Scooter Zyon
Real name Scott Michael Zioner
Ring Names
Height 5'8"
Weight 176lbs
Date of birth November 17th, 1982
Place of birth Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Date of death August 17th, 2005 (Age 22)
Place of death Chicago, Illinois
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Debut February 2003
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Scooter Zyon (November 17, 1982 - August 17, 2005) was an American professional wrestler, best known for being Aaron Swaim's tag partner in Sugar Rush.

Early life

Scott Michael Zioner was born to Laura and Ralph Zioner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Not much is known about his early life, other than his father, Ralph, was a raging alcoholic who constantly beat and threatened his own family. Scott was not a happy child due to his parents' constant bickering and fighting. His mother was 13 years younger than his father, and it is well known that Scott was a rape baby, whose parents were only together to save Ralph's own self.

No one was safe from Ralph's paranoia and abuse, including one night when Scott was 8 when his father, convinced Scott had stolen money from him, held his head near a buzzsaw and attempted to coerce Scott to confess. Of course, he didn't steal, but ended up getting 25 stitches from a nasty head wound.

Later on in life, Ralph killed his wife, while Scott and his younger sister Leigh managed to escape to his grandmother's house. The cops were called on Ralph and he was taken to jail.

Wrestling History

Ionic Wrestling Federation

Under his grandmother's care, Scott and his sister had a happy life. Scott became more outgoing and hyperactive, while his sister found solace in the goth culture, keeping to herself. Scott decided he wanted to be a pro wrestler in high school, and worked out constantly. He eventually made it to the Ionic Wrestling Federation where he teamed up with fellow hyper-child Aaron Swaim. They deemed themselves Sugar Rush, due to their mutual love of candy, soda pop, and sugar. He took his stage name from his old childhood nickname of "Scooter." They had success in the tag division with their unorthodox selection of moves and their quick movements.

IWF King of the Ring 2003/Family Troubles

Scooter and Aaron were put into a tag team turmoil match at KOTR 2003 against several other teams for the tag team titles. However, at some point around this time, Ralph had escaped from jail. Scooter and Aaron were driving to the destination of the pay-per-view when a frantic call from his sister, who was interrupted by a loud noise. A voice called back to Scooter's phone, letting him know his sister had been killed. Incredibly upset, Scooter and Aaron continued onto Sioux Falls for the PPV. He would ask his grandmother what happened.

However, upon returning to his hometown, he found his grandmother's and sister's bodies in a pool of blood. Enraged, Scooter found a note from his father nailed to the wall, telling Scooter to either show up at the Black Hills, or risk his father tracking him down.

It was not hard to track him down. Perhaps filled with strength from his family, he insulted and backtalked his father, the murderer. Scooter pulled out a gun and aimed it at him, while his father continued to berate him and egged him on. In slow pauses, Scooter said "For grandma....for Leigh....for mom!" before finally pulling the trigger and killing his own father, effectively gaining revenge for his fallen family. The police did not press charges on Scooter, because his father was a wanted man and a mass-murderer.

Sugar Rush showed up for the match, but due to backstage politics, lost the match to the team of Parental Advisory. Scooter later went on to win the Cruiserweight title, but the fed folded soon after.

Hybrid Wrestling Association

Free from the burden of his father, Scooter returned to wrestling in late summer 2003 as a more light hearted person to Hybrid Wrestling Association, and managed to win the Intercontinental title. Two months later, HWA closed down. Scooter semi-retired from wrestling, mainly acting as manager for his old tag partner and lover Aaron Swaim.


On August 17, 2005, and in the city of Chicago, Illinois, tragedy occurred. Taking a brief road trip, Scooter and Aaron ended up with a broken down Grand Prix around Midnight. Of course, their hotel had to be about six blocks down the street, and to get to it, to get to their phones, they had to walk. And so, they started their trek down back to their hotel in Downtown Chicago.

About halfway back, a man named Justin Patterson, drunk like an Irishman usually is, walked past them, making a pass at the younger girl. This, in fact, made Scott excessively angered, and when the guy started harassing Aaron, Scooter did the honorable thing, and went to attack the guy, just to get him to shut his mouth. What he didn't know, was that the guy had a gun, and that gun was pointed right at Scooter. A second later, Scott told Aaron to run and he began to as well, but the drunken man decided he'd just gun down Scott for the heck of it. Shot nine times in the back, Scott Zioner ceased to exist, and is now buried in a Chicago Cemetery.

Championships and Honors

  • 1x IWF Cruiserweight Champion
  • 1x HWA Intercontinental Champion
  • 1x ISE Intercontinental Champion

Wrestling Information

Finishing Moves

  • Road to Zyon (Leg Sweep DDT)
  • Sugarfoot (Superkick)
  • Soda Pop Drop (Final Cut, except with a leg drop instead of an elbow drop)
  • Rolly Chair (Tag Team Finisher; places Aaron on a rolling chair, then Scooter shoves it as hard as he can at the opponent who is usually in the corner,)

Signature moves

  • Blaster Master (Jumping Bionic Elbow)
  • Crazy Jumping Thing (Dragonrana from Top Rope)

Theme Music

  • "Sleeping Awake" P.O.D. (2003 - 2004)
  • "Serenity" Godsmack (2004 - 2005)


  • Enemies


  • Despite his name, Scooter was not Jewish.
  • Had a large scar on his head from his father's abuse.

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