Scaffold of Sim is a match type created by Society of Sim Wrestling.


Involved: Four wrestlers, every man for himself, usually a championship or other prestigious prize on the line.

Hardware at ringside: One 20' high scaffold, with one empty Flag Stand on top. 4 Locked Flag Stands at ringside, each with a country's flag inside, one representing each wrestler. Several tables and other weapons, both under and around the ring.

Rules: Each man's flag stand at ringside is individually locked. Once a wrestler gains a pinfall or submission in the ring, his flag stand is unlocked. The first man to unlock his flag stand, retrieve his flag, climb to the top of the scaffold, place his flag in the flag stand, and lock the flag stand wins the match.

Old Rules

The original Scaffold of Sim rules involved two 15' high scaffolds, one with the four flags at the top, the other with one empty flag stand. It also housed a holding chamber that a wrestler would be placed in for a set amount of time if he were pinned or submitted in the ring.

All other rules were the same. The object was to retrieve your flag from the first scaffold and bring it over to the second scaffold.


The original "old rules" were officially announced in 2005. SOS never hosted the match due to the SOS Management team taking a vote and, by one vote, deciding the match was too dangerous to take place. The match type was then put on the shelf.

In 2007, SOS owner Buck Pelletier created revised rules to the match. Certain members of SOS Management were still opposed to the idea due to the dangers involved, but this time it was decided in the favor of the match. It was officially announced in early 2007.

The match would involve SOS International Champion Daz defending the title against Zach Zero, The Hawk and Dante.

This would be the first time the International Title was defended in a match not contested under Mountevans Rules. The match created much excitement in the SOS fanbase. SOS is promoting a show which will bear the "Scaffold of Sim" title, centering the entire show around the main event Scaffold of Sim match. The event is set to take place in Chicago, Illinois.

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