[[Image:|px|Image of Scorpion]]
Real name Samuel Hessingstock
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Height 6ft 1 inches
Weight 226 lbs.
Date of birth March 21st, 1978
Place of birth Oxford, England, UK
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Billed from Oxford, England
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He has nearly done it all in OUW, apart from be the top man on campus. Upcoming weeks for Scorpion are big ones in all aspects, but can Scorpion get himself what he wants? Can he regain that top prize in OUW? Can he overcome challenges in ICWA? Not even he knows the answers to these, but certainly, Scorpion is a huge star in both shows and hypes up the crowd wherever he is.

Personal Info

Age: 28
Blood Type: AB Positive
Skin Type: White (European)
Eye Color: Deep Brown
Hair: Dependant on where he is. OUW : Jet black, straightened hair at mid-back length. DWA/AOW: Black, but unstraightened. Often tied into a ponytail.

Scorpions career in the OUW is renewing, with a new quest, now to become the best that he can, a quest that is shared by many in the OUW. He cherishes everything he wins, and he loves his wife, Rachel very much, however some things can't be explained with of which, his desire for friendship and respect, which are then shunned when others approach him.


  • Parents : Lisa Hessingstock and Jack Hessingstock (Both deceased)
  • Siblings : John “Pheonix” Hessingstock, Kym Hessingstock (Half-sister)
  • Wife: Rachel Watts

Home Background

Samuel is brother to John “Pheonix” Hessingstock, and is once again a major part of the OUW. His homelife went through tough patches, his family being split at the age of 12, and being forced to live with a father he hated. His father detested the thought of Samuel being a pro-wrestler, but despite this, he worked on, and finally became what he dreamed, despite his fathers death. He finally made it to OUW in 2005, and despite difficulties with his wife, Rachel, everyone had thought his life had been ended at a high point...until Monday 21 August, when he made a shocking return to the company, taking out his brother...

Prior to One Up Wrestling

Scorpion wrestled for one major wrestling company before OUW, and was fired on the night of winning the main title.

Scorpion also represents the OUW in an inter-federation promotion named Pure Honor Wrestling.

One Up Wrestling

Samuel was brought into the OUW, just after the first Elimination Chamber. From here, he issued a challenge to Crow, looking for the OUW IC championship. A number 1 contender ladder match would ensue, but Crow would be claimed as winner at the end of the match.

From here, Scorpion went on to play in the Turmoil Tag match, which he didn't win, but it did secure him placings for the IC title at a later date.

During Gamr's rush to gold tournament, Scorpion also fell short of the US title, but did very well in the run up, leading to Newage walking away with the title.

Scorpion then participated in many IC title matches, many including Psyclone and DG, but fell short on each occasion, but then came a huge turnaround.

Taking an opportunity, with Prophet as the uWa Hardcore Champion, Scorpion challenged him, playing games with Prophet, however Avenger added himself to the match. This didn't affect Scorpion however, and so Scorpion went on to claim his first title, the uWa Hardcore title.

The Mountain Match at Ascention was next for Scorpion. This was to be the turning point in his career, as he came runner-up to none other than Coz, and eliminated the champion himself, Gamr. This was to be the point where Scorpion challenged Gamr for the title, and so at Eleventh Hour it happened, Scorpion v Dylan "Gamr" Scott.

This however wouldn't turn out well for Scorpion, as he watched Rachel, his wife screw him from the title. From here, Scorpion would seemingly kill his wife, and in a RTA, she would plunge from London Bridge...however, all was not as it seems.

Rachel survived her ordeals, as did Samuel, however, this upset lead to a Sunday Night Storm, where new man, Hunter took the title from Scorpion. Scorpion then challenged again at the Paramount, which lead to a tie...and then finally, Hunter gave in, to join the NCW, which is when Scorpion regained his title.

