Sean Williams
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Sean Williams]]
Real name Sean John Smith
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Height 6'3"
Weight 255 lbs
Date of birth april 21, 1982
Place of birth Memphis Tennessee,united states
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Memphis Tennessee
Billed from Memphis Tennessee, United States
Trainer Self Trained
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Debut april 5, 2007
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Sean John Williams is an African American professional wrestler currently working for the Two Worlds Wrestling Federation on the BreakDown brand under the ring names Sean Williams . And is in the stable bWo with Tony Youll and William's manager Persia


Time as A DJ

Williams started out as a D.J. right after he left high school. He was booked at multiple clubs all over Memphis, he also worked at strip clubs providing music for all of the dancers. He spent 5 years djing and he still does the occasional parties

Big Break

one night at one of the clubs Williams DJed in a strippers boy friend had come in and harassed the dancer who he was dating. The man went crazed throughout the Strip club with no one to stop him. But Williams was the man to step up and take on the crazed boyfriend. Williams took out the man which gave him the feeling of fighting any chance he could.

Wrestling career


Sean began his career in OVW as tag team talent with his good friend Derek Crew both men were soon released due to drug charges. Both men made extra appearances as commentators as Crew returned to hold the top title of the brand.

FoW and 2WWF

After being released Williams charged straight to an up in rising FoW where he took on the persona of DJ Smooth. Being DJ Smooth didn't work out very well cause over the course of time Williams didn't win a single match. But soon FoW closed down leaving superstars out of work.Most of the superstars made their way over to the new company 2WWF. Sean now works in 2 WWF as "Angeloc Diablo" Sean Williams in the bWo faction.


On April 5, 2007 Sean made his debut but not in a match but with his reality Show The Life and Times. His first PPV was at Breakdowns Bloodstained preshow where he defeated Luas Anderson.


Williams plans to make an impact which can lead him to a title shot and onto a title reign

TV career

Williams has his own reality show which is within 2WWF. The show displays what Sean and Derek Crew do in their every day life. The show has returned and is on and running.


Williams first movie will be coming out soon as he honors Latino wrestler Eddie Guerrero by performing his life from childhood until death.


Williams became a club king as he put out his own club mix cd under the name DJ SMOOTH. Making music didn't last long as he wanted to continue to wrestle


  • Smooth Criminals
  • coming soon: Smooth Attack

In Wrestling

Sean Williams Finishing Moves

  • Andeloc Slam (Emerald Fusion)
  • Vertabreaker

Last Resort Finisher

  • SW Drop [Spin out powerbomb]
  • Damger Zone [Feet in opponents back pull back on head]
  • Mindfreak [On top turnbuckle in a tombstone position, leaps off turnbuckle into a 450 splash]

Signature Moves

  • Blackout (Sleeper hold,pushes off his feet flips over the opponet and does a stunner)
  • Westside Connection(shining Wizard)
  • Tennessee end (edgecution)

Trademark Moves

Spinebuster,dropkick,spinning wheel kick,backbody drop,belly to back suplex,missile dropkick,running shoulderblock,samoandrop,sharpshooter,armbar,hurricurana,German suplexs,side effect,electric chair drop,ankle drop,sleeperhold,crossbody


  • SW1
  • The Real Deal
  • Angeloc Diablo

Entrance Music

  • Papercut by Linkin Park


  • 5 time tagteam champion
  • Was in the first ever match for the UK title

Personal life

Williams lives with former tagteam partner Derek Crew and his wife Tirsha Crew. Williams is in the works of a movie.DJ Smooth is in the works of another CD. He has also been placed in the new WWE video game: Smackdown vs Raw 2007:ECW invasion and he is in a WWE RPG novel created by Brandon Gilmore. Sean has been looking for the right girl for him at the moment.

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