Scott Simmonds
Billing information
Ring name(s) Mike Shotworth
Scott Simmonds
Height 6ft. 2 in.
Weight 228 lb.
Born 23 May 1986
Hometown Flag of the United States Stone Mountain, Georgia
Theme music "Bad Romance" by Outline In Color
Affiliation(s) Greatest Ever Wrestlers
Federation(s) Global Extreme Wrestling
Previous federation(s) Universal Wrestling Federation
Global Combat Wrestling
Stampede Pro Wrestling
Project Rockstar Championship Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Technical
High Flyer
Professional career
Debut October 29th, 2007
Record 36-14-0
Accomplishments GEW Extreme Chaos Champion
GCW No Limits Champion
UWF Hardcore Champion
UWF Tag Team Champion

Scott Simmonds (born, Scott Andrew Simmonds on May 23 1986, in Stone Mountain, Georgia) is an American Professional Wrestler currently signed to Global Extreme Wrestling.


Early Life

Scott was born on the 23rd of May 1986 in Stone Mountain, Georgia to parents David, a local tradesman, and Janice. Scott was the 2nd oldest of his 5 siblings, however he only shares the same mother and father as his older brother Shane. After his parents divorced in the late 1987 Scott's mother found a new love by the name of John Henderson. The two married in 1989 and Janice gave birth to twins Michelle and Amy on October 11th 1990.

Scott's father David also found love after his first marriage, however he never re-married. David was involved in an on going affair with Gemma Merrick, a Las Vegas barmaid whom he met on vacation. This would eventually lead to the birth of an illegitimate child, Scott's youngest brother, Adam in 1994. Adam's older brother is professional wrestler Benji Merrick.

On January 12 2009, one of Scott's (many) former lovers gave birth to his son Michael Scott 'Mikey' Simmonds. Despite her best efforts, Scott eventually won a court battle allowing him to have parental access to his son in July 2010.

Introduction to Wrestling

At the tender age of 15 Scott dropped out of Stone Mountain High School, which he attended having graduated from Stone Mountain Elementary School, with the dream of becoming a wrestler etched in his mind courtesy of his brother Shane. A child of the Attitude Generation Scott grew up idolizing the likes of Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. His older brother Shane assisted Scott in building a ring in their garage where the two set up a small gym, and an old VCR on which the two would study tapes religiously.

Scott has been cited as claiming that there would be;

"...Nothing better than to hold tag team gold with my brother."

The two would also recruit fellow Stone Mountain High School student Robert Doherty and the trio would go on to perform several shows for friends and relatives in the garage. Upon seeing this several of the other boys from the area would approach Scott asking for tuition in the ways of wrestling. While reluctant at first, Scott eventually accepted and a class of 9 (including Scott, Shane and Robert) would go on to perform several local shows.

After a few of these shows (including one where Scott and Shane successfully took on Robert and Scott's half brothers brother Benji Merrick) there would be a huge fallout, after a few of the other boys claimed Scott was giving himself top billing. The tag team success of Scott and Shane would not last however, with Shane passing away in November of 2003.

Following the shock suicide death of his brother Scott decided to chase both his, and his brothers dreams. He was quoted in an interview for a championship match in UWF as saying;

"...This one is for you Shane..."

It is well known by many of his long time friends that Shane is his major drive for wrestling success. After traveling the independent circuit for sometime, wrestling dark matches and warming the crowd, Scott was spotted by UWF talent scouts. After signing a lucrative contract Scott's time in the ring was cut short by a potentially career ending back injury. Fortunately for Scott doctors overestimated the seriousness of the injury and after a few weeks out of action he returned to the ring.


Universal Wrestling Federation

October 2007

Scott Simmonds announced he was going to be competing in the UWF on October 20th however he failed to make an impact. Struggling to be noticed in such a large company Scott did his best and was fortunate to get on the card for Shockwave V however was defeated. His first match resulting in a loss hit his morale hard and would be the last he participated in during this short stint in the Universal Wrestling Federation.

December 2007 - February 2008

On December 19th Scott announced he would be returning to the UWF ring, doing so successfully on December 31st at the Seasons Beatings Pay-Per-View. Scott defeated Angelus Archer to be named number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, then held held by Rayah Louise Turner. The following night on Adrenaline Scott teamed with Dwayne Hector to take on the Intercontinental Champion and her partner the Prime Time Champion JC Diamond. Simmonds and Hector were unsuccessful in there attempt at defeating the champions and Scott took two weeks off after this to regroup.

