Scarry Larry.Currently wrestling for XPWA.

Scary Larry
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Scary Larry]]
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Height 6'0
Weight 261 lbs
Date of birth April 1, 1960
Place of birth Boston, Mass
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Trainer William Regal, Ole Anderson
Xtreme Pain Wrestling Alliance
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Debut July 1981
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Dick Harding,is an American professional wrestler currently working for the Xtreme Pain Wrestling Alliance on the developmental brand under the ring name Scary Larry.


As a young boy, Harding found himself in a lot of fights, and soon took up a boxing career as a teen. When he dropped out of high school, he managed to find a job as a bouncer for many celebrities, such as the band Journey, Hall & Oates, and Biz Markie. He was soon captivated by wrestling.

Wrestling Career

Harding soon adopted the ring name Scary Larry, and was working for the now defunct WCW, although he lost the majority of his matches, he was known as a true brawler. In 1991, he was released because of many heated arguments with management, and found himself wrestling in a federation located in Mexico. He then went by the alias "El Blanco" bearing a mask. He earned a title there before decided to head back to the states. In 1998 he signed with the original ECW, and was on his way to Heavyweight title contention, before suffering a terrible injury.


Larry made a return in 2001, wrestling in several independent federations where he gained a lot of success, though Larry was still recovering he managed to win a number of matches.

Back into the main view

Larry has recently signed a contract with XPWA and is currently wrestling in the development division. He looks to get back on the scene and perhaps capture a title.

Personal Life

Harding is married to a woman named Maude Briscoe, and they have three children together, Dicky jr, Tim, and Tiffany.He owns a bar in his hometown of Boston, Mass called "The Scary Tavern"

Wrestling Moves

Signature Moves The Scary Suplex The SuperScary Suplex

Trademark Moves Atomic Drop Hip Toss Double Axe Handle Smash The Double Foot Stomp

Entrance Songs Jump by Van Halen (Late 80s through 95)

Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones

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