Sean Shaddix
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Sean Shaddix]]
Real name Carmelo Marti
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Height 6'1
Weight 230 lbs
Date of birth December 10th 1983
Place of birth Brindisi, Italy
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Resides Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Trainer Jay Kage (WFMK), The Realist (RIW)
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Carmelo Marti, commonly known and referred to under the alias of Sean Shaddix, is an Italian professional wrestler and a wrestling booker. He is on a current hiatus from active wrestling, and has not hinted returning. Despite his young age and his fame of being very injury-prone, he is often considered as a legendary figure, having played a key role in RIW's history in the second half of 2005 through early 2007.

Early Life

Carmelo Marti was born in the December of 1983 in a moderately lively town in the south of Italy. He was at first groomed to be a basketball player but, after finding little or no success at all, he found out it was perhaps better to let his dreams slide to concentrate on something else. When his family moved to Turin he could meet some trainees at ICW’s wrestling school, which he joined. He was labeled as a quite hot prospect and at the young age of 20 he entered the indy federation called WFMK.

WFMK: The Beginning

In WFMK Carmelo adopted the ringname of “The Behemoth” Sean Shaddix, to highlight his unmatched power for a man his size. Sean used to form a tag team named “Violent Revolution” with Keith Blaine, a university mate of his, which went as successful as gaining a tag team championship. During the reign Sean even got to hold the World Championship out of the man who got him started with wrestling, Jay Kage. He stayed with WFMK roughly a year, capturing the World Championship for the second time at the expense of Eric Everlast, to then move to the United States with a RIW developmental contract in his hands. Shortly after Sean left, WFMK suffered internal crisis which led to its banishment in late 2004.

LVW: The One To Protect You

The five months spent in RIW’s training facility were full of ups and downs. At first there was Sean’s placement in 2Cool, a group which had really no course, luckily ended after a couple of months. Then came the lucky pairing of the two of the three main LVW aces of that period, Sean himself and Drake Starr in a star-bodyguard heel duo. The two won the tag team championship, and defended it against Monster and CFE in a ladder match, but soon a clash of interests led them to a quite inevitable split. They had a quite successful feud, which ended with Drake’s promotion and Sean’s subsequent LWV World Title Shot. After a tremendous controversy between Sean and the reigning champion Diego Zacarias, at Forgotten Sins 2005 the designated winner of the title was Matt Borkowski, who had already contributed to canceling 2Cool from LVW. The two had a feud and a very memorable Grudge match after which Matt B retained, and Sean took a short break to heal a minor injury. He returned at Hostile Intent, two weeks later, defeating Pharmaecopia to be granted a main roster promotion.

The Phoenix Effect: Monday Night Magnitude

On Magnitude the figure of the debutant Sean was aimed at by a lot of other people. Greydon Cochrane and Tyson Krifix were the most involved with him. Whereas Greydon didn’t obtain much aside calling Sean out several times, Tyson welcomed him into the Descendants of Greatness, causing Sean to turn face. Hs character was the one of the underdog, with the ability of overcoming all odds and regaining a good deal of energy when he seemed exhausted, which he used to call “Phoenix effect”, thus referring to himself as “the Phoenix”. Lethal Injection was a two faced event: DoG suffered an internal explosion, causing Tyson to get betrayed by his NGX companion Overdrive and his DoG teammates Carter Starr and Marc Blade, and have his throat slit by the Realist live on camera. This triggered a brief feud between Sean, the only one who remained faithful to Krifix, and Realist, which was made obvious later on that night, when Sean won a number one contendership for Realist’s International title. Sean received some useful training lessons by Realist during this period, which led to a great in-ring improvement by Sean and a very entertaining match which however saw him come up short in terms of winning the International Championship. This was Sean’s final appearance with Monday Night Magnitude.

2005 Indy Circuit

In 2005 Autumn Sean joined Nikollaj Punk’s IWF (then renamed to ICW). He grabbed the vacant Xtreme Championship and he defeated XS3 to hold it along with ICW’s Survival Championship. However, he lost both to The Realist some weeks after. After a three month stint, he didn’t step foot in IWF again.

The Shaddiction Era: Thursday Night Turmoil

Sean was remarkably picked with the number one by Surge for the newborn TNT brand. His new character was again heel, and his gimmick was the one of a mind-twisting cult leader, deceiving the two independent prospects Zack Norman and Ethan Daniels, who were handpicked by Sean himself from two small federations to play his own lackeys. Shaddiction was a major success, leading Sean to be the first TNT World champion at Genesis, and giving him the chance to show his abilities with a triumphant reign which lasted roughly five months. His victims list during this period is made of his former friend Tyson Krifix and the legendary Overdrive. After Full Throttle, though, Shaddiction crumbled on itself, and Sean was doomed to face alone someone who was climbing up the ranks with authority, in the person of Carter Starr, backed up by his stable named Hybrid Generation. The two had a tremendously intense feud, which started off and closed 2006 with fireworks. Starr grabbed his first RIW bound World Championship, defeating Sean in a great Limitbreaker Ladder match at Pushing the Limits and later on in a Steel Cage Match at Nowhere to Run. After that, when Carter was forced to vacate the championship, Sean tried to set his mind aside, sparkling a rivalry-driven match against his former number one fan Mark O Mac, returning to victory at Hostile Intent 2006 after months of PPV delusions.

