Sally Screw, born April 1, 1980, is a professional wrestler. She has never been in one place very long, sometimes even being in several places at once. She has gotten used to traveling around the globe, and has taken that trait with her into the wrestling world, moving from Federation to Federation.


Sally left an average high school in the northern mining town of Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. She never did follow wrestling as a youth, preferring to spend her free time writing and thinking. When she read almost ever book in her high school library, she wanted to experience the real world, and all it had to offer. So immediately after graduating high school she left Canada to travel the globe, starting off by backpacking the countryside on the island of Honshu,in Japan. She continued her wanderings and traveled the yellow river region in China and searched the dense jungles of Laos. She stayed in peasant villages learning what she could from the common villagers and mystic elders. She saw sites so pure of spirit that to this day she keeps them to herself. Finally she decided to put this newly found mental discipline to use by entering into the tutelage of Master Hiro Mastanaka, whom she had met in Honshu. From him, she studied the art of Tiger Claw Kung Fu. After just a few years she left her master to come back to Canada to reclaim her life.

Once back she hooked up with her old high school friends and ended up forming a rock band known as THE DRIVERS. They played a few local clubs. But her travels had come through in her music,as people were amazed by her poetic lyrics and catchy tunes. Everyone knew she stood out from the average band and thus, her fame grew nationally. Although her band only releases it CDs in Canada, iTunes has been very good for her band's rep with a steadystream of downloads. It was at this point that Sally decided to enter the world of wrestling.

Sally entered wrestling to give her physical side a chance to exercise and to maintain it's fighting form. She uses matches as mere practice for her martial arts and her interviews and promos are used to keep her mind in peak form as well so that her song writing capabilites would not waver either.


Sally's first match was between herself and Velvet Saunders in the now defunct X-treme Order of Wrestling (XOW). This was such a close match that the promoter ordered a rematch, with Sally winning that encounter as well. Sally then beat Candy Floss and then, her first male wrestler, Max Power, to climb up the contenders ladder. However, a week after her first victory over a male wrestler, the XOW folded and Sally was out of a job. Sally bounced around from small promotion to small promotion until she landed her first semi-permanent jig called FULL FRONTIER WRESTLING.


Just after signing with Full Frontier, Sally heard of a huge pay-per-view venture sponsored by HUB. They had invited some of the best talent from all over North America and Japan. They wanted to hold a tournament and record the results for an upcoming DVD. Sally applied and managed to get herself into the tournament. At this point in her career, she had a mere 13 matches under her belt and was seen as an easy foe in the first round. However, Sally surprised everyone and became a crowd favorite right away, upsetting the odds makers and winning her first round match. All she need was one more win, and she would make the DVD portion of the show. But luck ran out a she was paired with the eventual winner of the tournament and ended up losing a close one.

Sally may have been eliminated from the tournament, but now, thousands more fans, and dozens of promoters, now knew the name...Sally Screw.


This was Sally's first federation she ever had a chance to spend time in. After a few easy wins over Charles Morgan and The Black Dragon, Sally began to stand out in the crowd. She was placed in a title match against APMoney and came out with the FFW Television title. However, the FFW was still on shaky legs and things were unsteady for a month. During that time, the TV title was discontinued and Sally had to start all over again at the bottom while new roster members were brought in.

Sally Screw kept winning and winning until she beat Karkuss for the FFW National Title. She ended up making four defenses of the title before losing a close decision to Fred Debonair, then owner of the was during her National title reign that Sally decided to moonlight and seek part-time employment elsewhere. She spent half her time in the FFW and the other in the GWL. She had time for both because the FFW had a very fluid roster that was constantly changing and the GWL had Sally as a mere rookie at the bottom of the ladder. Both leagues didn't have much for her to do on their own, so Sally had time for both.

But Sally always knew the FFW was not the place for her. it never quite got a stable roster, so when she lost the National title to DeBonair, Sally used that time to get out of her contract so she could compete in the GWL full-time.


Sally's second Federation was the GWL. Here she started off as a rookie and, as such, was only given a chance at other rookies. This limited break was good enough for Sally to get her foot in the door and she took full advantage of it. Miss Screw plowed her way through many others to claim the Turmoil Title at her first pay-per-view. This exposure brought her fame to an even higher level. Some of Sally's better feuds included fights with The Zebra, Scythe Reavers, Johnny"The Idol" Thompson and Achillies Young.

During Sally's time with the GWl she decided to represent them in another DVD tournament promotion. This one was being produced by X-Net, a TV ratings company. Sally entered but was not given much of a chance. Two of the three judges actually told her, they preferred to have another contestant enter instead of her, but one judge used his "sponsors" choice, to select her, and she was allowed entry. Sally then surprised everyone by winning her way all the way up to the finals. She was paid $50,000 for her efforts and royalties to wrestle. She did not win the tournament, but had performed so well in the match, that it stole the show. The final DVD sales of that bout, exceeded all expectations and cemented her as a true force in the wrestling business.

Back in the GWL, Sally had lost her Turmoil Title, when her tag partner got pinned, thus losing her title, without losing herself.On the bright side, Sally was now free to use her new found fame and crowd appeal to wrestle for bigger and better titles. Despite her winning ways and growing accomplishments she just could not get a chance at some of the main event wrestlers. After getting bogged down in tag matches that went no-where and mid-card filler matches, Sally began to get frustrated.

