Scott Rix
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Real name
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Height 6'4
Weight 288 lbs.
Date of birth November 3, 1977
Place of birth London, England
Date of death
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Billed from London, England
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Debut April 2006
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"The Problem Solver" Scott Rix has made both a subtle and violent impact on the WrestleView Wrestling Federation since his arrival in April 2006. As his name claims he solves people's problems: For a price!


Very little is known about Rix prior to his arrival in the WrestleView Wrestling Federation. From the way he conducts himself and his business in WVWF it is certain that he was more often than not on the wrong side of the law back in his home of Hammersmith in London.

What is certain is that this supremely confident individual is used to getting his own way and demands respect from all around him. A dangerous man who has only ever delivered violence where ever he has gone.

He has brought this very direct and brutal form of violence to the WVWF.

WrestleView Wrestling Federation

Rix identified as his first problem as the WVWF Legend, the Natural Born Thrilla, Jon Michaels. Rix started with a series of encounters with Jon, and his wife Laura, backstage during many of WVWF's live show Fury. His cold, calm manner and talk of business deals gave a very thin veneer over the violence that would meet any answer or response that did not fit what he wanted.

Rix would leave his calling card, quite literally, and everyone would find themselves in possession of a Scott Rix, Problem Solver Business Card.

During these encounters Rix made the comments that Michaels was a shell of his former self and the implication was that he would continue on this downward fall if Michaels did not accept his generous offer. And that all of his problems would be solved if he let Rix help him. It was enough to spur Jon Michaels on in his feud with Kid Hollywood and the Underground.

Rix's debut match saw him bring his Cockney brand of violence to a WVWF bring to make the raw stuff of memory for the WVWF fans, when he brutalised WVWF stalwart, Ryan Richards. And then in his arogance gate-crashed WVWF's biggest PPV, Vendetta, claiming that the show was not up to standard because he was not on it. Ty Johnson came out to confront him and the following match helped make Vendetta the memorable event it was.

Rix later found some information that was very interesting. With this information Rix attempted to bribe WVWF manager, Shane Franklin. Rix's reward for this was to face Jason Sinister from the newly arrived tag team Apocalypse Now.

WVWF Extreme Championship

On the 16th of May 2006 Scott Rix was reward for all of his violence with a spot in the Elimination Fatal Four Way to be the contender for the Extreme Championship. Scott St Cool, Reckless Jack and Jack Rogers were his opponents and Rix was victorious over the final contestant Scott St Cool.

This led to the first meeting between the then Extreme Champion, Headbanger Bane and Scott Rix. For whatever reasons Rix and Bane had an instant disliking of each other and there interactions for over a month were some of the more violent. Often it was the case that one or the other would attack the other during another match. Or simply brawling backstage. This brawling led the injury of many officials to the extent that Shane Franklin banned both of them from appearing at WVWF PPV Hotter Than Hell

It was during his build up that Rix coigned one of his favourite lines "I shall prove the difference between Scott Rix and Hell. Hell doesn't exist and Scott Rix does!"

It was however Rix's idea for both of them to have their match at Hotter Than Hell anyway. Rix uses his skills of persuasion to coerce disgraced WVWF referee Magnus 'Max' Godwin to be the official for this match.

Rix and Bane's unsanctioned match at Hotter Than Hell shall go down in WVWF's history. This falls count anywhere match saw these two battle all over the arena, from the parking lot, through the staging area, the locker room (taking out Ty Johnson in the process), storage rooms, Angie Hart's interview area, the arena stage through the crowd and the ring during the match between Tiago Lopes and Jack Rogers.

Rix won the match by putting Headbanger Bane threw Hugh and Smith's announcer's table with his Solver DDT from the ring apron. Rix proclaimed himself WVWF Extreme Champion.

