Schizos Wild 2006
Schizos Wild1
Promotion Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
Brand Schizophrenia
Date September 19, 2006
Venue American Airlines Center
City Flag of the United States Dallas, Texas
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Schizos Wild 2006 was a professional e-wrestling pay-per-view that was presented by the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance under the Schizophrenia brand. The event took place on September 19, 2006 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

This was the final Schizophrenia event before the premiere interpromotional Altered Reality III pay-per-view.

The main event was highlighted by Pen winning the PWA World Heavyweight Championship after defeating D. Hammond Samuels.



After years of toiling in midcard obscurity due to the influence of PWA management (namely one Wevv Mang), the "French Canadian Sensation" Pen decided that he had enough of the PWA's current state and rebelled against the system. Pen formed a movement he called The Revolution, which consisted of Schizo's most-popular and rising stars such as Al, The Witnesses, and The Misfits. Already, The Revolution had gained momentum. Al had recently won the Television Championship, The Witnesses were embarking on an impressive U.S. Tag Team Championship reign, and the Misfits' resident leader Headbanger was poised to win the United States Championship. All that was left was for Pen to journey into the main event scene and win the World Heavyweight Championship to realize his dream. There was just one slight problem. D. Hammond Samuels was the man he would need to beat.

Despite Ham's disdain for Pen's method of gaining the title shot, the match was signed and would be contested at Schizos Wild. The winner of the match would go onto Altered Reality III where the World Champion would fight Pyromania's International Heavyweight Champion for the second-ever Martinez Cup. Management however, wanted to throw one more screwball into the scenario and allowed Jaro, Pyro's hated International Heavyweight Champion, the opportunity to officiate the night's match.


Ham and Pen battled it out with action-packed wrestling, even though things were bound to escalate with Jaro's dirty officiating. After several minutes, Pen applied a face down full nelson stretch on the champion. Just as Ham was about to tap, Jaro grabbed his hand to allow Ham to reach the ropes. When Ham hit Pen with an ending gutwrench powerbomb, Jaro placed Pen's foot on the ropes for a rope break. Frustrated at Jaro's interference, Ham retaliatd and hit the Hasbeen's Reckoning. But when Ham had Pen beat, Jaro retaliated with a double-arm DDT on the Schizo champion. With both PWA champions going at each other, Pen was able to capitalize when he bumped Jaro into an exposed turnbuckle. with Jaro out of commission, Pen was able to hit the Point Blank Drop and pin Ham to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


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