Samuel "The Switch" Silver (born March 18, 1984) is an American Professional Wrestler, currently signed to the WCSF on its Mayhem brand. He is the current WCSF International Champion.

Samuel Silver
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Samuel Silver]]
Real name Samuel Nathaniel Silver
Ring Names QuickSilver
Samuel Silver
Height 5'8"
Weight 177 lbs.
Date of birth March 18, 1984
Place of birth New York City, New York
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Billed from Brooklyn, New York
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Origins: New York

Hailing from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Silver came from a family who had very high academic aspirations for him, a desire that literally pushed him out the house in what he reports was a "very un-dignified manner". He has one younger brother who currently runs a business in East Flatbush, Brooklyn and an older sister who is reportedly a low budget film director in Arizona.


Silver had an affinity for wrestling at a young age which his parents didn't embrance too well. Nevertheless, Silver still religiously attended the classes at the New York Wrestling Academy and became a fully fledged member on the roster after a year of training from the head coach; James Carter (also known as JC Panther) and the Luchadore Coach, Hector Garcia. Jr (also known in Puerto Rico as "The Lightning Count - El Conde de Relámpago")


During his course of training, the entire Academy embarked on a trip to Mexico City to see the CMLL shows and go on a summer course that would teach in-depth knowledge on wrestling styles, especially the style that Silver longed to perfect in Lucha Libre. With the huge masked wrestler attire that many of the natives used and with him still trying to find the potential that many people repeatedly told him he had; he wanted to start fresh in Mexico, even with the short amount of time he had. The mask he chose was one called El Máscara Del Xolotl, named after a Mexican god of Thunder. Instantly, Silver became more confident in his practice matches as he began to win in more convincing and more flamboyant fashion, something he attributed to the new look and the mask, which he said "allowed him to do all the things he really wanted, without feeling shame". This lead to a surge of arrogance as he docked himself in Luchador attire and gave himself a new name, Quicksilver.

Seen as a rudo, his heelish persona allowed him to craft matches that were impressive to watch, but the rest of the Academy roster didn't take too kindly to the words that came out of Silver's mask. As the course wore on, Silver began to reflect on what the mask was doing to the partnerships he had in the Academy and what they were doing to himself. Seeking out Hector Garcia, he was given the advice to be Quicksilver in the ring, and stay true to himself outside it; advice that Silver heeded instantly as he began to wrestle without the mask (but kept the rest of the Mexican attire), and still impressed. To this day, he still carries the mask (newly dubbed El Máscara Del Mercurio) around with him on his travels.

He also lodged in the Wrestling Academy, until scouts from the WCSF encountered him and offered him a developmental contract in their East Coast Search.

WCSF Career: Ascension and Unleashed

Debuting against Former WCSF Crusierweight Champion Sabbath on Ascension, Silver won by DQ and began to utilise his classic Luchador training, bringing an old-school approach to entertaining, while using his rough background in Brooklyn to catch opponent's off guard with his rock hard fists.

Silver began to find footing in the WCSF lower ranks and racked up wins before he was called up to Ascension's Main Roster to compete in a special Crusierweight Rankings Tournament to find a new number one contender to the at-the-time current champion, Sabbath. Competing against names such as Axis, Cyanide Lee and Chris Jackson; Silver managed to establish a lead before taking an unexpected leave, due to personal issues with General Manager John Zhilone and the organisation of Unleashed.

WCSF Career: High Voltage and Mayhem

Signing with Jameson, Silver began a new path where his hopes of becoming a Crusierweight Champion were shot down. But in this, Silver found himself gaining more experience and comfortability on the original show of the WCSF and worked his way towards a WCSF International Championship shot against Vincent Viazon - but due to Team Tristagi, that was swiftly taken away from him. Nevertheless, Silver began winning matches in such a frequent and exciting manner that had him labeled as one of Mayhem's fastest rising stars.