However Shane Franklin, perhaps still getting vengeance for his bribing, stripped Rix of the Extreme Title, claiming that the match was unsanctioned. But in equal measure Headbanger Bane had lost such a brutal match and could longer be considered the champion. So Franklin started the Hard Ten Tournement, and entering both Rix and Bane.

Rix has managed overcome his first round opponent, Tiago Lopes, and is now very much on the way back to reclaiming the title he feels he shoud never have lost or been stripped of in the first place.

In the second round Rix faced Travis Chase Smith and the enigmatic Canadian pushed Rix to the limit. Bane had made it clear that he wanted to face Rix to regain the Extreme Title, and he made his presence felt in the match. Bane's interference led to both TCS and Rix reaching the target of 10 at the same time. This meant that both advanced to the final. This meant the Hard Ten Tournament final at WVWF Adrenaline Rush is now a 4 Way Dance instead of a 3 Way Dance.

At Adrenaline Rush the 4 Way Dance was once again a classic in the making. Adding TCS and Shawn Tyler to the Extreme Championship scene could only make this match all the more brutal. And brutal it was. At the end Tyler and Rix lay in a pile in the debris of the announcer's table, after once again applying the Solver DDT. It was TCS who then hit his Headhunter Superkick to former champion Headbanger Bane to claim the title of a division he felt he was unsuited to be in the first place.

Post Adrenaline Rush Scott Rix's obsession with the Extreme Title led him to have a couple of matches with Travis Chase Smith, and despite the aid of his Brit Pack, Rix was unable to gain the title he covetted so much.

Despite be occupied with other things Scott Rix has made it clear that the WVWF Exteme Title is never far from his thoughts and it is a sure bet that one day Rix will once again be bring his brand of violence to the Extreme division.

15 Man Battle Royal

On the 25th July episode of WVWF's Fury the WVWF held a 15 Man Battle Royal to find the number one contender for the WVWF Heavyweight Title. Rix managed to draw a high number, 13 in fact, and had a very good chance of winning. He eliminated the debuting Big Shot Hembree, from the Hembree Boyz, with his Solver DDT. He then eliminated another WVWF new boy, Skyler Striker, with his Tower Figure Four submission move.

This led a confrontation between Striker and Rix on the August 1 Fury, which was won by Striker after Headbanger Bane interfered in the match.

The Brit Pack

Brit Pack 'The Prince and the Problem Solver'

It was not long before the similar minds of Scott Rix and fellow Englishman 'The Prince' James Birch came together. Rix allied himself to 'The Prince' and has vowed to solve many of Birch's problems. Rix has dubbed this informal alliance the 'Brit Pack'.

This brief alliance did not last for very long. After James Birch took some time off to recover and recharge he no longer wished to be associated with his Problem Solver. No mention of this break up has ever been made but it may not be long before a resurgent Prince mets the Problem Solver in one way or another.

Early in 2007 James Birch was booked on an episode of Fury being the English gent that Birch is he accepted the booking but did make it clear that it would be a one time deal. Birch's opponent for this match was none other than this former partner Scott Rix. Now the Problem Solver had the Prince of Problems to solve. And solve it he did. This match ended with Rix putting Birch through the plate glass windows of the arena and leaving him in a pool of blood and broken glass.

Scott Rix has since that time proclaimed that he has killed the Prince and that James Birch would have to think twice before coming back to the WVWF. But James Birch has had some other ideas and now as the WVWF gears up to Vendetta once again 'The Prince' James Birch has returned.

Pure Bred Brit Pack

As for the Brit Pack, Scott Rix soon decided that he needed back up he could depend on. So in September 2006 whilst WVWF mainstay Jon Michaels and Skyler Striker returned to WVWF Fury with members of Yggdrasil Pro-Wrestling Rix stood up to all four men but the odds where not as one sided as they first seemed as it then that Rix revealed his new Brit Pack. Jimmy James and Phil 'Philthy' Rotten came through the crowd and attacked the YPW Untouchables.

Since then the Brit Pack have delivered their brand of British violence to all and sundry, regardless of the result of their matches.

