Savage is the main alter-Ego of this character as he is the first and seen the most. He is a Neo-Nazi hell bent on creating a movement and is slowly succeeding. His wrestling Career is featured in two promotions. In LPW (Lords of Pain Wrestling) he hasn't quite taken off as a superstar but he is slowly showing he can hang with the best of them. In GIW (Global Impact Wrestling) He so far has yet to be beaten and it seemed like this company would be a small footnote in his career without much significance until the company re-opened and he now looks to win the world title tournament.

Great White

Great White has so far only been seen in GIW and not much is known about him. Great White is none other than the tortured giant that Savage uses as his muscle against his will. Great White has lashed out before against Savage but as of now it seems as if he might never do it again as of the Enlisting of his brother into Savage's army. Great White is currently undefeated.

Charley "joka" White

Charley is the brother of Great White and holds an almost supernatural control over him. Once again he has only appeared in GIW even though not in person but only as a signee.


This Alter-Ego has appeared in VCW (Vendetta Championship Wretling) and has currently signed with another Wrestling promotion HWA. He is known currently only for his partnership with Ribz besides that we only know that he went to prison, is somewhat phsycotic and is a bounty hunter.

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