Then along came an internal team tournament within the GWL. Wrestlers were randomly placed together and would fight matches over the next month, gaining points along the way. The team with the most points got to decide which GWL faction would have to split up for good, and not reform. But before the tourney took place, Sally, ever the troublemaker, hatched a plan to take control of the tournament. By secretly enlisted 5 members from other teams, Sally formed a secret team that would lose certain matches at certain times. This way Sally could control the flow of points and decide for herself, which team would win. She actually has a secret member on every team except one, and thus, could flow a good amount of points to the team she had selected to win. That team had pre-agreed to vote for a certain team to disband. But right before the tourney was to start....Sally pulled the plug herself, stopping the plan. The GWL management was none too pleased when they eventually found out and Sally knew her days in the GWL were now limited.

She always knew she had more to offer so, after an unsuccessful attempt at a mid-level title, a match she should have easily won, she quit the Global wrestling League. Sally knew her head was no longer in the ring so she quit while she was ahead.


After quitting the GWL Sally took some time off to train a new pupil, which in itself, is the final thing she could learn from her own teachings. She found a fiery, willing student called LuAnna Chickowski. She turned her into THE LUNA CHICK. After taking a year off to train her in the ways of Tiger Claw, Sally began to once again get that itch to perform.


During one of her tournament matches, Sally met a man named Whitecloud. When she heard he was setting up a new promotion called Motor City wrestling, Sally decided to return the favor, and help out. Thus, she joined the roster and began to compete once again. Sally managed to pile up a few wins and land herself in a title match within a month, taking the Brass Knuckles title over The Legend.However, Sally never got a chance to defend her title, losing it to Rayne Young in a triple threat match with Tyler Destiny. Rumour has it, she was ill with flu-like symptoms that night, but without being in tip top form, lost her title. A lose the following week to Faith, made her realize she needed some time off. Luckily for her, MCW had TV contract troubles and they were forced to halt things for a few weeks. Sally used that time to heal a bit and came out with a win over rookie Brittney Machman. However, after she lost her next match, again to Faith, she knew her body had still not returned to 100% and resigned from Motor City Wrestling. Faith is one of only two people ever to defeat Sally twice (Mikail Volkov of the SW being the other).

Her current whereabouts were the subject of many Internet rumours... until Sally turned up in the IWL.


After months of self-imposed exile, Sally turned up at ringside of the newly opened IWL. She was just there as a ticket-buying, front-row spectator until Jose Ramon knocked into her seat as he was tossed from the ring. This prompted her into action and as a result, she started competing in the IWL full-time. However, after taking down various opponents in the following weeks, Sally knew the IWL was not for her, and quit the IWL.


Sally's time in the IWL did prove one thing, she still had the urge to compete. So she got her agent, Milo "The Shark" Tank, to get her another wrestling roster spot. Milo, through his contacts, found that the XOW was looking, and managed to get her a triple threat tryout match on their pay-per-view. Well, she won and appears to have become an instant fan hit. After running over everyone early Sally found herself winning the XOW Internet Title which she held for a record 91 days. She gave it up to go for the gold of the XOW Heavyweight title, which she won over Kronik a few matches later. But holding the top title merely opened her eyes to the politics that go along with it. Her life was no longer her own as autograph sessions, merchandise meetings and personal endorsement sessions flooded her off duty time. being the troublemaker that she was, Sally rebelled against the corporate management and was setup to lose the title to a more accommodating wrestler. Since she knew she would never get a fair shake at the title ever again, she soon left the XOW.


After a bit of a layoff Sally decided to head to the re-opening SCCW. However, most of her matches were dark matches performed before the main broadcast and she felt she was not getting a chance to show the audience who she was and what she could do. Even thou she had a respectable 6-1-1 record, she felt she did not have the connections to break past the established wrestlers who were previous loyal employees of the old SCCW. Thus, instead of being just a card-filler, she departed for greener pastures once again.


From out of the blue, an old friend from her association with Revolution Wrestling, when she was a trainer of THE LUNA CHICK, called to inform her that he was opening a new promotion and in need of performers. Sally joined up and within 2 matches, defeated The Jackyl for the xWa heavyweight Title. It was stripped from her a few days later when the owner wanted to restart all titles, and Sally eneded up regaining the xWA heavyweight title once again. After a few defenses she knew things were not right, it was too easy... the competition too raw and untrained. So Sally handed in her belt and walked away from the xWA.


Madam Screw was in the midst of a nation-wide party spree, club hopping around the entertainment globe when she was once again pulled back into the wrestling ring. Losing in a rigged poker game in the back room of the Bellagio, Sally was forced to sign with a wrestling company that operated out of an abandoned Russian prison, Siberian Wrestling. It was here that she was more fitted with people her own skill level... more brutal, uncaring and risk-taking as any place she's ever been in. After a few matches she was given a chance at a main event spot of the Warehouse Championship and defeated Alex Rettop to claim the belt. She lost her title in her very next match, a brutal dungeon fight with Mikail Volkov. She would not give up thou, and clawed her way back up the ladder of success with a pair of wins to demand another shot at Volkov. She made the most of this opportunity and reclaimed her Warehouse title. She defended against a triple-threat before winning her final match over Xander Gates, to retire as the last Warehouse title. Why? Because the prison was shut down and the prisoners released.



FFW National Title

GWL Turmoil Title

MCW Brassknuckles Title

XOW Internet Title

XOW Heavyweight Title

xWa Heavyweight Title x2 SW Warehouse Title x2


76 - 15 - 2

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