On January 21st 2008 Scott did battle with reigning UWF Intercontinental Champion Rayah Louise Turner but came up short suffering defeat. It was almost a case of 'I told you so' as Turner had gone into the match very confident. Scott went one on one with Jimmy Guerrero at Numbered Days and scored a very convincing win, defeating Jimmy after hitting his signature Scott Treatment. Scott continued his winning ways in February of 2008 defeating the Dirty South Inc. and Doc Holiday in successive weeks. After defeating Tristan Rockwell and St. Jimmy in a triple threat match (by pinning Tristan) Scott was placed in a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship at UWF's February Pay-Per-View Break down. After defeating St. Jimmy and earning his second shot at the Intercontinental championship, UWF Owner Glenn Legend named Scott as one of the six competitors in the six pack match at Unbreakable where all championships will be on the line however Scott was scrubbed from this match after failing to show up to a series of house shows.

March 2008 - May 2008

On the March 3rd edition of Adrenaline Scott successfully teamed with Curt Evans to advance in the Lethal Lottery tournament. After being dropped from the main event at Unbreakable, the same day he lost his grandmother, Scott took a turn and was discovered unconscious in his Stone Mountain, GA apartment. He was taken to a nearby hospital in a stable condition where it was later announced that he had attempted suicide. After several weeks of ups and downs Scott was discharged from hospital and made his way back to the UWF. Following the resignation of Joseph Johnson Scott was put back into the Unbreakable main event. It was at this Pay-Per-View Scott captured his first UWF Championship belt. He pinned Ravi Moon to be crowned the new UWF Hardcore Champion, a championship which was at the time being held by Kameron Chase. Chase however gave Scott some pay back by driving him head first into thumbtacks before the end of the night. Scott and Chase went one on one on Monday Night Adrenaline on the 14th of April with Chase coming away with the victory after rolling Scott up and holding onto the ropes. This marked Scott's first loss in almost three months. The following week on Monday Night Adrenaline Scott suffered his second defeat in as many weeks, despite not being involved in the pinfall. Ravi Moon was pinned by Erica Rose in a triple threat match after Erica hit Scott with a low blow to take him out of the picture.

After two losses in successive weeks Scott rebounded with a win in tag team action, his partner ("The Irresistible" Chris Diamond) however scored the fall. Diamond pinned the man Scott would defend his Hardcore Championship at Shockwave VI against, Richard Guillotine. Following this match Scott took a week off for preparations and was successful in defending his Hardcore Championship. Due to the voted stipulations the match was contested in a Concrete Cage. Scott won the match after he was thrown through the steel wall by Guillotine. The following week Scott teamed once again with "The Irresistible" Chris Diamond to successfully defeat Richard Guillotine and Sheri Grave. After this match Scott would take several weeks off to rest the back injury which almost ended his career some months earlier.

June 2008 - August 2008

In, what was Scott's first appearance in UWF for two weeks, an interview with Mike "Milky" Graves on the June 2nd edition of Adrenaline Scott took a super kick from JC Diamond who announced that she would be Scott's next challenger for the Hardcore Championship at a match to be announced at a later date.

Scott made a surprise return, on the June 16th Adrenaline, when he jumped from a cake which was being presented to UWF Owner Glenn Legend. Scott proceeded to beat down Legend before piledriving him through the cake with the help of P.B. Force and Bulldog Executioner of Andy Titsuhiro's "Kings Court". Scott appeared again later in the show when he was presented with a tag team title belt by Gary "The Hitman" Reece. The presentation was disrupted when Glenn Legend hit the ring, looking to extract some revenge, doing so by taking out Bulldog Executioner and P.B. Force with a sledgehammer while Scott and The Hitman made themselves scarce.

Scott faced arguably his biggest challenge in his young career on the June 23rd Adrenaline when he suffered defeat at the hands of former 3 time Universal Champion "The Phenomenon" Stryfe. If this wasn't bad enough the following week Scott Suffered defeat (when he was pinned by Conner Williams) in a Hardcore Tag Team Match. After a week off however Scott was back with a vengeance and was successful in leading the team of himself, Gabriella and Tyler Havoc to victory in a Triple Threat, 3 a team, tag team match. Scott scored the pinfall over his British Massacre opponent J.C. Diamond.

