Sean O'Donnell is one half of the ICWF tag team, The Suicide Kings. The Kings are known for their high flying arsenal, but they are also extremly youthful and inexperienced. However, the ICWF sees potential in the Suicide Kings, and has sent them to be mentored by a former tag team champion in Bryce Glacier.

O'Donnell was viewed as a top independent talent in 2006 by as he lit up the Chicago and Midwest independent scene. In Minnesota, he caught the eye of ICWF talent scouts. They immediately signed him and placed him in a tag team with another hot independent from the midwest, "The Swan" Ryan Swanson.

O'Donnell is the more unorthodox of the Kings. He is much more of a loose cannon than his partner, Ryan Swanson. O'Donnell is also more apt to brawl, even if it means him giving up quite a bit in the size department. That is not to say that he won't take to the air. In fact, O'Donnell seems to live for it, especially if it inflicts much pain on his opponents. But he never looks as smooth as Swanson. In fact, he doesn't do anything particularly great, but does well at just about everything. He refers to himself as "nothing special."

Counter to Swanson's cool professionalism, O'Donnell is very rough around the edges and is prone to going into fits of anger. (Even in the ring.) In fact, that could be the biggest downfall of O'Donnell. His temper can get him into problems.

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