Again though, Scorpion would lose this title, and this time his loss was to Crow in a 2nd big Ladder match. This then lead to Revolution 2006, where Sonic was set to defend his IC title, in a hell on earth structure, the Elimination Chamber, the 2nd one for OUW. Scorpion, early into the match, managed to eliminate the champ, and Calypso soon followed, as X eliminated him...but then as Calypso went to leave the chamber, Scorpion received a low blow, taking him out, and X would only need to XKO him to pick up the elimination. From here, Crow would win the match, and Scorpion would challenge a one of a kind match at Syndication 2006, a Reverse ladder match. Scorpion won this match, and became IC champion, which he remained until his death.

However, he would defend it past his biggest demon to date, Calypso, who proceeded to torture Scorpions "thought to be dead" wife, Rachel. Playing head games with Scorpion was the first step, before showing Scorpion exactly what was going on, this would spur Scorpion on to win a match that could only be known as a "Damsel in Distress" match, where a chamber, containing Rachel would need to be opened by Scorpion for her safety and his win to be ensured. During the match, a continuation of Sonic v Dylan "Gamr" Scott continued, and both men aided each other to victory, forming OUW's short lived Faction, CardYnal sYn.

Shortly after this, the OUW was forced into a hiatus for a short while. Scorpion would also meet his end, at the hands of a truck, due to a letter sent from Scorpions brother. This would be the end, and the death of a showman in OUW...or would it?

Fast forward one month, August 20, where Pheonix, Scorpions brother stands tall above Arthur Adams AND Rachel Watts, Scorpions wife. Following this, the night after, Scorpion makes a shock return to the OUW, with one goal in take out his brother...

Scorpion and Pheonix battled for a span of 2 months, leaving devastation and Blood wherever they went. In their first match, a Triple Chance match-up, Scorpion took the OUW Intercontinental Championship from his brother after an outright brawl. However, this wasn't enough for Scorpion. Scorpion wanted to "Excise the cancer" from the OUW, and so focused now on destroying the career of his brother.

However, this was short lived after Crow took the title from Scorpion. Scorpion was ambushed by the returning Calypso, who was added to the huge feud. Scorpion was driven to madness, and irrational matches began to happen, including a handicap 2-on-1 FTR match, which Dylan "Gamr" Scott added the FTR ruling as well as a rule stating Scorpion could not use any finishers on risk of being fired. Scorpion overcame this still, and managed to pin Pheonix.

We then reach Malevolence where Scorpion, Calypso and Pheonix battled in an amazing match, a Triple threat buried alive match. The three battled a bloody, brutal brawl, but it would be Rachel that would save the day, pushing Pheonix into the grave. The two celebrated as Scorpion pushed the dirt over Pheonix, making Scorpion the winner of one of the bloodiest matches the OUW has ever seen.

Conversion is now set for Samuel as he faces one of his self-proclaimed idols. After defeating Plat at the season premier of OUW Storm, which moved from Sunday to Monday, Scorpion became the #1 contender to the OUW United States Championship, a title which he has yet to add to his résumé.

After a long battle with Coz, Scorpion would find himself almost beaten, but as if from nowhere, Gamr appeared in the match, costing Coz the win by using Coz's own United States Championship against him. Scorpion is now currently the United States Champion of One Up Wrestling, and has begun one of the biggest winning streaks in history, so far only superseeded by Plat's impressive 14 win record.

Turmoil was up next for Scorpion, however to get into the main event of Turmoil Tag, the main event, Scorpion would have to face RLD in a one-on-one FTR match. His change of focus made him incredibly focused in this match, and after taking his signature chisel to the head of RLD, Scorpion found himself in the main event, working for Team Gamr. However, during the match, Scorpion would leave the match, backing away from Team Gamr as Gamr gave the order to get into the ring. The crowd changed their mind instantly, and Scorpion was found to be "not as bad" as he made out to be.

During a backstage interview for the OUW Website, Scorpion revealed his intentions, and then went on to receive punishment from Gamr in the shape of RLD, and a hardcore submission match at Retribution.

After losing the United States Championship to Robert L Davis at Retribution, Scorpion spent the month building up a new name for himself in the tag team division, with his new partner Stephen Steele. The two dominated their first tag outing against RLD in a handicap match, and they only continued to shine amongst the rest of the wrestlers.

