Sara Michelle Ramon'a (born Aprill 16nth 1988) is a profesional wrestling valet and part-time wrestler, she is the baby sister off Steve Ramone who is verry protective off her. The siblinga are currently working for the GWA.

Early life

She was the most sickly off the siblings and when they where abandonned Steve did everything in his power to help her including breaking the law, when she was 13 she took a turn for the worse and Steve, in desperation broke into a rich man's house only to get caught, however the man showed simpathy and adopted Steve and Sara not long after which she got immediate medical attention and lived.


Four years later she and Steve joined a Tie Kwon Do dojo and a wrestling school, however she broke her leg in a freak accident delaying her graduation day by six months. During this time period Sara introduced Steve to his future girlfriend Charlotte who was an employee at Music Junkie at the time.

Graduation/finding Steve

She finally graduated from the school the day before her birthday as the only girl in the group, however by that time Steve was in England wrestling for FXW, after her dad paid for her to travel there she quickly found her brother and they haven't been separated since, after two tours off Japan and a run in RBW they traveled to the states to there next destonation KWL.


They found themselves in KWL'S developmental league BWF and she lead her brother to success in the league's tag division with Chris Simmons. They where called up for the WWE Storyline and Steve enjoyed the same success this time with Paul Sampson. However it was scrapped after one year and they soon found themselves in the indies.


After two years they found themselves in GWA, she made a few appearances on GWA's weekly show Anarchy and a few PPVs but soon found herself only appearing in Steve's promos, she developed an (on screen) relationship with Steve's partner AP Feight and soon Charlotte joined them due to family problems back home in New York.


  • She is 5 ft 5 inches tall
  • Her movesett is the same as Steve's.
  • Like her brother she loves Heavy Metal.

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