The Mind Distortion Era

Sean didn’t abandon his plans, and recruited Mike Mischief and Darc for his project of a second course of Shaddiction. The plan was once again successful, creating nice twists with the tag titles; soon Carter returned with a team of supporters (the Dynasty) to back him up against Sean’s newest creation. Unluckily Sean was soon forced to take another break to undergo surgery because of a very serious shoulder and back injury. Sean attacked TNT’s GM Corey Jamison and tore his own contract on TNT, it was then announced that Sean and RIW had parted ways. It was acted so well that most people actually believed it, until he returned at Lashout, muscling into Carter’s latest rivalry, with Darc, as well as facing Mitchell for the World Title at Re-Generation and capturing it again. The party lasted shortly, since Sean saw himself beaten and stripped of the title by Carter for the second time. Carter, and the newly reformed NEO, took on Mind Distortion on the last event of 2006, which was a complete onslaught, seeing as Carter and Mischief were shut into caskets by each other. Sean entered 2007 by fighting with his former friends, losing to Darc by disqualification and beating Drake Starr and Mike Mischief. After a very emotional moment he disbanded Mind Distortion, naming the two members his own heirs. Due to unexpected problems, though, Mike has not been since on RIW since, and Darc left the company soon after. Many people have complained that someone as popular as Sean was given such infamous departure, and have cried out for Sean’s return; cries which, as of now, have been completely in vain.

KWA Stint

Sean was also a member of KWA. He has played a stint in KWA’s short rebirth in late 2006, being a finalist in the World Title tournament which was won by Marc Blade. Sean has left the company soon after.



Knee Aimed Dropkick
European Uppercut
Arm Drag with or without subsequent arm hold
Tope Atompico
Mona Lisa Overdrive (Somersault corner to corner dropkick)
Torbellino (Headscissors into high speed face and arm buster)
Stiff Stomp (Low Ki style)
Somersault Kick (Used as a counter move)
Sankakugeri (Diving enzuigiri from the corner, with a triangular jump ascent.)
Hangetsu (Face Kick to a bent over opponent. While doing it, Sean backflips.)


Used commonly:
Haze Maker - (Inverted Death Valley Driver)
Wrong Turn - (Reversed Rolls of Dice)
Change of Plans - (Vertabreaker)
Stream of Consciousness - (Barry White Driver/Psycho Driver II)
II. Restoration: REPRISE - (180° Emerald Frosion)
The Unexpected Truth - (Full Nelson Hold to Dragon German Suplex)
Restless Oblivion - (Marshmallow Edgehog - Cattle Mutilation style submission, with the victims legs crossed underneath them)

Used rarely:
Losing Time - (Elevated Uranage)
Pure Elation - (Northern Lights Suplex)
I.Reflection: RESET - (Canadian backbreaker lift into Piledriver)
88 Crusher - (Ki Krusher 99)
III.Revelation: REBORN - (Pain Thriller)
Drop to Zero - (Complete Shot)
Mind Opener - (Brainbuster)
Comet Press - (Springboard Shooting Star Press)
Shaddiction - (Spinal Shock to Haas of Pain)
Original Behemoth Crusher - (Stomach Punch to Chokeslam)

Moves combination:
S-6 :: Sean Shaddix’s Super Sensational Stunning Streak (Starts with an Irish whip against the ropes. As the opponent returns, Sean hits a Manhattan Drop to the opponent as he bounces back. After that, Sean bounces against the ropes to hit a Shining Wizard on the kneeling opponent. In any case (if the opponent falls to the mat or remains kneeling) Sean gets him back up and Irish whips him against a corner. After having slapped him in the face with a bounce, Sean hits an Iconoclasm, to quickly spring on the ropes to hit a Lionsault)


Behemoth Crusher: Redux - (Head and Leg Hook Swinging Neck Drop)
Seanton Bomb
The Phoenix Effect (STF with a reverse headlock)
Lights-out Crossface - LVW (Modified Crossface)
Jacknife Powerbomb - WFMK

Career Highlights

WFMK World Champion (2)
LVW Tag Team Champion (1, with Drake Starr)
Graduate from LVW
ICW Survival Champion (1)
ICW Xtreme Champion (1)
RIW World Champion
Founder of Shaddiction
Founder of Mind Distortion

Efed Accomplishments

TNT’s Finest 2005
RIW’s Best Face 2005
WGZ’s Finest 2005
WGZ’s Finest 2006
TNT’s and RIW’s Match of the Year 2006: Sean Shaddix vs. Carter Starr (Pushing The Limits 2006)
TNT’s and RIW’s Best Feud 2006 (with Carter Starr)
RIW’s Best Champion 2006
RIW’s Best Roleplayer of 2006


Sean Shaddix has a relationship with Angel Vàsquez, established TNT interviewer.
Sean Shaddix is friend with TW’s interviewer David Growl, who he often gave interviews and exclusives to.
Sean Shaddix’s favorite wrestler is Ric Flair, and it has been since he was a child.
Sean Shaddix is one of the most sold RIW action figures of the past year.
Throughout his entrances, Sean has worn over fifty custom shirts with different quotes.
Sean Shaddix’s favorite color is violet, you can tell by the color of the mist during his entrance and his many attires.
Sean Shaddix is a big fan of the band Tool, as he has many times hinted with the Tool sticker onto his popular fridge.
Linked to that, a survey says that Sean has the most famous locker room in wrestling industry. It was filmed for promos at least thirty different times.
Sean Shaddix is a big fan of Japanese wrestling. His favorite promotion, at the moment, is All Japan.
Sean Shaddix is, in reality, a good friend of Alex Welsch, his on-screen nemesis Corey Jamison.
Sean was directly responsible of the RIW signings of Zack Norman, Ethan Daniels, Keith Blaine and Jordan Diamond.
Sean Shaddix bears a huge resemblance to WWE’s Gregory Shane Helms.
Shaddiction’s idea was born from a cooperation of Sean and Carter Starr.
Sean Shaddix has been part of RIW’s booking team for over a year.
Sean Shaddix has admitted wrestling in Japan and Mexico under a masked alias, which has not been confirmed yet.


Last updated May 20th 2007.

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