Ascention 2007 was the next big step for Scorpion in his career. During a heated month of forging small hints at just about everyone on the roster, Scorpion showed just what he was ready to do during the spectacular PPV. The PPV for him would be the biggest thing he had been a part of in some time, in more ways than just one. Scorpion joined the flagship match of Ascention, The Mountain at number 12, and would eliminate 3 stars, including X, in order to win the Mountain 2007.

However, X would be his challenger at Eleventh Hour, after X attacked his wife, locking her in the XKOIII. Scorpion would be forced to put his Mountain winnings on the line, and would lose them in a huge Tokyo Street Brawl, a fight that would explode into the streets of Tokyo, even as far as monumental areas!

After the match, the following Storm would see X making his choice of the Main Event of Paramount, OUW's biggest annual PPV. During the choice, Scorpion would reveal a punishment set by Rachel Watts for the attack, the punishment that Scorpion would be added to whatever match X had chosen. X had made it clear he wanted Sonic in a one on one contest for the OUW title, and so a triple threat was made for the title, Sonic as Champion would face X and Scorpion.

After a long and arguous match, Scorpion found himself triumphant, after pinning Sonic in the triple threat at Paramount. He had done it, become the top dog of OUW. But this would be instantly challenged by a new challenger in Ethan Starr. Ethan took Scorpion to the limits in a match at Regression, but still, Ethan couldn't take the title.

But everything Scorpion had would soon fall before his eyes. His wife fell to Ethan's charm, and on the May 7th edition of Monday Night Storm, his OUW Championship would also fall into Ethans hands after Ethan locked in the Starrstruck for a 2nd time in the night, causing Scorpion to tap out.

Next for Scorpion is his rematch. Massacre is just around the corner, and Scorpion wants one thing back : His championship.

Dynasty Wrestling

During the second year of Scorpion's OUW career, he signed an open contract with his wife as General Manager, stating that he can freely go to any show that he desires. It was after this, that the manager of Dynasty Wrestling Alliance, Chaz Murphy got in contact with him. After negotiations, Scorpion decided to join the DWA, and in his first match on Saturday 24 February working for the show, he captured the DWA Alpha Title after winning a 4 man battle royale for the championship against the current champion, Oi Boy, Phreak and Steve Awesome.

Soon after, the show closed due to a lack of active superstars, and Scorpion retired from DWA as Alpha Champion.

Alpha Omega Wrestling

After the closing of DWA, Scorpion would find himself offered by another manager, for a show called AOW. After thinking about it, and rumors had spread across the federation, it was confirmed. On AOW's opening show, Scorpion was sighted backstage, but has not yet wrestled live there. After then having issues with the layout of AOW, Scorpion left, having only lasted a cameo role.

International Championship Wrestling Alliance

Soon after Scorpion's departure from AOW, he began to look for another federation to join. Eventually he found ICWA, a professional wrestling federation based in a similar way to OUW. Soon after applying, he was put into a match against another new addition to the ICWA roster, Scott Angel. This will be Scorpion's first match in ICWA, and he will break into the scene of this federation on the night of a huge PPV event : Epicenter.


Scorpion wears his hair generally straightened, with green or red streaks in it, depending on the event he is at. He has a black scorpion tattooed on his right shoulder, which he forged his name from originally.


  • Ring attire: Black baggy jean trousers with a green Scorpion on the right leg. White "skate style" shoes. White wrist tape with either a dark green "Y" on the right hand, or a dark green "S" on the left. He never wears both.
  • PPV attire: Black baggy jean trousers with a black Scorpion on the right leg. It is visible due to a red outline. Black wrist tape with a white "S" on the left hand. Black shoes.
  • Paramount attire: Dark green jean troisers with a white Scorpion on the right leg, outlined by black. White wrist tape with a black "S" on the left hand. White shoes.
  • Entrance attire: The same as entrance attires, but during the entrance, Scorpion wears a black shirt jacket or a black open zipped hooded jacket. Both have "The Anti~Hero" written on them in dark green, with the signature Scorpion in white behind it.
  • Paramount entrance attire: Scorpion wears a white version of the open zipped hooded jacket with "The Anti~Hero" written in black. The Scorpion is in green.
  • Backstage attire: Often seen in either his ring attire or a black suit, including a black shirt.

