Sean Knight is a Canadian professional wrestler known for his work in the WCSF. He is the current WCSF International Champion.

" The Sensational" Sean Knight
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of " The Sensational" Sean Knight]]
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Height 6'5"
Weight 273 lbs.
Date of birth June 23, 1987
Place of birth Bethel Springs, Tennessee
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Resides Montreal, Quebec
Billed from Toronto, Canada
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Debut March 11, 2007
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Before Wrestling

He was born in a small town in Tennessee but moved to Canada to live with his adoptive parent. His Adoptive Parents were poor so he had to pursue a life of street fighting to eat from day to day. He earned the Respect of Toronto by winning fights. He came to this industry to show that hes not just just some punk from Toronto that he has as much a right to be here as anyone else!


He started his career as a heel nobody that couldn't even win a single match. He started a feud with Nick Foster and was on the winning side until he was struck with an injury and took out of action. As he returned to WCSF as a face teaming up with Craig Bell and started fighting The Mafia for the WCSF Tag Team Championship ending in defeat. Knight blamed the loss on his partner and started a storyline with him.

Knight would then move on to a newfound singles career, although still struggled to find success early on. He participated in various singles matches against different competitors. He gained most notoriety when his ex partner Bell and himself had an altercation which eventually lead to a match between the two at Hacked where if Knight lost he would be forced to wear a dress while competing. Knight lost the match and was forced into the humiliation of wearing the dress and being mocked for it. Nick Foster would taunt Knight about this backstage one week, leading to a match between the two with the stipulation that if Knight won he would be allowed to take the dress off, Knight did manage to win thereby relieving himself of the embarrassment.

Knight would then enter into a mini 4-way feud with three other men all trying to gain entry into the Revolution IV Gold Rush match. These men were his old enemy Nick Foster, Shane Evans, and Johnny Briggs. The 4 had several tag matches and fatal 4 ways leading up to Nothing to Lose, where they would compete in a four way Gold Rush Contract on a Pole match where the person who pulled down the envelope containing the contract would gain a spot in the match. Unfortunately for Knight, Briggs wound up winning the match.

Knight underwent a character shift, blaming the fans for not liking him when all he wanted to be was liked by them, and using fairytale imagery in his promos. He then announced his intention to gain some gold around his waist, announcing he would be competing in a triple threat match at Revolution IV against Everwinter and Jack Douglas, with the winner becoming #1 Contender to the WCSF Unified International and Middleweight title. At Revolution IV, Knight managed to gain the victory, pinning Jack Douglas to gain his title opportunity.

Knight didn't have to wait long to get his shot at the WCSF International Championship. Getting a match against Amen the next night on Carnage, but even though he held his own against the giant Amen, he ended up leaving empty handed, despite getting the DQ win when Mike Maverick attacked Amen. Knight was livid at Maverick, and flipped him off after the match.

Feud with Daz, International Champion

Knight began whining every chance he got about losing out on his title opportunity via interference. On the Sept.9th Carnage, Daz interrupted Knights latest whining session, and tried to talk some sense into him about respect and honour and accountability for ones self. Knight balked at this and Daz ended up challenging him to a match at Meltdown. Knight struck the first blow in the feud, pinning Daz the next week in a tag match also including Matsuda & Mebah. Knight then dsitracted Daz enough the next week to cause him to lose to Mike Maverick. At Meltdown, Daz would be victorious in their match, making Knight tap to the Rise Clutch. The next night, Knight defeated Nathan Hero. Post match Daz cam down and challenged Knight to another match at Hacked, where Knight could choose any three people he wanted to be the fans choices for guest ref.

The November 15th Carnage would turn out to be the biggest of Knights career, International Champion Amen was furious after Anthony Blake questioned his manhood about not defending his title, thus new GM Johnny Devine said the next person to walk through the door would have a title shot, Knight came in to whine about not getting title shots and the match was on. In the main event, Knight won his first title, after Amen's rival, Anthony Blake came out and hammered Amen with a chair, allowing Knight to gain the win.

Feud with Shawn Millar

Knight would immediately find challengers for his newly won title. As the bizarre and entertaning newcomer "Showtime" Shawn Millar would enfuriate Knight with his aloof demeanor and carefree attitude which the fans seemed to love. Millar would try as he might to win the belt, but Knight always stayed one step ahead, retaining every time including at Wednesday Night Warzone with his feet on the ropes. Knight would win once again at Annihilation with the Long Road to Ruin. Millar wouldn't be seen in the WCSF again after his string of defeats.

Sean Knight Invitational, Feud with Damon Jordan

Knight was so unimpressed with the caliber of challengers after dispatching Millar, that he decided to start the Sean Knight Invitational, where he would invite young up and coming wrestlers the chance to come out and challenge for the WCSF International Championship. He would defeat Jock Fletcher in the first one, and then WCSF Legend David Logan's son Andrew Logan in the second one. Knight would issue an open challenge for Battlefield to any former WCSF Champion for a title match. The challenge would be answered by the returning Alex Morgan, who nearly defeated Knight, but got himself counted out in a protest.

Knight's ego would be bruised, even with the win, and rising star "The Brooklyn Kid" Damon Jordan would stake his claim for the title, starting a battle between two of the fastest rising stars in the company. Knight would not take kindly to Jordan coming after his title, and quickly took steps to make sure it wouldn't happen. He even went as far as going to a boxing gym and getting an amateur boxer to teach him ways to counter Jordan's incredibly effective Knockout Punch finishing move.

Knight would move to make things personal after this, feeling confident about his chances, he went to Jordan's boxing gym in Brooklyn where he trained for years, and brutally attacked Jordan's mentor and trainer, locking him in submission as a helpless Jordan could only watch on in horror in the ring at the arena. Jordan vowed revenge for himself and his mentor. At Nothing to Lose 2010, Jordan would complete his vengeance, as he would thwart an attempt by Knight to throw powder in his eyes, knocking it into Knight's own eyes, then hitting the Knockout Punch for the 1-2-3 and the title. It remains to be seen how Knight reacts to the loss and what's next in his career.



In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Seaning Wizard
    • The Ultimate Sensation (Boston Crab with knee in back)
  • Signature moves
    • LockJaw (retired finisher, now a signature move)
    • Vertabreaker
    • The Seanton Bomb (Running Lifting Spinebuster)
    • Spinning heel-kick
    • Disasterpiece (Unprettier)
    • Dictation (Lifting Impaler DDT)
    • Sensational Ride (STO)

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