The following week, at the British Massacre Pay-Per-View, the roles were reversed and it was Scott who was on the receiving end of a three count from J.C. Diamond. After losing his Hardcore Championship to J.C. early in the program and The Kings Court (Scott's stable) losing the tag team titles Scott returned for the 4 on 4 Survival of the Sickest match without gold for the first time in four months. This match saw Scott eliminated by Glenn Legend, who went on be the sole survivor for his team. Following the match it was revealed that the two team captains (Glenn Legend and Andy Titsuhiro) were on the same page and the two feuding stables merged. This saw Scott now become a two time tag team champion (by default).

The week after Scott lost his Hardcore Championship he was put into a Universal Championship number one contenders match against Masterkilla a man who, like Scott, went close to defeating Kameron Chase during his tenure as Universal Champion. Scott was successful in his efforts and earned the right to face Curt Evans at the August "Mid-Summer Nightmare" Pay-Per-View. The week following his victory over Masterkilla Scott and Universal Champion Curt Evans made their thoughts known and their intentions clear in the center of the ring before Adrenaline went off the air.

After a week off from competition the Universal Wrestling Federation held its Mid-Summer Nightmare PPV where Scott went one on one with Universal Champion Curt Evans. Scott came within an inch of the gold but fell short and was eventually beaten by Evans.

September 2008

After falling short at Mid-Summer Nightmare Scott Simmonds was named as one of the 6 competitors in the Elimination Chamber match to be held at October's Shockwave Pay-Per-View event. On the September 1st edition of Adrenaline Scott Simmonds and his fellow Golden Court member and Tag Team partner Andy Titsuhiro picked up the three count over Gage Gannon and the UWF Universal Champion Curt Evans. This came moments after Evans turned on his partner for the evening Gannon and hit him with the 'Irresistible Ending'

Scott successfully defended the UWF Tag Team Championships with JC Diamond on the September 8th edition of Adrenaline. The following week Scott suffered a loss to Prime Time Champion Lance Mikes. The following Week at the Dangerzone Pay-Per-View Scott was again successful in a street fight against UWF Intercontinental Champion Hailey Parker. This would be Scott's last match before a brief hiatus from Universal Wrestling Federation.

Following several months of failed negotiations Scott was released from his Universal Wrestling Federation contract.

Global Extreme Wrestling

April 2008 - May 2008

On April 11th 2008 Scott Simmonds made his Global Extreme Wrestling debut, successfully defeating Troy Gafgen after hitting him with his signature rotating tombstone piledriver. This was Scott's first win in GEW and his first win using this move. The following week Scott continued his winning ways by defeating Adam Cage via Scott Treatment. Third time was a charm for Scott who was successful against Empire of Blood member Sah'ta Thor, however he would suffer his first defeat the following week at the hands of the reigning GEW Omega champion Kirsten. He was quick to bounce back from this defeat with a win over Pixie Styx.

June 2008

After taking a couple of weeks off from the ring, Scott made his return with a new look and a new attitude. He appeared on the June 9th edition of Chaos where he provided guest commentary in the match between Nic McGregor and Devin Rhys (the match saw Devin successfully defeat McGregor.) After the bell Scott jumped Devin from behind, beating him down and leaving him unconscious in the center of the ring before placing a paper bag over his head.

This was a gimmick Scott had presented to GEW management and had been given the green light on a trial basis. Following the response this gimmick was scratched and Scott was sent back to the drawing board.

Following a week off Global Extreme Wrestling was scheduled to return to the air, however it would do so without Scott who officially resigned from GEW on June 20th.

October 2008 - December 2008

Simmonds returned to GEW towards the end of the year, feuding with Troy Gafgen and ultimately defeating Gafgen for the latter's title of "GEW's Hardcore MVP" at Pushed To The Limit. Following this victory Scott took several weeks off to heal a nagging foot injury before returning successfully against Gabriella on Chaos, and the following week defeating Mark Chapman to become the GEW Extreme Chaos Champion.

Due to personal reasons Scott unintentionally voided his GEW contract, forcing him to resign from the company for the duration. This would lead to a final match against reigning GEW Champion James Magnum, which Scott would lose, followed by a post match beat down from Mark Chapman who would reclaim the Extreme Chaos Championship by doing so.

