"The Boston Rocker" Sean Byrne
[[Image:|px|Image of "The Boston Rocker" Sean Byrne]]
Real name Sean Byrne
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Height 6' 2"
Weight 265 lb
Date of birth Febuarry 2, 1980
Place of birth Boston Massachusetts
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Boston, MA.
Billed from Boston, MA.
Trainer Killer Kowalski, Diamond Dallas Page
Xtreme World Championship Wrestling
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Debut 1998
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Previous Wrestling Orginazations

Chaotic Championship Wrestling, Empire Wrestling Federation, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, New England Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Xtreme World Championship Wrestling.

Titles Held

CCW Tag Team Championship x2

JAPW Heavyeight Title

NECW Tag Team Title

NECW T.V Championship x3

X-WCW T.V Championship x2

X-WCW U.S Championship

X-WCW Hardcore Championship x18

UCW T.V Championship

Finishing Moves

Final Cutter (Diamond Cutter) Hangover/Byrneing Sensation (Backflip STO Slam) Last Call/Rocker Bottom(Spinning STO from Shoulder)

Trademark Moves: Seanton (Fron Flip Senton) Rocker Droper (Modified Axe Kick) Rocker-Rana (Hurricanrana) Rockersault (Moonsault) Rocker Bomb (Powerbomb) Drop Shot/Thunderstruck (reverse STO)

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