Saints Haven
Federation Name Saints Haven
Abbreviation SHW
Shows Sunday Night Showdown (SNS)
Time open 2007 to 2008
Owner Mr. Isaac Bronco
Based in Boston, MA USA
Cities in Circuit Boston, MA. Pittsburgh, PA. Toronto, Canada.
Venue: The Haven
Federation type Roleplay / Hybrid
DVD Tapings Monthly

Saints Haven(SHW) is an internet roleplay e-fed. Saints Haven Wrestling was formed in January 2007, and is the brain-child of independent wrestling living legend, Isaac Bronco, and Boston-based media mogul, VM. Saints Haven started as a pro wrestling training gym formed by Isaac Bronco after his retirement from the ring. Originally called "The Complex," the Haven has bases in Pittsburgh, PA, Boston, MA, and Ontario, Canada. The Haven has produced such independent wrestling sensations such as "The Outcast" Izik Williams (Pro Wrestling X), Patrick "The Saint" McCarthy (SCCW/COPW), and Dustin Cruise (countless). Recognizing Bronco as one of the premier pro wrestling trainers, Mannering approached Bronco with the offer to financially back an east coast-based wrestling promotion and school. The Haven offers a truly unique opportunity to independent wrestlers giving both the opportunity to train under the best trainers in the business, as well as the opportunity to work for a promotion run by men that have "lived the life."

The Trainers


Head Trainer: Isaac Bronco


Trainer: Nails Turner


Trainer: Guy Kadon

Saints Haven's booking and general day-to-day operations are run by its three trainers. Isaac Bronco is the head trainer and figurehead for all of Saints Haven's enterprises (promotion, training center, etc.). The rest of Saints Haven's operations are run with Nails Turner and Guy Kadon. The three men comprise the booking and writing staff. The trainers are what make Saints Haven unique. Young talent flocks from around the world to learn the tools of the trade from three men with 45 years experience between them.

Tri-City Titles

The Tri-City titles are unique to Saints Haven. Since we work out of three primary cities, each city has its own champion. If you manage to hold all three city titles at one time, you are granted a Heavyweight title shot at the time, location and venue of your choice.

Boston Patriot Title


Boston Patriot title

Boston has a long history as the home of the American Revolution. The Patriot Title is named for the early Boston patriots.

Pittsburgh Steel Title


Pittsburgh Steel title

Pittsburgh is long known as "Steel City," for its contributions to American industry. The Steel title is named for this fact.

Ontario Maple Leaf Title


Ontario Maple Leaf title

The Maple Leaf has long been the symbol Canada, adorning their nation's flag. The Maple Leaf title pays homage to our brothers to the north.

Current Title Holders

Championship Current champion(s) Won from
Saints Haven Heavyweight Champion Chris Champion Vacant
Saints Haven Pittsburgh Steel Champion Eric Collum Vacant
Saints Haven Boston Patriot Champion Chris Champion Vacant
Saints Haven Toronto Maple Leaf Champion Jen Blackhart Vacant
Saints Haven Tag Team Champions Ryan Reed & Jett Black Hell's Angels

Current Roster

  • Modo WHOA!
  • Chris Champion
  • Chip Van Horne
  • Trey Williams
  • Jen Blackhart
  • Devon Cross
  • Korbin al Hassan
  • Adam Cage
  • Dr. Love
  • Eric Collum
  • Ronnie McNeil
  • V
  • Kirsta Lewis
  • Jackie Daniels
  • Al Kayda
  • Kill Crazy (semi-active)
  • Ryan Reed

Inactive Roster

  • Vincet Hewson
  • Oushiza
  • Headbanger Mike
  • Beyond
  • Split Second


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