Seasons Beatings is an annual December Pay Per View held by TWOStars

Season Beatings V

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Season Beatings IV

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Match 1 Jason Bell defeats Angus McDonald, Randy Roko, Joseph Helms and Dean (Chris) Eagles to become New TWOstars Television Champion TWOstars Television Championship
Match 2 Draven Cage defeats Iagan Hardcore Match
Match 3 Craig Van Dam defeads Harry Hart to become number one contender for TWOstars United States Championship Number one contenders match for TWOstars United States Championship
Match 4 Evil Gringo defeats Famous to become TWOstars United States Champion TWOstars United States Championship
Main Event Sickness And Arron Winter become TWOstars Tag Team Champions after Sickness turned on his partner Boyo, and helped Arron Winter get the win. The match started out as The Dark Alliance (Boyo and Sickness) vs Edward Samson and Arron Winter

Season Beatings III

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Match 1 Christopher Eagles defeats Sickness
Match 2 Johnny Rockefeller defeats Kyle Gilmore Money in the Bank contract Match
Match 3 Apollo Chambers defeats The Judge and The Big Bull TWOstars United States Championship
Match 4 Barry Gower and Evil Gringo ended in a draw Last Match Standing Match
Main Event Twiggie defeats Draven Cage Triple Crown Championship

Season Beatings II

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Match 1 Chris Eagles defeats Elder and Damon Kori to retain the TWOstars Television Championship TWOstars Television Championship
Match 2 Mickhail Mills defeats Fletch to retain the TWOstars United States Championship TWOstars United States Championship
Match 3 Violence Level: Omega The Judge and Draven Cage) defeats The Flamining Dark (Sickness and Jaycey Baby) TWOstars Tag Team Championship
Match 4 Dan Jackson defeats Evil Gringo
Match 5 Boyo defeats Dante
Match 6 Daniel Strong defeats The Incredible Holt
Match 7 JDZ defeats Barry Gower via DQ
Match 8 Twiggie defeats Arron Winter I Quit Match
Main Event Drake Rush defeats Ashton Butcher TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship

Season Beatings formerly Zero Tolerance

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Match 1 The Lonely Avenger defeats Triple V via DQ after TLA had beaten Tazz and Trash to face Triple V TWOstars United States Championship Gauntlet Match
Match 2 Arkham defeats Chris Eagles after Retromark attacked Arkham, but pulled him onto of Eagles TWOstars Television Championship Blindfold Match
Match 3 The Dark Alliance defeats The Judge and Jimmy Redman to become the New Tag Team Champions TWOstars Tag Team Championship Flaming Tables Match
Match 4 Evil Gringo and The Incredible Holt defeats Deadman and Sam H after Barry Gower attacked Deadman Fans pick the partner of Deadman - Sam H was chosen
Match 5 Michael Howell III is awarded the match against Twiggie after The New Blood attacked Number one contenders match for TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship
Main Event Brett Banner and Dante ended in a draw after both men knocked each other out TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship

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