially began on January 8, 2008 when she took on Serenity Rose in her debut match, Sabrina forced Serenity into submission with her Devious Deception submission hold.

ECFW History

Opponent Outcome Method Event Date Notes
Serenity Rose Win Submission (Devious Deception) ECFW Tuesday Night Terror January 8, 2008 Sabrina's ECFW Debut
Misty Hilton Win Submission (Devious Deception) ECFW Tuesday Night Terror January 15, 2008 ECFW's final broadcast of Tuesday Night Terror
Arkia Fisk Win Disqualification (Interference) ECFW Wednesday Night Warzone January 23, 2008 ECFW's first broadcast of Wednesday Night Warzone
Tatium Tyler, Misty Hilton and Arkia Fisk Win Pinfall on Tatium Tyler ECFW Aggression February 2, 2008 Sabrina's first Pay-Per-View match.
Misty Hilton and Alexis Knight Win Submission (Misty Hilton) ECFW Wednesday Night Warzone February 13, 2008 The First Round of ECFW's Queen of Queens Tournament
Courtney Bell Win Pinfall ECFW Wednesday Night Warzone February 20, 2008 The Second Round of ECFW's Queen of Queens Tournament
Arkia Fisk Loss Pinfall ECFW King of Kings March 1, 2008 Finals of ECFW's Queen of Queens Tournament, Sabrina was injured in this match and hasn't been seen in ECFW since.

In Wrestling

Sabrina's Favorite Moves

  • Devious Deception (Anaconda Vice)
    • Question This (Spinning Brainbuster {Set up for Devious Deception})
    • Night Terror (Sabrina locks her opponent in an STF chokehold with only her left arm while connecting with vicious right hand punches to the head)
    • Three Kick Fury (A knee to the stomach, followed by a knee to the face, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head.)
    • Armdrag
    • Springboard Dropkick
    • Moonsault
    • Reverse DDT
    • Burning Hammer
    • Spinning Leg Lariat
    • Plancha to the outside of the ring
    • Enziguri
    • Sit Out Powerbomb
    • Standing Hurricarana
    • Inverted Cloverleaf
    • Head Scissors Submission
    • Spinning Wheel Kick

Entrance Music

  • No Music - For close to a half year in the independants, Sabrina would come down to the ring in complete silence.
  • "Run to the Hills" By Iron Maiden - Used throughout her time wrestling in Toronto and Manhattan.
  • "And Justice for All" By Metallica - Used for her debut match in ECFW
  • "Fighter" By Christina Aguilera - Used in ECFW after her in-ring debut

Notable Feuds

Personal Life

  • Sabrina has been living in the same apartment complex in Manhattan for the last four years. Even though she wants to spend more time with her family, she has no intention of ever moving back to Ontario.
  • One of Sabrina's favorite hobbies is cooking, whenever she gets the chance she tries to cook something.
    • Despite being a cook, Sabrina's favorite foods are takeout pizza and popcorn.
  • While at home, Sabrina enjoys watching TV, her favorite shows include Saved by the Bell, The Simpsons and ECFW Tuesday Night Terror.
  • Sabrina is well-liked among her neighbors.
  • Sabrina is a fan of Christina Aguilera, despite disagreeing with some of her choices.
  • Sabrina hasn't been in a romantic relationship since her second year in high school, she says that she no longer cares about romantic relationships, stating them to be a "Waste of time, money, and tears".

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