March 2009 - May 2009

While it was kept under wraps by GEW management, Scott effectively re-signed at the beginning of March 2009 but would not make an appearance until the Extreme Extravaganza Pay-Per-View on April 26th at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA where he would return as a Mystery Opponent against Mark Chapman and reclaim the Extreme Chaos Championship.

It was speculated by many that Mark's opponent would be Lee Wong or his mentor, Mark's cousin, Kameron Chase and even Mark's fellow Critical Acclaim bandmate Damien Synn. The match itself saw outside interference on behalf of both parties, including a run in from a planted Audience Member. After taking a week off to heal up after his grueling confrontation with Chapman, Scott returned on Chaos in Melbourne, Australia with a victory over Gabriella.

Before he could take place in the next scheduled match up, Scott was forced to leave GEW for personal reasons.

April 2010 - May 2010

After an up and down relationship, both with GEW and in his personal life, Scott Simmonds made his return to GEW in the 2010 Commonwealth Cup Tournament. He would taste victory in his first round match against Maria Giordano, and follow that up with a victory of Tony Harrison, cementing himself a place in the final of the Commonwealth cup at the Open Season pay-per-view in a Doomsday Ladder Match. Despite being the first man to pin both of his opponents and become eligible for the trophy, Scott failed to win the match (which was later won by Dwight Mare). This would be Scott's last GEW appearance for 2010.

May 2011 - June 2011

When it was announced that GEW was going to be celebrating their 10th anniversary at Extreme Extravaganza, Scott managed to pull a few strings and get himself back into the fold. He made his official GEW return on the May 7th edition of Chaos, where he would crown himself the new GEW International Champion and the new GEW Omega Champion. BuckySkyler would then dispute these claims and the two ordered to resolve the matter of the Omega Championship at Extreme Extravaganza.

Come the 10th anniversary show, Scott would make short work of Skyler, and become the first Omega Champion since GEW re-opened it's doors. On the Chaos following Extreme Extravaganza Scott would chalk up yet another GEW victory defeating former World Champion, and old rival, Troy Gafgen. Following this, on the July 9th edition of Chaos, Simmonds would continue his winning ways, defeating Javex Valerius, La Sombra Oscura and Phreak in a Fatal Four Way, before returning later in the evening to Challenge former GEW World Heavyweight Champion Sah'ta Thor to a match, after becoming sick of him trying to destroy the company that he felt he helped to build. Thor would accept the challenge and the two would be entered into a two fall Shatterzone match (Along with World Champion Oliver Creed and Noumenon) for both Scott's Omega championship and Creed's Heavyweight belt at the Collision Course Pay-Per-View event.

Independent Circuit

Stampede Pro Wrestling

With the disheartening few weeks in the Universal Wrestling Federation behind him Scott decided to move into new territory. This new territory was the short lived Stampede Pro Wrestling. In his debut match he defeated an unknown before being reunited with his long time friend "Rectum Raping" Robert Doherty. The two teamed together but were unsuccessful in capturing the SPW tag team championships. During the tag title match Scott was thought to have done major damage to a vertebrae which could force him out for the rest of his career. The company folded soon after Scott's departure.

Project Rockstar Championship Wrestling

Merely three weeks after surgery on his back Scott made his return to the ring in Project Rockstar Championship Wrestling. He competed and suffered a loss to Batista under the name Mike Shotworth. He would continue to compete under this name for several weeks before receiving a push and being teamed with Intercontinental Champion CM Punk. After several impressive showings with Punk the team was given a tag team title match at PRCW:New Years Bloodbath which they made the most of. This was Scott's first championship of his career. Scott held this championship until PRCW folded close to the end of January 2008.

Genocidal Wrestling Federation

After the fold of Project Rockstar Championship Wrestling, several of the management staff and wrestlers banded together in a new, more aggressive, environment. Genocidal Wrestling Federation was a short lived promotion, of which Scott was a part owner, competitor and scout. He recruited several talents, including Kurt McPhee and Ric Reaper.

After majority stock holder Matt Bradley pulled out of the promotion the other management staff were unable to fund the company and it closed in late March 2008.

World Assaulting Federation

When Bruce Parker re-opened the World Assaulting Federation he approached Scott who wasn't shy at accepting another job. After a win over "The Killer" Brian Walker in his debut match and a victory in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match the following week Scott received a WAF Heavyweight Title Shot, however this match never took place due to the closure of the company.

