Saturday Night Fights was a Olive Japan: FWA Women's event that took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York on Saturday night, September 16th, 2006.


Main Event: FWA North American Championship Match Agent Mystic Eyes Vs. 박내령 So Ryung Park(c)

Up and Comer Vs. Legend IKU Vs. Agent The Bull

Yubari Vs. Sasori

Special Double-Debut "WakuWaku" Watanabe Vs. 白子 (Shiroko)

Special Re-Match Liliana Vs. "The Hong Kong Spitfire," Amy Chen

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Liliana def. Amy Chen via Northern Lights Suplex Hold

Notes: During the course of the match, Amy took a bad spill off the top rope to the floor, attempting a Shooting Star Press. She was taken to the hospital and doctors have stated that she suffered from "severe whiplash" and a "minor concussion."

Shiroko def. Michiko "Wakuwaku" Watanabe

Notes: An easy victory for the enigmatic Shiroko. Watanabe was busted open near the end of the match when a spike-heel-wearing Shiroko gave her a boot to the forehead.

Yubari def. Sasori with the Key Crusher

Notes: The returning Yubari wins a somewhat back-and-forth encounter.

Agent The Bull def. IKU via Powerbomb Pin

Notes: After the match, a woman who would later be revealed as IKU's sister Ami Naito came through the crowd and attacked IKU, laying her out. The woman was caught by the NYPD and was subsequently arrested.

Main Event:

So Ryung Park def. Agent Mystic Eyes with the Walk in the Park Powerbomb Whip to retain the FWA-NA title

Notes: Before the match started, a video package detailing the last encounter between the two was played. Park has been historically unable to defeat the veteran on multiple occasions, despite her superior physical size and strength. The match was very close, and the veteran Agent seemed to be in control during a long segment of the encounter, but after a third powerbomb whip, Park was finally able to retain her title.

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