Catching the attention of such stars as Brian Davis and Delroy Andrews, Silver impressed further as he went on to defeat "The Hardcore King" Jack Cannon, one-on-one. Continuing this again, Silver managed to defeat Cannon once again, just before Delroy Andrews was due to face him in a Sledgehammer-Legal Match at Hacked, a bloody and gruesome battle that ended with Cannon gaining the victory over his former friend and mentee. Taking the feud further, Cannon started beating down a fallen Andrews until Silver came down to help his fallen friend; only to be double-crossed as Andrews and Cannon reunited to take down Silver. Fuelled by anger, Silver went on to defeat Jack Cannon for a third time in a one-on-one match to advanced in the annual Battlefield Tournament. Silver lost a Hardcore Match to Andrews at the Battlefield PPV. Due to severe injuries and a continued beating from Andrews, which included three Devil's Advocates on steel chairs and ring steps, Silver was deemed unable to continue the match and left the arena with EMTs.

After Silver's return in which he defeated Nick Envy, Tristagi interrupted an aftermatch promo by questioning Silver's ability to be a champion. The week after, both men faced each in a no-contest after a wild brawl at ringside which led to a double countout, with Tristagi getting the upper hand in the end. Silver defeated Tristagi at Nothing to Lose to keep his job. After the match, he announced that he would be using clause for to face Johnny U at Revolution III for the WCSF International Championship. On the Road to Revolution III, Silver earned a taxing victory over then-Mayhem Champion Dynamite through pinfall in the main event of a Mayhem show, the biggest win of his career.

He then defeated Johnny in Madison Square Garden, in his hometown of New York City to win his first ever wrestling championship.

Wrestling Facts

  • Theme Music: "Art & Life (Chi-Roc)" - Twista
  • Finishing Moves
    • Shining Shiranui (Standing Shiranui or Springboard assisted)
    • Air Silver (Somersault corkscrew leg drop or somersault corkscrew senton)
  • Signature Moves
  • Springboard Variant Moves
    • Springboard Huracarana
    • Springboard Seated Senton
    • Springboard Diving Elbow Drop
    • Springboard Splash
    • Springboard Leg Drop
    • Springboard Diving Headbutt
    • Springboard Missile Dropkick
  • Other Signature Moves
    • Silver Express (Leg-trap sunset flip powerbomb)
    • Air Force Stomp (Double foot stomp)
    • Air Force Vortex (Tiger Wall Kick/Corner backflip kick - used as QuickSilver)
    • Tiger Feint Kick
    • Turnbuckle handstand into an Elbow drop onto an opponent laying under the turnbuckle
    • Headscissors takedown
    • Dropsault
    • Various punches and shoot kicks
    • Flying forearm smash
    • Plancha
    • (180° turn on opponents shoulders into) Huracarana
    • Dragonrana

Championships and accomplishments

Personal life

Currently, Silver now has an apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant that he shares with Christopher Lyle, a friend and former tag team partner from his tenure in the New York Wrestling Academy.

Silver also owns a parrot called Mercury.

Silver is one-quarter Native American, more specifically the Suicines Tribe that resided in California near the Suisun Marshes.

Silver has a tattoo of an Aztec Raven on his left shoulder.

Bringing his street upbringing into his wrestling attire, Silver also wears Air Force 1's (Mid) in his matches and is known to be a collector since he signed his contract with the WCSF, wearing many different colour combinations. In addition to this; a custom made pair is to be released in Autumn 2007 as a Limited Edition pair called "Silver Armor" (White/Silver/Black). Until its release, Silver is the only person wearing the pair, and wears them in his matches along with his other pairs. His other 6 favourite colourways for his AF1 Mids are stated below with the combination in brackets:

  • NYC Green Edition (White/Green)
  • Lebron James Japanese Edition (White/Crimson/Gold)
  • Recon II (Olive/Khaki/Camouflage)
  • Tuxedo Edition (Black/White)
  • Euro Matrix Edition (Black/Grey/Red)
  • Total Grey (Black/Grey/Black)

Silver is an avid Mos Def, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco fan.

More info on The Switch can be accessed right here:

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