Ring Name(s) Satisfaction
Height 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight 155 lb.
Billed from Los Angeles, California
Current Federation Lords of Pain Wrestling

Satisfaction serves as the executive assistant to Inferno general manager Spectre.

Having been apart of Lords of Pain Wrestling since its inception, Satisfaction is one of the most recognized superstars on the roster.


Satisfaction entered Lords of Pain Wrestling with "Sick" Nick. After serving as his valet, she left him for SoL. Satisfaction and SoL were an item for quite some time with SoL mainly exploiting Satisfaction as arm candy. Tired of his treatment, Satisfaction betrayed SoL and ran to the arms of his arch rival, Spectre.

Spectre saw something within Satisfaction beyond her beauty; a strong will and a good heart. Spectre began cultivating Satisfaction's confidence, making her his executive assistant when he became the general manager of Inferno. Satisfaction has since become a strong figure of authority on Inferno.

Wrestling details

  • Associates
  • Nicknames
    • The First Lady of LPW
  • Theme Music
    • "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet

Championships and accomplishments


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