Currently Scott Rix's feud with the Mercenary J.W. McCammon has included McCammon's cousins the Hembree Boyz and the Brit Pack. In particular Freak Hembree and Philthy Rotten, who each believe that they are the best Cruiserweight in the WVWF. On an October edition of Fury these two fought for the unofficial Cruiserweight title with the Freak coming out on top. However it is certain that is not the end of that saga.

In 2007 The Brit Pack emerged as the tope contenders for the WVWF Tag Team titles that the Hembree Boyz now held. The Brit Pack have emreged as the top contenders due mainly to one night on Fury in February when the Brit Pack destroyed both the Bond Brothers - laying waste to them in their own locker room, leaving them in broken wood and blood and the New Breed also suffered the same fat at the hands of this new wave of Brit Pack violence.

Note The term Brit Pack is used to both to refer the team of Jimmy James and Philthy Rotten and the entire group of Scott Rix, Jimmy James and Philthy Rotten.

A Clash Of Ideals - YPW Title, J.W. McCammon and Scott Rix

At the Saturday Night Prime Time special event that followed the Adrenaline Rush PPV Scott Rix was scheduled to face his long term rival Headbanger Bane but however Bane was unable to make the event, and indeed has taken a long term hiatus from the WVWF, so Scott Rix issued a challenge to former WVWF Champion, the Mercenary J.W. McCammon.

The ideals of the Mercenary and Problem Solver have long be at odds. McCammon fights with pride and honour whilst Rix believes that ends always justifies the means and will do pretty much all it takes to get the win. Or perhaps it is their similarities that forced them to clash. Both execute violence to their opponents with brutal effiency. Whilst Rix was acting as the Problem Solver for 'The Prince' James Birch Rix made some comments about the Mercenary, or 'Solder of Fortune' as Rix called him.

Whislt McCammon was unable to met Rix's challenge at Prime Time he and Rix did have their match at the following Fury. Rix used all of the weapons in his arsenal, which included the Brit Pack. Rix and the Brit Pack gave McCammon a beating after the match which was only stopped by McCammon's cousins, the Hembree Boyz.

YPW Champion Reckless Jack, who still held the title despite the collapse of that fed, made a challenge for a TLC match at WVWF Hallowicked. J.W. McCammon was the first to take up the challenge but Scott Rix was also quick to join in nit wishing to be out done by McCammon. The 3 Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at WVWF Hallowicked shall indeed included many of the greatest elements of the Reckless Jack, J.W. McCammon and Scott Rix.

Also at the Hallowicked PPV Rix's and McCammon's associates, the Brit Pack and the Hembree Boyz will continue their feud with a Texas Tornado Elimination match.

WVWF Reborn and the Asylum Chamber Match

Rix's efforts and pure violence were rewarded at the 2007 Reborn as he is entered in the Asylum Match match for the WVWF title.

Reborn was a to be a turning point in WVWF history, in that new part owner and GM Mr. Quinn was attempting to rebuild the federation after a brief period of trouble. New WVWF Champion Reckless Jack had informed management that, only after a few days, that he was quiting the federation. Shane Franklin was quick to act and stripped Reckless Jack of the title and set up the Dark Prophet's brainchild of the Asylum Chamber match for the vacanted title. Also at this event Mr. Quinn wished to rebirth the three mid-card titles into one, so the North American, Television and Extreme titles would be united under the banner of the Extreme belt.

Such a brutal match as the Asylum Chamber brought 6 men together in the confines of such a heelish structure. The Dark Prophet, Matthew Draven, Donovan Turnquist, JackHammer, Skylar Striker and Scott Rix.

Despite losing and being eliminated from the chamber this match was a pivotal point in the history of Scott Rix. It brought to a head the confrontation between Draven and Rix, which in a strange way has still continued despite Draven's 'death'.