Entrance Musics

In the past, Scorpion has had 3 Entrance musics, and a team music, besides the one he currently has.

  • Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of..." was his first, which is now adorned by his wife, Rachel.
  • Avenged Sevenfold's "Sidewinder" Accompanied Scorpion whilst he was the purest of poisons
  • Temporarily, Scorpion's music was changed to The Deftones "My Own Summer" during his faction with Gamr, in cardYnal sYn.
  • Sevendust's "Broken Down" is his longest lasting E.Music, which lasted from Syndication '06 - Turmoil '06.
  • Scorpion's then used "Everyday Combat" by Lostprophets until one night prior to Paramount 2007. This is still Scorpions AOW music.
  • Scorpion's current theme is "Yer Majesty" by Shinedown.
  • Scorpion uses the song "Out of Reach" by Funeral For a Friend for his entrance music in ICWA.
  • In his tag team partnership with Stephen Steele, Out of My Way by Seether is used.


Scorpion has had a few monikers in his past. Notably, he switches between the two depending on his mindset. If he believes he will be a life taker in the match, and will do considerable damage, he will often refer to poison, taking the stand point of The Purest Of Poisons. If he believes that he will be fighting to help the OUW and himself at the same time, he will be the Anti~Hero, who has the aim of doing the right things just not always doing them in the right way.

  • The Purest of Poisons was his first, accompanying a heel feel to the character of Scorpion.
  • The Anti~Hero was next, and is his current moniker to this date.

Signature moves

Finishing Menouvres

  • Flipside (Edgecution)(Current)
  • Modified Flipside (Torture rack into Angels Wings)(Current)(OUW Exclusive)
  • Reverb (MK Ultra)(Current)(ICWA Exclusive)
  • Poisoned Oblivion (Canadian Destroyer)
  • Venom Driver (Styles Clash)

Signature moves

  • The Stinger (Lionsault)
  • The Last Scream (STF)
  • Diving Spear
  • Spear
  • Standing Dropkick
  • Enzuigiri
  • Springboard Dropkick
  • German Suplex
  • Ax Handle from top rope with chisel

OUW Accomplishments

OUW Championships

  • 2 x uWa hardcore champion (now FTR title)
  • 2 x Intercontinental Champion
  • 1 x United States Champion
  • 1 x OUW Champion


  • Winner of OUW's second "The Mountain Match" in 2007
  • Second place in OUW's first "The Mountain match" in 2006
  • Winner of OUW's first Reverse Ladder Match
  • Winner of OUW's first Damsel in Distress match
  • Winner of OUW's first Triple Chance match
  • Winner of the world's first Triple threat Buried alive match

DWA Accomplishments

DWA Championships

  • 1 x DWA Alpha Championship


  • Won the DWA Alpha Championship on his first night in DWA

Title Reigns

OUW Championship Reign

OUW Championship
Preceded by:
Terry "Sonic" Pierce
Succeeded by:
Ethan Starr

OUW United States Championship Reign

OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Robert L. Davis

OUW Intercontinental Championship Reign (2)

OUW Intercontinental Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

OUW Intercontinental Championship Reign

OUW Intercontinental Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Coz (Memorial Match at Finale)

uWa Hardcore Championship Reign (2)

uWa Hardcore Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

uWa Hardcore Championship Reign

uWa Hardcore Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

DWA Alpha Title

DWA Alpha Championship
Preceded by:
Oi Boy
Succeeded by:

Recognised Quotations

  • "You are nothing...but a MEER PUPPET...IN...MY...PATH!"
  • "All I hear from you all is..."Oh Woe is Me..."


  • Scorpion now resides near to the OUW Headquarters in Miami, FL, but prefers to called by the ring announcer as from England.
  • Scorpion's wife, Rachel Watts, is the current General Manager of One Up Wrestling.
  • Scorpion has been a part of 3 independent E-feds since joining the scene of E-fedding. Of those, he has won the top title of one, and came within moments of winning the top title of another, before the company went into liquidation. To this date however, he has not won the top title in OUW.

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