Impact Championship Wrestling Federation

This was another business venture for Scott, allowing him to test his options for life after wrestling. He appeared as a semi-active force of rebellion against Impact Championship Wrestling Federation which he would eventually take over on ownership. After several months of programming and the discovery of talents such as Morgan Greene, Rachel Waters as well as the continuing relationship between Scott and long time friend Ric Reaper, the company closed on good terms.

There has been talks of a re-opening amongst long time employees, and many are open to the idea. However to date, there has not been any official word on this rumour.

Global Combat Wrestling

A friend of Scott's (Garth Gaffney) opened GCW and was quick to offer a contract. After several disputes among staff Scott finally debuted at the companies debut PPV Wrestling of Mass Destruction. It was here that he defeated GCW No Limits Champion Rachel Waters. The following week Scott defeated Jay Dee to become Number 1 Contender to Waters' No Limits Championship. At the Thanksgiving Special Scott defeated Rachel to capture the No Limits Championship, however after contractual disputes and unhappiness from both parties Scott resigned from the company, forfeiting the title in doing so.


Scott has never been one to shy away from the spotlight, nor one to back down from a confrontation. In one of the more infamous occurrences Scott and long time friends James Magnum and Kameron Chase broke Kayfabe and attacked UWF superstar Nick Mason backstage. Leaving Mason in a bloodied mess the trio then carved the letters GEW into his back and thus the Greatest Ever Wrestlers was born. At the time this caused outrage and lead to the eventual walk out of both Chase and Magnum. Simmonds however was given a warning and left to compete in the company where he would eventually challenge for the Universal Championship. Several months later however Simmonds left the company, with which he was on shaky ground.

Another such instance of controversy came in Garth Gaffney's GCW. After several arguments and confrontations with the management staff Scott took it upon himself to resign. However, wanting to leave a sour taste in the mouth of the company Scott (then reigning No Limits Champion) cut a short vignette, in which he dismissed the company before tossing the No Limits Championship into a trash can. This would formerly end his business relationship with both GCW and Garth Gaffney.

Championships & Accomplishments

Project Rockstar Championship Wrestling

  • PRCW Tag Team Championship (1 times)
    • 1 x with CM Punk
      • Simmonds and Punk held the championship until the closure of the company

Universal Wrestling Federation

  • UWF Hardcore Champion (1 time)
  • UWF Tag Team Champion (2 time)
    • 1 x with Kings Court
    • 1 x with The Golden Court
  • UWF Hardcore Champion of the Half Year (January-June 2008)

Global Extreme Wrestling

  • GEW Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
  • GEW Omega Champion (1 time)
  • GEW Extreme Chaos Champion (2 time)
  • GEW Torneo Extremo Winner 2009 (w/ Shane Tallin)
  • GEW Breakout Star of the Year 2008
  • GEW Feud of the Year 2008
    • Scott Simmonds v Troy Gafgen for the Hardcore MVP Crown
  • GEW Commonwealth Cup Finalist 2010
  • GEW Hardcore MVP

World Assaulting Federation

  • Undefeated Until The Companies Closure

Global Combat Wrestling

  • GCW No Limits Champion (1 time)
    • Scott forfeited the title upon leaving the company

Impact Championship Wrestling Federation

  • ICWF Champion (1 time, current)
  • 2016 Rumble Down Under

In Wrestling

Finishing and Signature Moves

The Scottomiser – Rotating Tombstone Pile Driver
Scott Treatment – Firemans Carry to Stunner
Lights Out Driver – Double Underhook Piledriver
Springboard Simmondsault - Springboard Moonsault
Torture Rack to Face Buster
DDT Squared
Back Suplex
Hangmans Neckbreaker
450 Splash

Theme Songs


  • Blinded In ChainsAvenged Sevenfold (October 2007)
  • Raining BloodSlayer (October 2007)
  • In Your Honor - Foo Fighters
  • Shake Your Blood - Probot
  • Out Of My Way - Seether
  • Critical Acclaim - Avenged Sevenfold
  • Life Behind The Lies - Forgiven Rival



  • Now I Lay Thee Down - Machine Head


  • Blinded In Chains – Avenged Sevenfold (SPW, PRCW)
  • Critical Acclaim - Avenged Sevenfold (WAF)