The Dark Prophet won the WVWF Championship at Reborn. So Mr. Quinn had not only rebirthed the WVWF with a new champion. Something else was reborn at the event: Scott Rix.

The Road to WVWF Vendetta 2007

Having stepped into the WVWF Vendetta 2006 as the rookie and had to carve a match out for himself on the card Scott Rix walks the main road to the WVWF's premiere event as the Number One Contedner of the WVWF Title.

After Reborn WVWF management booked a 20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the right to challenge the WVWF Champion at Vendetta. Of the 5 other contenders for the title in the Asylum Match only two others besides Dark Prophet only former champion JackHammer, Turnquist and Scott Rix remained with the WVWF, Skylar Striker having taken his leave of the federation for personal reasons and Matthew Draven having 'died' mysteriously, and both of these remaining Title hopefuls entered the Battle Royal along with 18 other WVWF stars.

It was a horribly focused Scott Rix who entered the Fury Arena that night. During an interview with Brit Pack member Jimmy James, also an entrant in the Battle Royal, that Rix's 'rebirth' was made evident. Philthy Rotten interrupted the interview and brought Jimmy James, with Angie Hart in tow to find Scott Rix having beaten up an official. Beaten to such an extent that he was in a brief coma, lasting 3 days, broke 5 ribs and an arm, lost partial vision in his left eye, needed reconstructive surgery on his nose and over 20 stitches to wounds on his scalp. It was this focused Scott Rix who would enter the Battle Royal.

Entering the match as entrant 9 this terribly focused and violent Scott Rix was dominant throughout. Although JackHammer thought Scott Rix to already be eliminated and was starting to celebrate when Scott Rix snuck back into the ring and hit a 'cactus clothesline' sending both men to the outside hitting the floor at the same time. Both men were declared winners.

Rix did not let his 'focus' drop. And many others joined unfortunate WVWF backroom staff member on the injured list because of Scott Rix. It seemed that developmental talent was fair game to his new Scott Rix. All the way up until the final confrontation between JackHammer and Scott Rix in a Cage Match on Fury in March at least four developmental talents fell victim to Scott Rix - Brad Isaacs, Frankie Newton, Josh Sagga and Eddie Armstrong. Even the WVWF's female announcer was threatened and almost hit by Scott Rix until Jimmy James stopped which often diverted Rix back to Phil Rotten rather than Angie Hart or any other WVWF personel.

Throughout his period it was the mere mention of the Dark Prophet's name that has halted Scott Rix and turns him into a cold eyed, intent and seething menace. The anger that the name of Dark Prophet's engenders from Scott Rix knows know bounds, as he assaulted anyone nearby including WVWF staff, going so far as to menace both Angie Hart and Roger Williams, Isaacs, Newton, Sagg and Armstrong all faced this anger and it would seem that neither Jimmy James or Philthy Rotten are immune to this anger.

It remains to be seen what this anger will do when Scott Rix finally comes in to contact with the Dark Prophet at WVWF Vendetta.

Signature Moves

Problem Solved - Running Power Slam Pin

Solver DDT - DDT, where Rix places both feet on the second ropes and pushes off from there for extra impact.

Tower Figure Four - Rix’ hooks his left arm, up to the shoulder, and places the lower leg across his shoulders. The opponent’s right leg is hooked over the left leg on Rix’s shoulders. Rix then pulls down on the right leg, pivoting and applying pressure on both shins. For added pressure and the tower part Rix stands up so the pressure on the leg comes from the opponent’s body weight and Rix breaking the leg over the other leg. Added bonus that it can also mean that the opponent’s shoulders are on the mat forcing them to not only deal with the leg lock but also have to sit up to avoid being pinned.

Rix’s Face Breaker. Opponent in corner face out, Rix climbs to top rope. Places knee in center of opponent’s back and Rix’s hand on opponent’s head or holding hair. Rix then jumps down riding his opponent to the mat driving his knee into the back and the face into the mat (or harder ground).

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